Cleanbox Global Donation Program

By Cleanbox Technology
June 26, 2023

Cleanbox Technology’s core mission is to make world-class products and solutions that keep people safe from disease. We do this by creating products that are lab-validated to decontaminate the surface of objects 99.999% in 1 minute and battle-tested pre, during, and post-pandemic by nearly 2,000 organizations across 15 industries in 50 countries. Cleanbox patented UVC LED systems are the only product can achieve this level of rapid decontamination without damaging plastics, fabrics, or electronics.

Because we know that Cleanbox solutions have a direct impact on the well-being of people and that the core technology we use requires an investment that some organizations can’t make, we have an active and ongoing donation program to help non-profit organizations around the world with VR & AR hygiene as well as general decontamination of shared or frequently touched objects.

Our Commitment to Support Non-Profit Organizations

Cleanbox products are rated for 600,000 cleaning cycles or 4 years of maintenance-free use. After 4 years we ask our customers to purchase new products and return the old unit to our US manufacturing facility. The units are refurbished and tested and they are donated to non-profits for the extended life of the unit.

Why do we take the units back? After 4 years, there is a slight chance that 1 of the dozens of UVC LED lights may not output UVC light at the optimal level which could have the slightest degradation in the 99.999% decontamination levels we seek to achieve with every cleaning cycle. In addition, after 4 years, our clients have more than earned a superb ROI (Return on Investment) and are happy to get new product with the latest features.

Our Commitment to the Environment: Cleanbox helps to prevent millions of wipes from ending up in landfills and waterways every single month and we’ve only just begun. Our company has a deep focus on environmental responsibility that begins with how we manufacture and ends with final disposal of our products. While Cleanbox UVC LED solutions do not contain dangerous and harmful materials such as Mercury which are found in traditional UVC bulbs, we certainly want to avoid any products from being disposed of. When clients return units at the end of the 4 year life cycle, Cleanbox will either refurbish and donate the units, or we’ll recycle as much as possible.

Programs Cleanbox Currently Supports

Cleanbox wants to see everyone leverage our unique technology to rapidly decontaminate objects and keep people safe. We are always looking for opportunities to help non-profits benefit from Cleanbox technology. If you are a non-profit that is interested in partnering with Cleanbox to receive Cleanbox UVC LED devices for VR/AR or for general disinfection of objects, please complete the form below

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