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Sanitize Pico

Why use CleanBox to sanitize Pico virtual reality devices? Our UVC technology requires no spraying, wiping, or cleaning- simply place VR and ARs inside of CleanBox and your items are disinfected, sanitized, and decontaminated, all in 60 seconds. Give your users peace of mind and save time and money.

Sanitize VR

A wipe won't effectively sanitize a VR head mounted display; CleanBox can, and its patented technology not only sanitized, but decontaminates, as well. If you're looking for an affordable way to protect customers and staff from shared germs and viruses, CleanBox is the best way to go. Read more about our products online.

VR Hygiene

Check out CleanBox for exceptional VR Hygiene your customers are sure to appreciate. Sharing devices in a public venue can bring with it a certain level of anxiety; you can provide peace of mind by disinfecting and decontaminating your VR and AR HMDs with our patented CleanBox technology that is far better than wipes.

Sanitize Quest

CleanBox offers the safest and easiest way to sanitize Quest electronic devices, including VRs. Simply set Quest devices inside of CleanBox and patented UVC technology kills 99.999% of germs, making them safe for your next customer to use. You'll find additional information about our products on our website.

Disinfect Vive

Rather than using wipes or chemicals to disinfect Vive devices, you can give your customers a better quality of clean with patented CleanBox UVC technology. Using our CleanBox products, your handhelds, VR & AR HMDs, tablets, headsets, and all shared devices will be 99.999% disinfected in just 60 seconds.

Disinfect Pico

If you're spending a lot of time sanitizing and decontaminating Pico devices between users, CleanBox can show you a better way to disinfect Pico VR handhelds and virtual reality devices. Simply place Pico electronics in CleanBox and in 60 seconds, it's ready for the next customer- 99.999% germ and pathogen free.

Sanitize VR Headsets

Sanitize VR headsets in just 60 seconds with no wiping or chemical sprays using CleanBox technology. Place your VR devices inside of CleanBox and they come out 99.999% free from all contaminants. There's no easier or faster way to give your customers assurance that shared devices are thoroughly sanitized.

Decontaminate Pico

If you're searching for an easier and faster way to decontaminate Pico VR and AR HMDs, CleanBox is the solution. With no spraying or wiping, CleanBox leaves your VR devices 99.999% contaminant free and ready to use by your next customer. Our patented UVC technology is superior to all other cleaning methods.

Disinfect smart glasses

If you're still trying to disinfect smart glasses with over-the-counter wipes, you're not killing all of the germs lurking between uses. CleanBox does a superior job of skilling all surface and crevice germs with a unique UVC technology that ensures your shared devices are not just clean- they're sanitized and decontaminated.

Sanitize Hololens

Are you searching for a better way to sanitize hololens? Consider using patented CleanBox UVC technology that sanitizes, disinfects, and decontaminates shared devices in 60 seconds between uses. No spray-on or wipe cleaner can deliver the kind of results CleanBox can, killing 99.999% of all contaminants.

Disinfect Quest

It's next to impossible to disinfect Quest VR devices with wipes and sprays; to do a thorough job, you'll need a UVC decontaminant such as CleanBox. Our patented technology kills 99.999% of germs and contaminants on all handhelds, tablets, headsets, VRs & ARs, earphones, and shared devices of every kind.

Decontaminate Realwear

Are you still using spray-on sanitizers or wipes to decontaminate realwear shared between customer uses? If so, you're not doing enough to protect users from germs and viruses. Using CleanBox to disinfect and decontaminate will ensure germs on all surfaces are killed in 60 seconds while your electronic devices are protected from damage.

Decontaminate Hololens

What's the best way to decontaminate Hololens? Wipes and spray cleaners don't always get into crevices and hidden spaces, but CleanBox thoroughly cleans, sanitizes, and decontaminates shared devices, leaving them safe for your next customer. Message us for more information about our product.

Clean Quest

Thoroughly clean Oculus Quest VR headsets using the most advanced technology available today. With CleanBox, you'll get Oculus Quest devices exceptionally clean using UVC technology that kills 99.999% of contaminants in just 60 seconds. There's no better way to protect your customers and your shared electronic devices.

Decontaminate Quest

The safest way to decontaminate Quest VRs between users is to utilize UVC technology with a product such a the one we sell at CleanBox. Using wipes and chemical sprays will leave traces of germs and contaminants behind; however, CleanBox leaves your shared devices 99.99% free of all harmful pathogens.

Clean Vive

CleanBox will enable you to thoroughly clean Vive VR headsets and reality glasses for your customers without the use of chemical sprays or wipes. Our product kills 99.999% of pathogens, making it superior to manual cleaning methods that can't get into hidden places. CleanBox is patented technology that sanitizes, disinfects, and decontaminates.

Sanitize Vive

With patented CleanBox UVC technology, you can sanitize Vive reality glasses and virtual reality headsets in just 60 seconds between uses, leaving your devices 99.999% free of germs and pathogens. You can give your customers exceptional peace of mind that the VR device they're using is as clean as if it were new.

Decontaminate Vive

Are you still using chemical sprays to decontaminate Vive virtual reality devices? CleanBox technology gets shared devices cleaner, killing 99.999% of all pathogens and contaminants in under a minute. Stop spraying and wiping handhelds and make the switch to no-hassle CleanBox Technology for a safer device.

Clean Pico

Once you've tried CleanBox to clean Pico VR devices, you'll never go back to wiping or spraying chemicals onto your electronics. CleanBox will disinfect, sanitize, and decontaminate all of your Pico devices in 60 seconds, leaving you with no doubt that 99.99% of all pathogens and contaminants are gone.

Clean Realwear

You can clean realwear with wipes and make them look clean or you can disinfect and sanitize with CleanBox and be 100% certain that your shared devices are exceptionally clean between uses. The difference between our patented UVC technology and other sanitizing methods is as dramatic as night and day.

Sanitize Realwear

Learn how to more effectively sanitize realwear in your place of business using CleanBox UVC technology, CleanBox is the only way to genuinely disinfect and decontaminate shared electronic devices, protecting customers and staff from germs that cause illness. Read more about CleanBox on our website.

Sanitize smart glasses

Why use wipes to sanitize smart glasses when they can't get into crevices and cracks where most of the germs are lurking? Using CleanBox UVC technology does more than clean- it disinfects and decontaminates the entire surface area of all shared devices, including glasses, headsets, handhelds, earphones, and more.

Decontaminate VR

With CleanBox patented technology, you can decontaminate a VR HMD in 60 seconds and effectively kill germs on all surfaces without having to restock wipes. CleanBox is more efficient and effective than spray or liquid disinfectants and will decontaminate all shared devices, including headsets, tablets, VR & AR HMDs, and more.

Decontaminate smart glasses

Why continue to decontaminate smart glasses with wipes or spray cleaners when a superior technology is affordable and available from CleanBox? Our technology more thoroughly sanitizes and disinfects your shared handheld devices, such as VRs, ARs, tablets, earphones, headsets, and frequently used electronics.

Disinfect VR

With ClearBox, you can disinfect a VR head mounted display in 60 seconds and give your employees & customers exceptional peace of mind that they're sharing the fun instead of germs. Our patented technology uses UVC to disinfect and protect your technology devices in a way that no wipe or cleaner can.

Clean VR

When you're looking for the best way to clean a VR head mounted display, keep CleanBox in mind for exceptional disinfecting and decontamination. CleanBox does what no wipe can do- patented technology gets into areas that are impossible for a liquid or spray product to reach, leaving your VR sets thoroughly sanitized.

Clean smart glasses

CleanBox wants to know what you're currently using to clean smart glasses; if you're still using wipes or the popular spray-on cleaner, you're not getting into crevices where germs are lurking. CleanBox utilizes patented UVC decontamination technology that kills germs on all surfaces in about a minute.

Disinfect Realwear

How to you disinfect realwear to make certain it's thoroughly sanitized between each use? CleanBox UVC technology is the best way to go. With CleanBox, you won't have to worry about whether crevices and hard-to-get-at surfaces are clean after each use; our products kill germs on all types of surfaces.

Clean Hololens

Clean hololens in just 60 seconds without worrying that you'll damage internal components; CleanBox technology won't leave your shared devices sticky, messy, or partially cleaned. Our patented technology gets into hidden places where germs can get passed by with a wipe; UVC decontamination kills 99.999% of all contaminants.

Disinfect Hololens

CleanBox makes it easy and affordable to disinfect Hololens at your place of business and provide peace of mind to your customers. It takes CleanBox just 60 seconds to kill 99.999% of pathogens and contaminants on the surface and hidden areas of your shared electronic devices, including Halolens, headsets, earphones, and VRs.
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