Why Cleanbox is the Foundation for Safe, Scalable XR Environments

Regardless of the industry, any XR environment with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or Mixed Reality Headsets used in a shared manner, would be very well served by owning the right combination of Cleanbox devices to ensure the rapid disinfection of VR and AR headsets and peripherals between every use. All Cleanbox products achieve 99.999% disinfection in 1-minute cycle times, enabling organizations to clean hundreds of headsets per hour and ensure a safe and highly efficient throughput of users through XR programs.

Cleanbox has developed a scalable, cost-effective, and safe process to support organizations implementing or expanding their virtual and augmented reality initiatives. It ensures a safer and more hygienic environment, delivering a massive return on investment compared to the use of wipes. Moreover, Cleanbox Technology solutions outperform traditional UVC bulb-based boxes in terms of safety, speed, effectiveness, and durability.

A Cleanbox is an essential investment for any XR environment as it not only saves money but also prioritizes the safety of individuals. Here are the foundational reasons why a Cleanbox investment is justified:

  1. Massive Cost and Labor Savings: Cleanbox solutions can save organizations thousands of dollars per year by eliminating the need for expensive, wasteful and ineffective wipes AND reducing labor costs associated with manual cleaning. Read the Cleanbox ROI Post
  2. No Damage to Headsets Using Cleanbox Patented UVC LED Technology: Unlike all other traditional, cheap, UVC bulb boxes, Cleanbox UVC LED solutions ensure device safety by preventing any damage during the decontamination process. This longevity translates into long-term cost savings for organizations. Cleanbox UVC LED systems are carry UL, CE, and FCC and are considered safe for general use without special training.
  3. Creating a Sense of Safety and Inclusion Through “Hygiene Theater”: Cleanbox devices contribute to a concept known as “hygiene theater,” which fosters a feeling of safety among users. This is particularly important in attracting the 42% of Americans who identify as germaphobes, ensuring a positive, safe, and welcoming experience for all. Organizations that use Cleanbox devices in all their XR environments can promote that they place a high value on the health & safety of their XR users.
  4. Unrivaled Decontamination and Speed: Cleanbox products undergo rigorous lab validation and achieve an impressive 99.999% decontamination rate within just 1 minute cycle times. This level of efficiency reduces the risk of infection by 100x compared to the use of wipes.
  5. Affordable Implementation: Cleanbox pricing starts at just $50 per month ($2200 over a 4-year life) making a Cleanbox solution an easily justifiable investment for nearly any organization. The ROI of a Cleanbox is self explanatory when considering the alternative of “wipes” or “traditional UVC bulbs”
  6. Highly Scalable: If your XR program is growing from a few headsets in a lab to 12, 24 or 24,000 headsets, Cleanbox offers a bundle of Charging, Storage and Hygiene that can remove ALL the headache of managing virtual and augmented reality headsets in any environment. With pricing starting at $104 per month (based on a 4-year life), these solutions provide enormous value and ROI

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