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Founded in 2018, Cleanbox is trusted by over 2,000 clients across 15 industries in 50 countries to safely, rapidly, and easily sanitize all Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality headsets along with thousands of other frequently shared or touched devices.  All Cleanbox UVC LED disinfection systems are lab-validated to reach 99.999% disinfection in 1-minute cycles.

70 Global Patents | Made in the USA | Lab-Validated | UL Certified  


The Safest, Fastest, and Easiest Way to Disinfect XR Devices

Watch the video above to see how Cleanbox quickly, easily and safely disinfects VR and AR devices to health-care grade standards in just 1-minute.

Cleanbox Technology offers patented UVC LED disinfection systems that effectively sanitize all Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) headsets to healthcare-grade standards of 99.999% in just 1-minute cycle times.

Our UVC LED technology is lab-validated and UL certified, ensuring quality and safety. Unlike other UVC bulb-based solutions, Cleanbox UVC LED is guaranteed to never damage fabrics, plastics, lenses, or electronics.

Cleanbox is the optimal solutions to disinfect an unlimited number of XR devices with customizable solutions that can easily sanitize between 50-400 headsets per hour. Cleanbox disinfection systems along with our full line of charging and storage cabinets provide the fastest, easiest, and safest way to manage your fleet of XR headsets or other frequently touched or shared devices.

Stop Struggling with Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial Wipes require 4-10 minutes of wet contact time to achieve minimal disinfection which is extremely difficult to achieve on complex, porous surfaces like a VR headsets.  Wipes are prone to human error, can damage XR headsets, and are expensive and wasteful.

Cleanbox patented UVC LED engineering eliminates 99.999% of pathogens to keep your users safe in just 1 minute. No chemicals. No Heat. No waste. No human error. And, unlike traditional UV bulbs, Cleanbox UVC LED disinfection systems contains no hazardous materials, are safe for general use, and are guaranteed not to damage plastics, fabrics, lenses, or electronics.





Discover Cleanbox UVC LED Disinfection Systems, Charging and Storage Cabinets, and Accessories

Cleanbox CX1 - Disinfects 1 XR headset in as little as 30 seconds

Cleanbox CX2 - Disinfects 2 XR headsets in as little as 30 second

Cleanbox CX4 - Disinfects 4 XR headsets in as little as 30 seconds

Cleanbox Omniclean - Disinfects XR headsets and any other object in as little as 30 seconds

Cleanbox Accessories - Travel Cases & Adaptors

Charging and Storage Cabinets for 6, 12, and 24 XR Devices

xr powercart

Customizable Medical Grade Charging, Storage and Disinfection Cabinets

Customizable wellness cart for XR headsets

Trusted by Over 2,000 Clients Worldwide to Keep XR Users Healthy

Cleanbox Clients

Save a Fortune with Cleanbox Disinfection Systems

Cleanbox client save tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars over 5 years just based on cost of wipes and time savings with an average return on investment > 500% and payback the first 6 months. Cleanbox clients will keep hundreds of thousands of non-biodegrable chemical wipes out of landfills and Cleanbox 99.999% disinfection rate is 100 times greater than even the most accurate and painstaking applicaiton of antibacterial wipes and chemicals.

Disinfect Thousands of High-Touch Devices with Cleanbox UVC LED

Cleanbox UVC LED disinfection systems are used in commercial, educational, healthcare, manufacturing, and government environments to provide rapid, safe, and comprehensive disinfection of thousands of frequently shared or touched devices. Cleanbox is guaranteed to safely, quickly, and thoroughly disinfect Virtual and Augmented Reality Headsets, Headphones, Haptics, XR Devices, Keyboards, Tablets, Phones, Personal Objects, and virtually any other device that people frequently share or touch.

Quickly, Easily, and Safely Disinfect Virtual and Augmented Reality Headsets Between Every Use

Cleaning shared electronic devices such as virtual, augmented, and mixed reality headsets and devices using disposable antibacterial wipes is costly and wasteful, time-consuming, not scalable, and will never achieve the level of hygiene and safety that Cleanbox UVC LED systems achieve in 1-minute.

All frequently shared or touched devices can transmit contagion; XR headsets are an even greater concern because they make direct contact with the face and head, areas where contagion can transfer more easily. Not fully cleaning a VR headset between every use is a risky and unsanitary practice that becomes even more so as you scale the number of users and shared XR headsets.

Cleanbox UVC LED technology is lab-validated to kill up to 99.999% of a range of potential harmful pathogens, a rate up 100x greater than even the most rigorous and thorough application of antibacterial wipes. And when you consider that fully disinfecting between every use using Cleanbox costs 10-30x less than trying to clean with wipes, it’s a simple, logical choice for every XR environment to own a Cleanbox solution.

Cleanbox UVC LED devices offer 5+ year of maintenance-free service with no bulb replacements or other disposables. Considering their 5 + year life, Cleanbox disinfection systems can sanitize 50-400 units per hour at a cost as low as $40 per month.  With our easily configurable solutions, you can manage a global fleet of XR devices knowing that they will be fully disinfected between every use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Cleanbox Take to Disinfect a Virtual or Augmented Reality Device?

1-Minute (60 seconds) to reach 99.999% disinfection.  Place your device in the Cleanbox, close the door, push the button, 1-minute later the cleaning cycle is done.You can even run it for 30-seconds and reach an extraordinary level of disinfection compared to any other technology

What's Wrong With Using Wipes to Clean a VR Headset?

Simply put, it’s nearly impossible to disinfect a VR headset properly using antibacterial wipes because of “Wet Contact Time” requirements. At best you’ll wipe the grime off headset, but that is not an acceptable level of disinfection between shared uses. AND, if you try to do it, you’ll waste a fortune in money and time while polluting the environment.

Does Cleanbox Guarantee the Safety of my Virtual Reality Headset?

Yes, Cleanbox UVC LED disinfection systems are safe for any materials, lenses, and electronics. Cleanbox guarantees against any damage to your XR equipment if you use Cleanbox UVC LED systems exclusively for disinfection.  

What is the Life of a Cleanbox?

Cleanbox UVC LED disinfection systems are rated for 600,000 1-minute cleaning cycles. Cleanbox devices will easily provide 4-5+ years of maintenance-free life with no bulb replacements even under the heaviest use cases.

A Trusted leader in the UVC, Infection Control, and XR industries

Cleanbox Technology has deep industry expertise in the use of UVC LED technology for rapid and highly effective surface disinfection of hard to clean devices and objects.  The Cleanbox leadership team is actively involved in helping to shape guidelines and standards in the UVC, Infection Control, and XR industries through their work with over a dozen major national and international associations and regulatory agencies. Cleanbox is helping the industry develop guidelines and standards for disinfection to keep people safe and keep industries healthy. 

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