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What Can I Use to Clean My VR Headset?

By john@designmemarketing.com
August 31, 2022

VR headsets revolutionized the gaming experience, opening a new world of possibilities. In most cases, gaming is more fun when playing with friends or family.

This poses a health risk, especially if a person has a contagious infection or disease. Given our experience with the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring your VR headset remains clean, and sanitary is essential.

Continuous usage also causes dust, hair, body oils, and sweat to get trapped in the headset, damaging the hardware. Quality VR headsets are often expensive, so your cleaning products should protect the buttons, high-quality lenses, and other sensitive components.

The question is; what should you use to clean VR headsets? Cleanbox is the best product to clean a VR headset without causing any damage, and here’s why.

Cleanbox UVC LED Products Decontaminate Shared Electronics in 60 seconds to Hospital Grade (99.999%) sanitization

Why is Cleaning Your VR Headset Necessary?

Any item that gets into close contact with your face, including VR headsets, can pick up various bacteria and germs. Although you’re unlikely to share your VR headsets with strangers, you can transfer these contaminants to the people you care about most.

For most people, the most accessible solution is non-alcohol baby wipes. However, with the new COVID-19 reality, such wipes are ineffective because it takes about 60% to 80% ethanol to kill the virus.

Alcohol-based cleaning wipes may kill the viruses, but they cause damage to the VR headset’s lenses, sensors, and the exterior surface. Regular use of such wipes will cause the hardware to fail within a short period. Some sensors will start malfunctioning, and the plastic will become brittle with time.

The best solution is investing in equipment that applies cutting-edge technology to protect your VR headsets while keeping them safe and sanitary.

Innovative Hygiene Solutions

The state-of-the-art VR technology requires innovative hygiene solutions at the same level. UV light is the most efficient cleaning of VR headsets while protecting sensitive components.
This doesn’t mean just any UV light, so pause before you take out your black lights. UV light comes in three types: UVC, UVB, and UVA.

UVA and UVB come from the sun and are not safe to use on your VR headsets. UVC has a shorter or lower wavelength of about 200 – 280 nanometers (nm), which doesn’t harm your headsets’ sensitive sensors and screens.

UVC is very effective against viruses and other microorganisms that contaminate your VR controllers and headsets.

Decontamination Using UVC

Direct contact with UVC light can affect your skin. At Cleanbox Tech, we provide a safe cleaning solution that utilizes UVC without harming your skin or electronics.

The box stops UVC from penetrating through. Once you open the door, the unit stops functioning, turning off the UVC light. Our Cleanbox decontamination box eliminates 99.999% of all contagions and their DNA within 60 seconds. It combines high-velocity air and concentrated UVC light to swiftly clean and dry your VR headsets simultaneously.

Our Cleanbox CX series is specifically for head-mounted displays, including VR headsets. CX models are available in various sizes, so game developers and commercial facilities can clean multiple devices simultaneously.

Nano Technology

This innovative Cleanbox solution performs best when combined with a nanotechnology spray. This spray ensures that every surface is waterproof by repelling any liquid.
Once you use the spray, directional air under high velocity dries the VR headsets and removes any remaining particles.

The nanotech coating protects the plastic components and fabrics by preventing oils, sweat, and makeup from staining your VR headset. It also minimizes the chances of bacteria thriving while the UVC light destroys any microorganisms that pass through the coating.

If you treat your VR headset properly with nanotech, using alcohol wipes is pointless and destroys the protective layer. It’s best to use a dry microfiber cloth if you need to wipe off anything clinging to the surfaces.

How Does Cleanbox Work? 

Cleanbox is highly effective and easy to set up and use. Once you get the device, all you need to do is unwrap and plug it in to disinfect VR. When you connect it to power, you’ll open the door and place your headset inside and close the door. You can start the cleaning process with the touch of a button.

When the sanitization starts, you’ll notice a purple light inside and a sound similar to a vacuum cleaner. You can open the door once the light goes off and the noise stops. Sounds simple, right? Surprisingly, this one-minute simple process is enough to disinfect VR headsets.

Cleanbox works with any power source with an input voltage between 100 and 240 V, at a frequency of 50 to 60 Hz (100-240V, 50-60Hz). This means you can use it at any location worldwide, although you may need an adapter when using non-US plugs.

Disinfecting Other Accessories Using Cleanbox

Our high-tech solutions are ideal for other accessories, including VR controllers, oculus headsets, tablets, haptics, and mobile phones. Since UVC functions by line-of-sight, the cleaning process for accessories requires more involvement.

Ensure you rotate different positions to ensure the UVC reaches every nook and cranny. Proper disinfection requires a few cycles because the accessories such as controllers will be on the CX unit’s floor.

Since the floor is far from the lights, you can position a small tray with legs inside the unit to elevate the accessories. The closer they are to the lights, the more effective the cleaning process is.

Our Cleanbox Warranty

We are confident in all our products, which is why our Cleanbox products have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers lights and any faulty parts, so we’ll replace any parts that get damaged by the manufacturing process at no cost.

You can count on minimal costs if you need to replace some parts for maintenance.
With proper care and maintenance, your Cleanbox unit will last for many years, owing to the 20,000 fan hours and more than 10,000 LED light hours.

The Cleanbox design accommodates continuous use. For instance, you can run 60-second cleaning cycles at five-minute intervals for eight hours daily, 96 cycles per unit.

Maintaining Your VR Headsets

  • Invest in Face Cushions

The first step towards proper maintenance is ensuring it’s easy to clean VR gear. If you share your headsets with multiple people, it’s best to get wipeable face cushions.

Motion-sickness tends to make people sweat, and no one looks forward to putting on headsets with someone else’s sweat.

These cushions are a must-have, especially if you don’t have the nanospray. The foam cushions work like sponges that absorb sweat. You can easily maintain clean, safe, and sanitary VR headsets with the right equipment.

  • If You Need to Wipe, Always Use a Microfiber Cloth

Most VR headsets come packaged with a microfiber cloth, but there’s no harm in having some extras if you misplace one. It should be the only material you use on your VR headsets because it doesn’t leave residue dust or micro-abrasions you the surface of your lenses.

  • Use a VR Headset Stand

VR headsets remain idle for more hours than they are in use. It’s essential to store your headsets correctly to avoid stressing the fragile components. If the headset manufacturer doesn’t produce stands or mounts, you can buy one from a store. Look for a stand with space to hold the controllers as well.

  • Avoid Exposing VR Headset to Direct Sunlight

The lenses on VR headsets easily get damaged due to sunlight. Ensure there’s no direct sunlight where you store your headsets. It’s also best to avoid placing them on top of other electronics since the heat electronics produce can damage your headsets. Place them instead in a cool, well-ventilated area, away from electronics that produce heat, dust, and direct sunlight.

  • Handle Your Headsets With Care

The scope of the part that covers your eyes is the bulkiest part of the headsets, but that’s not to say it’s the strongest part. Avoid lifting your headsets from the scope but use the headband on either side instead.

If you’re sharing the gear, ensure you disinfect VR headsets using Cleanbox and wash your hands before putting the headsets on. Sweat can be corrosive, so it may damage the rubber grips on the controllers.

Sweat is corrosive and will break down the material on the headset cushion and any rubber grips on the controllers. And most importantly, never use alcohol-based or abrasive cleaners on VR headsets and other plastic components.

  • Prioritize VR Hygiene

VR headsets are often expensive and highly delicate. It’s therefore essential to use the right cleaning solutions and processes to avoid causing more harm than good.

Cleanbox uses cutting-edge UVC technology to ensure your headsets serve you for years to come. It’s eco-friendly, safe to use, and doesn’t require chemicals, liquids, or heat to keep the surfaces clean and free from disease-causing microbes.

Wipes are ineffective, expensive, and can cause damage to your VR headsets over time.
The cleaning process is consistently efficient, with a 99.999% success rate. Our proprietary UVC LED design is the only technology that guarantees such results with each use. Invest in a Cleanbox solution to avoid taking chances on the health of your loved ones and the durability of your VR headsets.


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