VR Is Going Mainstream for Corporate Training: Here’s How to Keep It Clean

By admin@digitalmarketinghound.com
August 6, 2022

In recent years, more and more companies have included VR sessions in their onboarding process. The Coronavirus pandemic has sped up this development because training new employees remotely is a good way of reducing contact and therefore minimizing the spread of infection. Although virtual training is much safer, shared VR devices can be contagious, so they have to be sanitized by a UV light cleaning machine every time they are passed on.

A VR disinfection box is a simple and highly effective tool that disables bacteria and viruses in 60 seconds. It can not only get rid of 99.999% of pathogens, but it is also much less taxing for the environment than traditional cleaning methods, and it simplifies the decontamination process for employees. Because it’s a one-off purchase, getting a disinfection box is a good financial decision for companies that need to sanitize devices regularly.

VR Is Going Mainstream for Corporate Training

Using VR to train new corporate employees is becoming increasingly popular because it reduces the amount of travel that needs to be done and therefore saves companies money. Studies have shown that VR learning is 4x more focused than e-learning and 4x faster than in-person classes. What’s more, people living in different areas of the country can get to know each other through their VR headsets or VR glasses, and employees can take a tour of HQ.

When combined with other learning methods, VR sessions can provide a better insight into how the company works and help new people to integrate into current operations more quickly. Businesses that adopt the technology now are seen as forward-thinking and environmentally conscious since they are significantly reducing the amount of travel their corporate employees have to do.

How to Keep a Shared Headset Clean

Mid-range VR headsets cost several hundreds of dollars, but an expensive model that offers optimal training tools can cost up to $1,000. Therefore, it’s not practical to buy a new headset for each employee, especially if they will only use it for several hours during the training phase. Instead, VR devices will have to be shared or passed on to a different individual once the training is complete.

Because the VR devices are worn on the head, they are likely to transmit bacteria and viruses from one person to the next. For this reason, they must be sanitized before they are sent to a new employee. The best way of doing this is to get a UV cleaning box, which can get rid of virtually all pathogens within a minute. This makes it easy and convenient for companies to protect the health of their workers.

Why Use a UV Light Cleaning Machine?

There are several reasons why companies use UV disinfection boxes. Most importantly, this tool allows them to protect new employees because it is highly effective at deactivating potentially harmful pathogens. Additionally, the boxes are environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and cost-effective, and they save time. If a company needs to disinfect electronic devices on a regular basis, purchasing a Cleanbox is highly recommended.

Superior Protection

A UV light cleaning machine can deactivate 99.999% of all bacteria and viruses that could potentially cause an infection. This means that a headset or glasses that have been through the cleaning cycle are extremely safe, and the risk of getting ill after using them is virtually zero. With any other sanitization method, this level of protection is hard to achieve.

Many types of VR devices are made up of various materials, and they have some hard-to-reach surfaces. For this reason, cleaning them with a wet wipe isn’t very effective, since some areas will be missed. Because not everyone cleans in the same way, there isn’t any guarantee that the device has been wiped down properly, and employees using the VR devices might still be at risk.

No Disposable Elements

The biggest problem with traditional sanitization methods like wet wipes and sprays is that they produce an enormous amount of waste. Every time a VR headset is returned, companies using these techniques have to use 2-3 wet wipes, which are then thrown away. In contrast, every UV disinfection box can be used for 600,000 cleaning cycles, and some of them can accommodate multiple electronic devices at once.

This means that for each box, millions of pieces of plastic or fabric can be saved. Any company that is moving towards greener solutions should consider how purchasing a cleaning box could reduce the amount of waste they produce.

Long-Lasting and Cost-Effective Device

As mentioned, the Cleanbox lasts for 600,000 cleaning cycles. Since each new employee only uses one VR headset, this means that even a large company won’t need to buy a new box for many years or even decades. In the long term, the UV disinfection box is much cheaper than regular cleaning methods because it is a one-off purchase, and companies won’t have to keep buying disposable items.

It’s also important to consider how the cleaning process affects the VR headset or glasses. Many devices contain delicate elements, so the repeated handling that is necessary when using wipes can cause them to wear out faster. Liquid disinfectant is often harsh, and it contains chemicals that can damage electronic equipment. UV light is completely safe for all materials, so it’s likely that the VR devices will last longer when cleaned this way.

Fast and Simple Cleaning Routine

The Cleanbox is very simple to use. Employees simply place their VR device into the box and select the right cleaning cycle. The headset or glasses will then be targeted by UV-C rays for 60 seconds. The rays can penetrate the cell walls of microorganisms and interfere with their DNA. As a result, the viruses and bacteria can no longer reproduce, so they can’t cause an infection.

While employees had to spend time wiping down equipment in the past, the UV cleaning box doesn’t require active involvement. It disinfects the devices automatically and in just one minute. This saves time and reduces the need for virtual training sessions to be disrupted.

How to Find the Right UV Tool

Companies hoping to make the shift from traditional cleaning methods to UV cleaning should consider getting a high-quality product like Cleanbox, which uses patented UVC LED light engineering. When compared with UV-C bulbs, an LED is more effective because it can create a more targeted wavelength and deactivate the pathogens more effectively. LEDs are also lightweight, manufactured without the use of heavy metals, and easy to dispose of.

At Cleanbox, there are two product lines that can disinfect VR devices. The first one, the CX Series, was designed to accommodate head-mounted displays. It is ideal for firms that would like to disinfect VR headsets and glasses exclusively. Companies that need to sanitize multiple devices, including watches, iPads, earphones, and microphones, should look into getting a OmniClean box, which is extremely versatile.

Because VR is used in more and more businesses to train new employees, the need for decontaminating VR headsets and glasses is increasing. One of the best tools is a UV light cleaning machine, which can get rid of 99.999% of pathogens in only 60 seconds. Because the tool only uses a small amount of electricity with each cleaning cycle, it is eco-friendly. Call Cleanbox now to find out more about the product lines and to purchase your disinfection tool.

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