Sanitizing Shared Equipment in the Auto Engineering Sector

November 21, 2022

Sharing expensive equipment such as VR headsets is a great way of reducing a business’s costs and adopting modern technology without spending thousands each month. To make sure employees aren’t put at risk, businesses have to think about how to clean a VR lens in the most efficient way possible. CleanBox is an innovative product that makes use of UV light to deactivate pathogens quickly and accurately.

This is more effective than traditional cleaning methods because 99.999% of pathogens can be destroyed. It is also cost-effective, and it doesn’t tax the environment because no waste product is created. Business owners who would like to purchase a cleaning box can speak to a product expert to find out about the various options.

Sanitizing Shared Equipment in the Auto Engineering Sector

An increasing number of businesses in the automotive industry are making use of VR devices to increase the efficiency of their operations. Virtual reality technology can be used in a variety of ways. For example, it can expose new employees to a wide range of working conditions at a very low cost, or it can allow workers from several branches to collaborate without having to travel.

However, most VR devices are quite expensive, so small and medium-sized companies might not be able to purchase one headset per user. Instead, the equipment has to be shared by multiple people. Since infections can easily spread on devices worn on the head, disinfection is important. Research has shown that sanitizing with UV light is the most effective way of keeping shared VR devices and similar equipment clean.

How to Clean a VR Lens with CleanBox 

Cleaning a VR headset, a regular headset, or another head mounted display with a UV sanitation box is very simple. Users open the box and place their device in it, then select the right cleaning cycle. Sixty seconds later, they can remove their piece of equipment, which has been cleaned and is completely safe for the next person to wear.

The UV rays are contained within the box, so they are not harmful to users like some other ultraviolet disinfection methods, which involve direct contact with the light. The sanitation box doesn’t require employees to wipe or scrub, so there is no chance of human error, and the process is easy for everyone to complete. Once employees have been shown how to use the box, they can do so independently whenever it is needed.

Why Use UV Sanitation?

There are many reasons why UV sanitation is more effective and efficient than traditional cleaning with wipes and sprays. Not only is the possibility of dangerous pathogens lingering on the devices much lower, but the cleaning boxes are also cheaper to run in the long term and more environmentally friendly. Businesses adopting this method can save a lot of time because operations don’t have to be interrupted with lengthy cleaning routines.

Staff and Customer Safety 

When companies use UV cleaning, they can be sure that 99.999% of harmful viruses and bacteria have been deactivated once their device is removed from the sanitation box. This makes headsets, earphones, and other gadgets safe to wear, even if they are shared. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that wiping down equipment produces the same result.

Everyone wipes differently, and while some people might take the time to clean each surface, others might be in a rush and miss some spots. Additionally, liquid cleaning materials aren’t designed to be used on all surfaces, and they might be ineffective on the straps of VR headsets. It’s also worth noting that some sanitizers contain harmful chemicals that shouldn’t be used on devices meant to be worn on the head.

Economic Factors 

Many companies use wipes because they believe that this is the cheapest way of ensuring employee safety. But this isn’t usually the case, and UV sanitation is up to 40x more cost-effective than traditional cleaning methods. This is because the boxes are made using patented UVC LED light engineering technology which lasts for around 10,000 hours or 600,000 cleaning cycles.

No matter how often the box is used, it’s likely that it will last for several years. Since each cleaning cycle only uses up a small amount of electricity, companies won’t have to spend a lot of money on an ongoing basis. What’s more, equipment is completely safe and unlikely to be damaged in the CleanBox, which might not be the case if it is cleaned with harsh chemicals every day.

Saving Time 

Every time a new person uses a VR device, it has to be thoroughly cleaned to remove bacteria and viruses. When using wipes, this can take a long time because everyone has to fetch cleaning materials, spend several minutes wiping down all surfaces, and then get rid of the used wipes. What’s more, businesses spend time teaching employees how to clean a VR lens, checking their inventory, and buying new cleaning equipment regularly.

Using a cleaning box is much simpler. After a one-off purchase, no new items have to be bought for many years. Employees simply place their headsets inside the box and turn on the cleaning cycle, then remove their equipment one minute later, fully sanitized and ready for the next employee. This means that training and work sessions don’t have to be interrupted. In large companies, many hours can be saved every month.

Environmental Factors 

UV sanitation can help businesses drastically reduce the amount of waste they create, which lowers their carbon footprint and positions them as environmentally friendly companies. Even if a firm has purchased a small box that only accommodates one or two devices at a time, they can save millions of wipes and plastic containers which would otherwise end up in a landfill.

The cleaning boxes don’t require the use of toxic substances, and they last for years at a time. Once a box is no longer functional, it can be disposed of safely because it doesn’t contain heavy materials, as some older UV bulbs do.

How to Purchase a UV Cleaning Box 

UV cleaning devices can be purchased online. But since there are many options available and the boxes can be customized, automotive businesses might benefit from speaking to a product expert before they buy. Everyone interested in the boxes is entitled to a free 15-minute demo, during which they can see how this method works and what the various possibilities are.

For companies looking to disinfect VR headsets and other devices worn on the head, the CX Series product line is best because it is specifically designed for head-mounted displays. On the other hand, the Omni Clean 2 is the most versatile product because it can sanitize virtually anything, from wallets to tablets to shoes. UV cleaning boxes are available in various sizes, so there are options for small, medium, and large businesses.

Countless automotive businesses are adopting VR technology to speed up operations, train new hires more effectively, and improve the accuracy of their work. Often, VR headsets have to be shared, so they have to be disinfected. UV cleaning is the best solution for most companies because it is 99.999% accurate, and it costs less than traditional methods. Call us at CleanBox to ask our product specialists about how to clean a VR lens.

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