UVC disinfection requires more than just exposure to a UVC light. Cleanbox proprietary, patented UVC LED products have been independently lab validated to ensure each Cleanbox product effectively eliminates 99.999% of all contagions in just 1 minute.

Engineered to impact every surface and shadow of the device you’re cleaning, Cleanbox UVC LED disrupts the DNA and RNA virus, bacteria, germ, and fungi, killing up to 99.999% of pathogens in 1-minute cleaning cycles; without damaging fabrics, plastics, lenses and electronics like antibacterial liquids and traditional uv bulbs.

All Cleanbox products are rated to last for 4 years and 600,000 cleaning cycles delivering healthcare-grade hygiene (99.999%) in just 1-minute per cleaning cycle. Cleanbox products are a great investment and at least 10 times less expensive than commercial antibacterial wipes, with easy, consistent, human error-free results.

Trusted by over 2,000 clients worldwide across 15 industries to decontaminate virtual and augmented reality headsets, as well as any other frequently shared or touched devices in the workplace.



Cleanbox CX1

CX Series – Safely and Quickly Decontaminate Virtual and Augmented Reality Devices

The CX series is designed to disinfect any shared device that sits on your head, face, ears or mouth including any Virtual and Augmented Reality HMD, broadcaster and fast-food headsets, commercial headphones, and respirator masks. We also have adaptors for your VR haptics and controllers. So if you ever ask yourself, What can I use to clean my VR Headset, look no further.

CX models come in a variety of sizes (CX1, CX2, CX4) so you can rapidly, and fully decontaminate multiple headsets to 99.999% decontamination in 1-minute cleaning and drying cycle. The CX1 can clean and dry up to 50 headsets per hour, the CX2 can clean 100 headsets per hour, and the CX4 can clean 200 headsets per hour. No other product can deliver the level of consistent hygiene in 1-minute without ever damaging plastics, fabrics, and sensitive electronics.

Cleanbox patented UVC LED engineering achieves the highest levels of decontamination in 1-minute cleaning cycles enabling organizations to keep their users as safe as possible.

CX1: Clean 50 headsets per hour (1-minute cleaning cycles)
MSRP: $2200 (~$50 per month based on a 4-year life)

CX2: Clean 100 headsets per hour (1-minute cleaning cycles)
MSRP: $4000 (~$80 per month based on a 4-year life)

CX4:  Clean 200 headsets per hour (1-minute cleaning cycles)
MSRP $7,200 ($150 per month based on a 4-year life)

Cleanbox OmniClean

Omniclean – Universal Hygiene for Frequently Touched Items

The Omniclean is the only product of its kind on the market, providing full 360-degree UVC decontamination of 99.999% with no shadows through the use of 32 UVC LEDs, specialty reflective surfaces, and a rotating quartz plate. The Omniclean patented engineering provides complete cleaning on all surfaces of any object that fits in the product’s 12″x12″x7″ space.

The Omniclean cleans anything that fits in it, including non-surgical devices such as stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs, phones, tablets, microphones, earphones, earbuds, lav mics, battery packs, eyeglasses, watches, wallets, keys, shoes, purses…the list is endless. In less time than it takes to brew your coffee, you can decontaminate all those frequently touched objects that are never cleaned otherwise. Your safety is worth 1 minute. Rated for 600,000 cleaning cycles, the Omniclean will save you a fortune over wipes with no waste or human error.

Omniclean:  Clean 50 headsets per hour or hundreds of different objects (1-minute cleaning cycles)
MSRP $3,800 ($80 per month based on a 4-year life)

xr powercart
Cleanbox Product Family New

XR Headset Charging, Storage, and Hygiene

As organizations around the world grow their XR programs, the need for charging, storage and true decontamination become more critical than ever. Without a proper way to manage the physical XR hardware and ensure the health and safety of users, organizations will have a difficult time scaling to 24 headsets, much less 24,000 headsets. As the number of headsets grows in organizations, the need to keep those devices fully decontaminated between uses becomes a much larger health and safety issue.

To help organizations meet this challenge, Cleanbox Charging, Storage and Hygiene Bundles provide an optimal combination of a mobile charging and storage cart and a Cleanbox decontamination system. The mobile charging and storage unit can support 12 or 24 XR headsets and when combined with a CX1, CX2, or OmniClean, provides a powerful, cost-effective way to scale their XR programs without worry.

Our UVC LED disinfection systems will not damage headsets and are optimal for rapid, point-of-use decontamination between every use.  Just follow the simple Cleanbox Logistics & Hygiene Protocol and never worry about managing your XR headsets again. 


12 XR headset charging & storage cart + a CX1
Charge and store 12 virtual reality headsets and fully decontaminate 12 headsets in ~ 15 minutes  
MSRP: $5,000 or (~$100 per month over 4-year life)

24 XR headset charging & storage cart + a CX2
Charge and store 24 virtual reality headsets and fully decontaminate 24 headsets in ~ 15 minutes
MSRP: $7,700 or (~$160 per month over 4-year life)


12 XR headset charging & storage cart
MSRP: $2,900

24 XR headset charging & storage cart
MSRP: $3,699

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