Cleanbox Technology – Global Leaders in UVC LED Decontamination

Cleanbox Technology UVC LED disinfection solutions decontaminate the surfaces of any device, including VR and AR headsets to healthcare-grade standards (99.999%) in just 1 minute cycle times.


Cleanbox patented engineering is proven safe for any fabrics, plastics, lenses, and electronics and contains no hazardous materials.


Founded in 2018, Cleanbox is trusted by over 2,000 major clients across 15 industries, in 50 countries to safely and cost-effectively decontaminate all brands of Virtual and Augmented Reality devices, along with thousands of other frequently shared or touched devices.

Watch the video above to see how Cleanbox quickly, easily and safely disinfects VR and AR devices to health-care grade standards in just 1-minute.

Ditch the Wipes!

Antibacterial Wipes require 4-10 minutes of wet contact time to achieve minimal effectiveness, are prone to human error, and can damage sensitive materials – not to mention the cost and waste produced.

Cleanbox UVC LED Decontamination Systems kill 99.999% of contagions on virtual and augmented reality devices, as well as any frequently shared or touched device in just 1-minute. Save thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and keep your users safer than ever with Cleanbox.

Cleanbox patented UVC LED engineering eliminates 99.999% of pathogens to keep your users safe in just 1 minute. No chemicals. No waste. No human error. Unlike traditional UV bulbs, UVC LED contains no hazardous materials, is safe for general use, and are guaranteed not to damage plastics, fabrics, lenses, or electronics.

Cleanbox is a Woman Owned Small Business
Made in the USA
UL Certified. CE and FCC Marks. EPA Compliant

Clean. Share. Repeat


Cleanbox products are trusted by major clients worldwide to safely decontaminate thousands of different types of frequently shared or touched devices. Cleanbox solutions clean virtual and augmented reality headsets, commercial headphones, electronics, and thousands of other devices commonly used in the workplace.

Quickly, Easily, and Safely Disinfect Virtual and Augmented Reality Headsets Between Every Use

Cleaning shared electronic devices such as virtual, augmented, and mixed reality headsets and devices using disposable antibacterial wipes is costly and wasteful, time-consuming, not scalable, and will never achieve the level of hygiene and safety that Cleanbox UVC LED systems achieve in 1-minute.   

All frequently shared or touched devices can transmit contagion; XR headsets are an even greater concern because they make direct contact with the face and head, areas where contagion can transfer more easily. Not fully cleaning a VR headset between every use is a risky and unsanitary practice that becomes even more so as you scale the number of users and shared headsets.


Cleanbox UVC LED technology reduces the risk of spreading the common cold and flu, a lice outbreak, pink eye, or other communicable diseases by 100x or more. And when you consider that fully disinfecting between every use using Cleanbox costs 10-30x less than trying to clean with wipes, it’s a simple, logical choice for every XR environment to own a Cleanbox solution.


Cleanbox UVC LED devices cost have a 4 year maintenance-free with no bulb replacements or other disposables.  Considering their 4-year life, Cleanbox solutions that can clean up to 50 headsets per hour cost as low as $46 per month.


Read the Cleanbox ROI evaluation and discover how even a small XR lab can enjoy a 10X ROI beginning on month 1 and save nearly $20,000 over 4 years using Cleanbox. 

Industry Expertise

Cleanbox Technology has deep industry expertise in the use of UVC LED light for rapid and highly effective surface decontamination.  Cleanbox leaders are actively involved in helping to shape guidelines and standards in the UVC, Infection Control, and XR industries through their work with over a dozen major national and international associations and regulatory agencies.

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