CleanBox FAQs


How many models are there to choose from?
We provide three models of CleanBox products. The CleanDefense is perfect for doctor’s offices or hospitals and can clean 100 medical masks in an hour.

The CleanBox OmniClean is for larger devices and equipment. The cleaning chamber is 12” X 4” and has a rotating quartz plate to make sure that all surfaces are hit with the UVC lights.

The CX Series is perfect for anyone who uses headsets and VR controllers. It has a special headset mount to fully decontaminate your devices.

How do I know my device is cleaning?
Each of our products come packed with RBG lights with panels and screens. You’ll be able to “watch” as your tech and other products get clean right before your eyes! Of course, you won’t actually see the cleaning happening, but the UVC lights equipped in each CleanBox device are hard at work killing 99.999% of all bacteria and infections on your devices, including COVID-19 and its variants.

Each Cleanbox device ensures that no shadows fall on what you put in the box so the UVC lights hit EVERY side of your items.

Will I need to use anything else to clean?
No. You won’t have to use anything else besides the CleanBox to completely disinfect your electronics. Of course, if there is anything else on your technology, you can use a wipe to clean it off before placing it into the CleanBox, but there is no need to clean after using the CleanBox.
How does UVC light work?
UVC light cannot be found naturally on earth, so it is extra deadly to pathogens and their DNA. These pathogens are not immune to the UVC light because they never actually get exposed to it. Here at CleanBox, we have put this light in a tiny bulb and installed them all over inside each of our CleanBox models.

UVC light will not damage your devices or items (electronic or fabric) or harm you. There is an acrylic shield on the outside of each CleanBox model to prevent any of the light from touching you and causing any damage. Each CleanBox also comes with a failsafe in the event that the door is opened. The cycle will shut off and no light will touch you or your skin.

What happens if I break my CleanBox?
Unfortunately, if you break your CleanBox model by accident, there is nothing that can be done. Our warranty does not cover accidents. If you contact us about the issue and explain what broke, we will happily assist you in purchasing replacement parts for your CleanBox model and explaining how to repair it.
What does the warranty cover?

Cleanbox offers a manufacturers warranty for all of its products for one year from shipment. If you receive a damaged item or if your unit stops functioning during that time, please contact customer service. The warranty does not cover damage due to mishandling of the product after receipt. However, we are always happy to help our customers and will provide support and offer alternatives for broken parts or products outside of warranty.

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