Sanitization Post Covid in Retail Space: Cleaning Shared Devices

June 26, 2022

As society moves into a post-pandemic world filled with readily available testing supplies, vaccines, and a greater understanding of the coronavirus, it’s difficult not to want to discard anything that calls to mind those past miserable months. However, 2020 fostered renewed interest in innovative hygiene technology. Revolutionary sanitization methods for retail spaces bloomed out of necessity, and the Cleanbox used to sanitize electronic devices is here to stay.

Sanitization Post COVID in Retail Space: Cleaning Shared Devices

Embrace Futuristic Hygiene Technology

Headsets, walkie-talkies, credit card readers, and barcode scanners have several things in common. First, numerous employees handle or wear the devices throughout the workday. Second, each device is a prime location for bacteria and viruses to multiply. Finally, no matter how diligently an employee cleans them using disposable wipes, these devices require a better sanitation solution.

In pre-COVID times ensuring shared equipment was sanitized in between uses was important. However, now it’s essential to the health of employees and the future of businesses. Human error is removed from the equation when Cleanbox systems are used to sanitize electronic devices in retail locations. Instead of risking the spread of infectious illnesses, use Cleanboxe’s LED sanitizing units to maintain a safe workplace.

Choose Science-Proven Systems

Cleanbox systems work by utilizing ultraviolet light C, also referred to as UVC, rays to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungus spores. Ultraviolet C light is a wavelength of ultraviolet light rays that aren’t found inside the Earth’s atmosphere, as the ozone layer prevents the rays from reaching the Earth. Since the rays don’t occur organically, viruses and bacteria have not evolved a natural resistance to UVC rays.

When bacteria and virus cells are exposed to the proper intensity of UVC rays, the DNA and RNA inside the cells are broken down. Without functional genetic material, the cells cannot reproduce and rapidly die. This destruction occurs quickly, as LED UVC units can sanitize equipment in just 60 seconds and eliminate 99.999% of contagions. Alternatively, most household wipes and cleaning products require a minimum of three minutes of exposure to disinfect an item.

Discard Obsolete Options

Cleaning solutions and alcohol wipes are popular cleaning methods used by most retailers to sanitize equipment, with wipe use becoming more prevalent during Covid-19. However, wipes are an impractical tool for cleaning shared equipment, as they are slow, wasteful, and offer no method of checking effectiveness. As a result, wipes are often misused, especially in the fast-paced retail environment where employees hurry to complete numerous tasks.

Equipment such as headsets and walkie-talkies are challenging to sanitize correctly due to the numerous angles and buttons that don’t accommodate traditional cleaning methods. In addition, employees will have difficulty maneuvering wipes into all the crevices of electronic devices such as credit card readers and scanners, which allows contagions to migrate from one employee to the next.

Maintain Safety Standards

As the world attempts to establish a new normal following the pandemic, business owners are caught between the desire to return to previous retail behaviors and maintaining the rigorous safety standards begun over the last few years. Businesses that make sales by allowing customers to interact with display items suffered during the pandemic.

Ultraviolet light technology provides an answer by creating a method of disinfecting display models that is simple and financially sustainable. The majority of stores will benefit from using a UVC sanitizing system, as nearly all retailers use shared employee equipment, even if they do not have display items for customers to handle.

Reasons to Use Cleanbox Systems in Retail Spaces

Minimize User Mistakes

When using traditional cleaning products, the disinfection process must be completed perfectly to be effective. Unfortunately, user error is always possible no matter how trustworthy an employee is. When equipment is shared between multiple staff members, even a tiny mistake during the cleaning process can cause viruses to spread among employees quickly.

As cleaning the average headset is a tedious task, it’s wise to outsource cleaning to a machine and eliminate the risk of human mistakes. To operate a Cleanbox UVC unit, employees simply need to place the item inside the device, turn on the machine, allow the 60-second sanitation cycle to run, and remove the equipment when prompted. Unit operation is intuitive, and the device will deliver a complete disinfection every time, regardless of the user’s skill level.

Sanitize Electronic Devices Safely

For a cleaning solution to adequately kill germs, the liquid must thoroughly wet the item it is cleaning. The item must then remain wet until the liquid is wiped away after a specific time, allowing moisture to enter the device’s housing through grooves and crevices. Repeated exposure to fluids, especially those concentrated enough to destroy viruses, will cause equipment to deteriorate more quickly.

When Cleanbox CX units are used to sanitize employee headsets, there is no chemical exposure shortening the lifespan of the equipment. Instead, the Cleanbox patented LED UVC technology surrounds the item with 360 degrees of targeted ultraviolet light that destroys 99.999% of contagions on the item’s surface. In addition, Cleanbox offers multiple unit sizes to accommodate a variety of headset styles and brands.

An Economical and Ecofriendly Alternative

During the coronavirus pandemic, disposable disinfecting wipes were popular for cleaning shared employee equipment. Unfortunately, even retail stores with limited staffing soon realized that purchasing enough wipes to maintain a safe workplace was an expensive ordeal resulting in obscene amounts of waste.

Cleaning solutions and rags were some stores’ more economical and environmentally friendly attempts at a solution, but rags require washing, using additional resources, and wasting water. Ultraviolet light boxes are entirely self-contained cleaning units, requiring no solution refills and creating no waste products. In addition, each system lasts several years, allowing businesses to make one purchase that requires no ongoing costs.

Easy to Use In-Between Customers

Retail stores offering products that multiple customers interact with, such as glasses, jewelry, or cell phones, will find Cleanbox systems useful for sanitizing display items and retail equipment. Using a Cleanbox unit on equipment and display pieces creates a hygienic workplace for staff and a safe shopping experience for patrons. Sanitizing display objects between customers is an excellent way for a business to show commitment to protecting patrons’ health.

Because of this, some retail owners who use Cleanbox products choose to have the device visible in-store so that customers feel confident engaging with display items. Other business owners opt to display signage informing customers that the items are sanitized with ultraviolet light in-between customers. When customers know a business is focused on providing safe service, brand loyalty is increased, and customer satisfaction rates improve.

Make Mask Use Simple

Retail stores benefit from requiring employees to wear masks. However, sometimes acquiring masks is difficult, as supply chain issues can limit availability. Also, supplying employees with a continuous rotation of masks is expensive and impractical for most business owners.

The CleanDefense unit is designed to decontaminate masks, allowing retail employees to reuse face coverings. When employees can effortlessly disinfect masks, mask use is more consistent. As wearing a contaminated mask is counterproductive, ensuring team members have access to sanitary facial covers is critical.

While society is steadily moving on from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s essential to show employees and customers that safety is still a priority. LED ultraviolet light technology offers a revolutionary way to improve workplace hygiene without wasting time or resources and prevents the spread of illness among employees. Sign-up for a live webinar today and learn how Cleanbox works in the retail space.

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