Sanitization Solutions for Call Centers: The New Way to Disinfect Shared Headsets and Phones

Businesses around the world are still struggling to return to normal work methods. While remote work might have kept your company afloat during COVID-19, there’s no substitute for in-person work. This is especially true in customer service. However, many employees are still reluctant to return to the office. You can encourage them to come back to your call center with tools that disinfect phones and clean headsets with 99.999% efficacy. CleanBox delivers cleanliness, ease of use, and most importantly, confidence.

We designed our cleaning solutions with enterprises in mind. Large companies have experienced massive disruptions to their workflows in recent years. We want to help you get back to normal. With reliable tools, you can create effective sanitization protocols that give your workers the sense of security they need to get back into the office and lift your enterprise to new heights.

Sanitization Solutions for Call Centers: The New Way to Disinfect Phones and Shared Headsets

Call Handling Challenges

Fielding customer service calls is one of the most important tasks large enterprises face. Poor customer service is a surefire way to sink your business. Uniting your CSRs under one roof helps managers keep staff on track to meet targets and encourages collaboration. Having a call center also facilitates buying infrastructure in bulk, as you can easily install dozens of phones on a single office floor rather than distributing CSRs across many offices. The pandemic completely disrupted this workflow, though.

When centers closed, companies had to radically redesign their call fielding processes. Many employees have grown accustomed to this new way of working and are hesitant to return to their desks. In addition, we’ve seen a record number of resignations as many employees seek other work opportunities. Training new employees takes time and money. As it is, CSRs tend to have high turnover rates. How can you keep your best workers and attract better talent to your team?

Employees Vs. Enterprises

Companies and employees are currently in a stalemate. Businesses understand the value of having their employees in one place. Employees, on the other hand, seem to believe remote work can solve everything. Ironically, even though call centers frequently handle calls from other regions, they’re one of the least suitable places to implement remote work. Handling calls at home introduces inconsistencies that give a bad impression of your business to customers.

Imagine if customers hear children crying in the background, a dog barking outside the window, or simply cannot communicate clearly due to a spotty internet connection. Using a central facility eliminates these issues. However, employees are understandably nervous about returning to work in a massive room full of people. All the plexiglass dividers in the world won’t reduce the risk of infection in the workplace. Your team needs reassurance that they will be in a safe, clean environment.

The Middle Ground

The key to bringing your staff back into the office is to provide a clean environment. If you can show that you’re taking steps to protect your employees, they’re more likely to respond favorably to your orders to return to the office. When it comes to customer service centers, this means you need to sterilize equipment that your staff uses, especially when shifts rotate. But don’t just ask your sanitation service provider to work overtime. Bring in modern technology.

For employees to feel safe at work, they need to be in control to some extent. Paranoid workers will always have lingering doubts about the efficacy of your cleaning services. Modern technology, however, instills confidence. You can put CleanBox units around the office and workers can disinfect their own gear quickly and effectively. Workers will appreciate the investment and the sensation of control. Consider the difference modern technology brings to shared spaces like call centers.

How to Clean Headsets

Perhaps the most important component in any large-scale call handling center is the headset. It’s a central piece of equipment for communication. However, it sits on someone’s head all day, and they breathe directly into the boom mic for hours on end. It is, unquestionably, contaminated within moments of being used. Without tools like CleanBox, your employees will probably spray headsets before use or wipe them down with a cloth or disposable wipes. These methods simply do not work.

Spraying and wiping will always miss some of the surface. Even the most consistent human being trained to perform this one task will inevitably fail to eliminate 99.999% of bacteria and viruses. For consistency and thoroughness, you need a machine. We designed devices like the CX series to specifically clean headsets. A patented UVC LED system blankets the headset with UVC light using carefully positioned LEDs to ensure full coverage and maximum cleanliness. It even gets into hard-to-reach places.

What About Disinfecting Phones?

If your offices prefer desk phones or power-over-Ethernet phones with VoIP capabilities, you still need to disinfect your devices. Receivers spent plenty of time being breathed on and pressed up against ears and shoulders. Like headsets, you can’t expect to achieve true cleanliness by wiping down phones. You need a reliable solution like the OmniClean. By using a rotating quartz plate and surfaces that specifically reflect UVC light, you can sanitize any device.

If you’ve got a bring-your-own-device policy or you allow workers to use their own phones for work, the OmniClean can disinfect phones like iPhones as well. We’ve carefully tuned our UVC LEDs to disinfect without damaging delicate components. The LEDs we use emit a specific wavelength of UVC light that disrupts the DNA of viruses and bacteria without affecting the exterior finish of devices. In less than two minutes, any device can be sterilized to 99.999%.

Get It Right Every Time

The key to cleanliness is consistency. Wipes will never get it right every time. With a patented device designed for the equipment your staff uses every day, you remove the element of human error and guarantee thorough sanitization. CleanBox devices are as easy to use as a microwave. Just open the box, put in the device you want to clean, close the box, and press a button. After a minute, you can open the box and remove your disinfected gear.

It’s easy to incorporate this protocol into your daily routines. Set reminders every few hours or make it a part of your shift transition. If you have employees using masks at the office, you should consider the CleanDefense system as well. This box was designed specifically with masks in mind. We saw how difficult it was to find quality masks at the height of the pandemic, so we wanted to help people extend the useful life of their limited supply.

Bring Your Workers Back

Investing in modern sanitization technology will give your workers confidence and the sense of security needed to comfortably return to the office. Better still, your company will be prepared for the next health crisis. Even if we don’t find ourselves in another global pandemic soon, being able to disinfect equipment reliably will reduce the likelihood of spreading illness throughout the office. You can reduce downtime and keep your workers healthy. Everyone benefits from a clean office.

To learn more,  Cleanbox is used by 2,000+ enterprise clients globally across a wide range of industries, including Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive, Transportation, Retail, Government, and DOD. Cleanbox is a Woman-Owned Small Business with the GSA.

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