Our Story

A Note from the CEO and Founder

Cleanbox is built around the belief that technology has unlimited potential to change the way we learn, conduct business and view the world. Cleanbox plays a critical role in this space by providing the health and safety products necessary for businesses to utilize new tech.

How we started:

About six years ago, I was writing for a think tank about technology and its impact on consumer behavior; specifically noting the progress of Virtual and Augmented reality technology capabilities (collectively referred to as XR). Having a long relationship with the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, I ideated a way of triangulating all the Smithsonian’s archived historical materials with Hollywood storytelling and virtual reality to produce unique immersive experiences.

Although the project didn’t materialize, we identified a critical hurdle for large-scale use of immersive tech. As a quasi-federal organization with 30 million visitors going through their facilities every year, the Smithsonian held itself to the highest standards of health and safety protocol. Virtual and augmented reality requires hardware that sits on the face and head—creating a higher need for effective, consistent and verifiable decontamination. Even in a pre-Covid world, a safe, reliable and cost effective solution to the problem of hygiene was essential.

We developed and patented our proprietary UVC LED engineering solution to address the complicated and hard to clean surfaces of expensive devices; and this became the foundation for Cleanbox Technology products. We envisioned a huge demand for what our engineering could provide across a variety of use cases beyond the XR experience and training space, and have continued to create new form factors that address a range of business and government needs.

The defining purpose of Cleanbox is to provide a powerful tool in the fight against contagions. Our products provide the highest efficacy against surface contagions, with consistent, human-error free results. While there is one particular contagion that is currently and appropriately the center of attention, the problems we solve extend beyond COVID-19 to protecting people from the contagions that make people sick every day.

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