Speak with a Cleanbox Product Specialist Today: 1-888-664-3032 / +1 615-208-4042

Speak with a Cleanbox Product Specialist Today:
1-888-664-3032 / +1 615-208-4042

Effective UVC disinfecting requires more than just exposure to a UVC light. UVC light can not be waved over a surface to eliminate germs as with a magic wand. It takes the right surface exposure, distance, and amount of time to get results.

About Our Products

Our proprietary, patented technology has been independently lab tested to ensure each Cleanbox product effectively eliminates 99.999% of all contagions. Engineered to impact every surface and shadow of the device you’re cleaning, we exploit the virus, bacteria, and fungi killing power packed inside UVC light fields. Our products disrupt the DNA and RNA strands of contagions, making them powerless.
Simple, effective, hygiene is available for Entertainment, Manufacturing, Medicine, Education and Technology. Our products give you the perfect solution for keeping your devices reliably clean and safely shared.

CX Series

The CX series is designed for HMDs—head mounted displays—and anything else that sits on your head.  This also includes Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets, broadcaster and fast-food headsets, earphones, and headphones. We also have adaptors for your VR haptics and controllers. So if you ever ask yourself, What can I use to clean my VR Headset, look no further.

CX models come in a variety of sizes so you can clean multiple devices in the same 60-seconds.


The OmniClean is the only product of its kind on the market, providing full 360-degree UVC coverage through the use of over 30 UVC LEDs, specialty reflective surfaces and a rotating quartz plate. Omni provides complete cleaning on all surfaces of any object that fits in unit.

The Omni cleans anything that fits in it! Including: iPads, microphones, earphones, earbuds, lav mics, battery packs, eyeglasses, watches…the list is endless. Your safety is worth 60-seconds of clean!


CleanDefense uses the same UVC engineering to decontaminate face masks and has been tested in a Biosafety Hazard Level 3 (BSL3) laboratory against SarsCoV-2 (COVID-19), eradicating the virus on all three layers of an N-95 mask in under 120 seconds.

The CleanDefense is a mobile, light weight point-of-use device for swift viral load reduction on both sides of any kind of face mask, throughout the day. Use cases include airports, first responders, manufacturing floors, dentist offices, restaurants and any back or front of office use space requiring the continual use of face masks.

Contact us for information on our full range of Cleanbox products.

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