Sanitization Post-Covid: 9 Reasons Your Brand Needs to Transition to Cleanbox

During the pandemic, companies implemented less than ideal hygiene policies out of desperation. Using disposable wipes to clean fast food employees’ headsets is a practice that should be left in the past in favor of more scientifically sound methods. Throw away those wipes for good; it’s time to transition your brand to something more efficient and economical; Cleanbox UVC cleaning systems.

Sanitization Post-Covid: 9 Reasons Your Fast Food Brand Needs to Transition to Cleanbox

1. Ultraviolet Sanitizing Provides an Unmatchable Clean for Headsets

The patented Cleanbox sanitizing method eliminates bacteria and viruses in a way that standard UVC light bulbs cannot. Our units operate by projecting 360 degrees of overlapping LED ultraviolet C light rays at the sanitized item. Targeted ultraviolet rays destroy the genetic components of bacteria and virus cells, rendering them unable to reproduce and non-contagious.

For UVC light to be an effective sanitizing tool for shared electronics such as headsets, the UVC rays must be produced at the appropriate wavelength, emitted at the proper distance from the item, remain present for adequate time, and encompass the item entirely. Our units have been rigorously tested to ensure the elimination of 99.999% of viruses and bacteria on every use, removing the need for outdated cleaning methods.

2. UVC Cleaning Systems Streamlines Your Enterprise’s Standard Operating Procedures

The average fast-food brand’s standard operating procedure for cleaning headsets requires numerous steps. The employee must collect the desired equipment and wipes before they begin to clean their headgear. Once the cleaning has started, it will not be a quick task if done correctly. Most hands-free communication devices are intricately built, and the shape of the equipment means it is easy to miss the small spaces where pathogens can hide.

When employees use our CX UVC disinfection units to clean their headgear, the operating procedure is simple and set up to be intuitive for the user. All your employees must do is open the box, place their headgear inside, and press the button to begin the sanitization cycle. In just 60 seconds, their headgear will be entirely disinfected, with no lingering concerns over whether or not the cleaning was effective.

3. UVC Units Improve Efficiency Brand-Wide

Decontaminating equipment the traditional way is time-consuming and can squander valuable portions of the workday. CX units require only 60 seconds to return a sanitized piece of equipment, allowing employees to use their remaining time more productively.

For example, if it usually takes an employee 15 minutes to clean their headgear with a wipe, and you run eight team members a shift, in one shift, you have lost two hours of staffed time to cleaning headgear. Compared to our CX sanitizing system, which requires only eight minutes to clean the same amount of equipment, the difference is dramatic. Imagine that type of efficiency implemented at all locations; this technology can significantly increase brand-wide productivity.

4. Ultraviolet Sanitization Systems Allow Companies to Prepare for the Future

As we attempt to move farther away from the Covid-19 pandemic, considering the possibility of another similar scenario is a grim but necessary task. While numerous disinfectants could kill the Coronavirus, the subsequent viral contagion may be more resilient. Our patented LED sanitization systems provide UV C rays, which naturally can’t penetrate the ozone layer.

Since these rays are only present on Earth when created, viruses and bacteria cannot adapt to endure them. Headset and shared equipment sanitization will be critical for maintaining a safe workspace, especially as contagions evolve. The lengthy lifespan of our systems ensures that your brand is protected and prepared for the next threat that approaches.

5. UVC Systems are Seamlessly Integrated Into Your Locations

While many changes in the workplace require training and an adjustment period, our UVC boxes break out of that mold. Implementing these scientifically-proven sanitization units is as effortless as making the purchase.

There’s no need for training materials or courses to bring employees up to speed. You’ll likely discover that our revolutionary technology makes our UVC cleaning systems the most user-friendly items in the building. If a team member can press a button, they are capable of using the machine.

6. UVC Disinfecting Light Boxes Extend Equipment Lifespan

While ultraviolet A and B rays cause plastics to fade and lose structural integrity, ultraviolet C rays do not. We performed extensive testing to ensure that the intensity of ultraviolet light emitted by our units would not cause the materials found in equipment to degrade prematurely but would still ensure complete disinfection. Studies designed to simulate long-term, regular use showed that our units do not damage the headgear and devices used in the fast food industry.

Additionally, UVC light is less damaging to the plastic housing of most headgear than cleaning methods such as wipes. Bleach wipes can cause moisture to seep into seams on equipment. Over time, the steady influx of liquid will cause the erosion of the equipment’s interior components. Extending the lifespan of your shared communication systems will benefit your equipment budget, and for companies with numerous locations, the savings can be astronomical.

7. Ultraviolet Cleaning Units Improve Your Brand’s Eco-Friendliness Score

Consumers have favored brands with environmentally-conscious practices for the past few years, and their interest doesn’t appear to be waning. Nielsen studies have shown that while consumers care about their health more than ever, they also prioritize the planet’s health. This investment in going green has consumers looking to the businesses they frequent to be environmentally aware.

UVC units are ideal for making your enterprise active in bettering the environment. For example, the waste resulting from cleaning team headgear with disposable wipes is enormous and off-putting to today’s consumers. Alternatively, making the switch to UVC sanitization shows a step forward and a desire to benefit the planet that consumers will appreciate while limiting the amount of waste produced by your company.

8. UVC Units Offer Marketing Opportunities

Also, in addition to seeking out environmentally aware brands, consumers like to see brands that care about their employees. By taking brand-wide actions to increase your employee’s safety, your brand earns the reputation of putting its people first, which is significant. Rolling out an enterprise-wide change, such as eliminating easy-to-misuse wipes in favor of the guaranteed clean of a CX or OmniClean system, is a head-turner.

When big businesses make changes, it’s newsworthy. So when consumers find out that your brand is snagging headlines for making moves that benefit your employees and the environment, loyal customers will feel reassured to spend their money with you, and you’ll gain new customers who favor your ethical practices.

9. UVC Systems Allow for Company-Wide Change

Our sanitization units benefit brands on a macro level. When companies move away from wasteful disposable cleaning methods, they save time and money across all locations while decreasing your company’s overall waste output.

Moving away from disposable wipes also allows your company to simplify its standard operating procedure while increasing equipment lifespan. Finally, the eco-friendly and person-centric statement displayed by switching to our LED sanitizing boxes improves consumer perception of your brand.

We’d love to talk with you if you’re ready to find out how our cutting-edge hygiene technology can benefit your brand on a macro level. Contact Cleanbox today to reserve your spot in our weekly live webinar to discuss what products would best meet your needs.

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