How Cleanbox UVC LED Decontamination Systems and Looking Glass XR PowerCarts can safely scale Virtual Reality environments for the enterprise.

July 26, 2023

The Looking Glass XR PowerCart combined with a Cleanbox Decontamination System offers a seamless, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution for safely growing enterprise Virtual Reality programs.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to plan for larger XR environments and effectively integrate Cleanbox and Looking Glass solutions.

Managing 2-3 headsets is very different than managing 12 or more headsets. For this example, we’ll assume that you have an XR training classroom with 24 XR headsets from makers such as HTC, Meta, PICO, Magic Leap, or Microsoft. These XR headsets will be used in a classroom setting, with classes of up to 24 students, 2 times per day. The class time is 1 hour with 3 hours between each class.

  1. Foundational Considerations: Focus on two key aspects – Headset management and hygiene management. Headset management involves secure storage and charging, while hygiene management deals with the proper decontamination and cleaning between each use.
  2. Importance of Headset and Hygiene Management: Implementing a Looking Glass 24-unit storage and charging cart, along with a Cleanbox CX1, CX2, or OmniClean, ensures secure storage and charging of headsets overnight or during the day. Cleanbox’s powerful UV-C LED light decontaminates headsets by 99.999% in just 1 minute, without causing any damage. The Cleanbox solution is proven globally, using safe UVC LED lights without generating heat or containing hazardous materials.
  3. Massive ROI at a Minimal Cost: The return on investment for this solution is substantial. The storage cabinet protects headsets from damage and loss while offering space efficiency. Cleanbox delivers significant cost and time savings compared to using disposable wipes and face masks. Moreover, the human health and safety benefits result in immediate ROI, with a 100x reduction in risk with each cleaning cycle.
  4. Minuscule Implementation Cost: The cost of a 24-unit XR charging and storage cabinet combined with a Cleanbox CX2 is approximately $160 per month, considering a 4-year product life. Even a 12-unit XR charging and storage cabinet combined with a Cleanbox CX1 costs around $100 per month. These costs are minimal compared to the overall XR lab operating expenses and represent a negligible expense when compared to each cleaning cycle.
  5. UVC Lamp in the Charging and Storage Cabinet: The Looking Glass XR storage and charging cabinets have a UVC lamp, providing additional hygiene on the outside of headsets while charging and storing. However, it is not considered a hygiene solution, and full decontamination is only ensured with a Cleanbox Decontamination System. By rapidly decontaminating in a Cleanbox between every use and before the XR headsets are placed back in storage at the end of the day, you are ensured the highest level of health and safety possible, and you’ll save thousands of $ versus less effective disposable antibacterial wipes.
  6. Operating the Environment: With a Cleanbox CX1 or CX2 and a 24-unit Charging and Storage cabinet the operation of your XR classroom is a breeze: Load up to 24 headsets into the charging and storage cabinet and let them charge overnight. When the first group arrives, the headsets are ready to use. After each session, run a 1-minute cleaning cycle for each headset in the Cleanbox, following the standard Cleanbox Hygiene Protocol. This simple process takes around 15 minutes of total time in a CX2 which can disinfect up to 100 headsets per hour. Decontaminating every time using Cleanbox is a critical step to ensure proper cleaning and sanitization. No special training is required, and anyone can operate a Cleanbox safely. Repeat the cleaning process at the end of the day before placing the VR or AR headsets back in the Looking Glass charging and storage cabinet.

This example can work both in group classroom settings as well as in self-service environments. By following this simple protocol and integrating Cleanbox and Looking Glass charging, storage and hygiene solutions, organizations can effectively and safely manage and scale their enterprise Virtual Reality programs.

cx2 and lg
xr powercart

Cleanbox CX2 Decontamination System to clean 100 headsets per hour and a Looking Glass 24 unit XR charging and storage unit to store, charge and secure the headsets in a 24 unit environment. MSRP: $7700 or approximately $160 per month (over a 4-year maintenance-free life)

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