Protect Students, Save Money: Use a UVC Light Cleaner for Shared Electronics

Maintaining a safe environment conducive to learning has been challenging over the past few years. As you and your colleagues determine the best course of action for your school district while the country tries to move out of the Coronavirus pandemic, effective disinfection protocol remains a top priority. The UVC light cleaners created by Cleanbox offer a way to sanitize school electronics and eliminate the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable illnesses.

Innovative hygiene technology offers a way to keep your school district’s students, teachers, and other staff members safe throughout the final stages of the pandemic and into the future. Although allowing in-person learning provides numerous benefits, close contact will enable viruses to spread quickly throughout your schools. However, you can limit the opportunities for any contagious disease to spread with the implementation of ultraviolet light sanitizing units.

Protect Students, Save Money: Use a UVC Light Cleaner for Shared School Electronics

Use Hygiene Technology

While systems such as VR and AR headsets, tablets, and even cellphones can all make the educational experience more effective in your district, they also provide ample opportunity for the transmission of pathogens. Schools were hotspots for disease outbreaks long before tablets became a classroom staple, and the sharing of school electronics has only benefited the spread of illness.

If you’re technologically current in the classroom, there’s no reason to be working with outdated and ineffective cleaning methods. Hygiene technology has evolved rapidly and provides the solution to many issues found in school systems today.

Eliminate Wasteful and Expensive Cleaning Methods

What’s the protocol for cleaning shared electronics in your district? If the teachers in your schools are currently using expensive disposable wipes to clean headsets, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices, they aren’t alone. Disinfecting wipes are a popular solution for cleaning electronics, even though they can easily damage items and fail to provide a consistent cleanliness level.

Wipes are also a wasteful and unsustainable method of disinfection that is only effective if the person using them is meticulous in their cleaning process. There is no way to ensure that the disposable wipes have sufficiently cleaned the device, and most electronics and headsets require careful attention to detail to sanitize correctly. Finally, using wipes requires continuous costs, eating up funds that could be used in other areas.

Don’t Settle for Untested Options

When eliminating viruses and bacteria, not all UVC lights are created equally. For UVC rays to be effective, they must be administered without obstruction at a precise intensity, from the proper distance, for the correct amount of time. In addition, the surface being treated will impact the effectiveness of the UVC rays and the reflection methods used inside the UVC light cleaner. Unless your sanitization system checks all the boxes, you’ll be placing your school district at risk.

Every Cleanbox model underwent rigorous testing to ensure an effective product. Cleanbox units were created to excel at decontamination and hit every parameter required to provide safe and consistent eradication of 99.999% of pathogens. In addition, our patented UVC LED technology works to target the item being sanitized, providing an intensity that UVC bulbs cannot replicate.

The Science Behind UVC Sanitization Systems

Ultraviolet light consists of electromagnetic radiation that cannot be seen with the human eye. There are three categories of ultraviolet light: A, B, and C. Ultraviolet A and B rays are found in nature, but C rays cannot permeate the Earth’s ozone layer. Because of this, C rays are highly effective at destroying viruses, bacteria, and fungus spores, even more so than many commercial cleaners, as pathogens have not adapted to resist them.

When bacteria and virus cells are exposed to UVC rays at specific wavelengths and intensity levels, the genetic material that makes up the cell is destroyed. Without the necessary DNA and RNA, the cells cannot replicate and are no longer capable of spreading, eliminating the possibility of contagion.

Opt for Eco-Friendly and Error-Proof Technology

When you place UVC light cleaners at the schools in your district, you will save more money in the long run than the initial investment cost. Cleanbox LED UVC systems last for years and are self-sustaining, which decreases the amount of money spent on cleaning supplies.

Cleanbox systems also remove the possibility of user error from the equation. Instead of diligently cleaning a headset or device, teachers or students will simply place the item into the box and press the start button, wait for 60 seconds while the machine sanitizes the device, then remove it, decontaminated and ready to use. Every treatment eliminates 99.999% of bacteria and viruses on the device, allowing the item to be used without fear of remaining germs.

Plan Beyond COVID-19

School systems are notorious for increasing the spread of any infectious disease. Disease transmission was an issue before the COVID-19 pandemic, and it will remain one after unless you implement scientifically-proven methods of disinfection in your school district. Cleanbox UVC units help prevent the spread of far more diseases than the coronavirus alone.

Additionally, it’s vital to remember that other viruses exist, and there is always the potential for another pandemic. Improving hygiene practices will only make your district better protected from other viral threats. If all goes well, your district is a stellar example of classroom hygiene and has fewer students and staff who miss school due to illness. But if another pandemic is on the horizon, your district will be prepared with the tools necessary to operate safely.

How Cleanbox Technology Can Benefit School Districts

Cleanbox Technology Is Economical

Cleanbox units require no refills and last several years, putting traditional cleaning tactics to shame. They also save time by allowing headsets and other electronics to be sanitized in merely 60 seconds. This rapid disinfection prevents school staff from spending time tediously cleaning each device with a disposable wipe.

Cleanbox Technology Preserves Equipment Life

Wet wipes are damaging to electronics and can significantly shorten the lifespan of a product when regularly used. When using wipes as the primary cleaning method, keeping moisture out of equipment while adequately disinfecting it is nearly impossible. Devices featuring keyboards and buttons are especially vulnerable, as the liquid will work beneath the parts and cause the item to corrode internally.

Cleanbox systems rely purely on targeted UVC light to cleanse each item. There is no moisture present, and the intensity of the rays is calibrated to ensure that the exterior casing of the electronic devices is not damaged, even with repeated exposure. As a result, cleanbox systems can prevent the premature replacement of expensive technology.

Cleanbox Technology Decreases Workload

With many school districts being drastically understaffed, the opportunity to automate a process comes as a welcome relief. Disinfection of headsets and tablets becomes one less thing for staff to worry about when Cleanbox systems are integrated into their everyday routine. It’s as simple as loading the object into the unit, pushing a button, and retrieving the sanitized item.

Cleanbox Technology Meets Every Need

Cleanbox offers a range of systems suitable for school system use. The CX series is designed specifically for AR and VR headsets and comes in various sizes that allow you to sanitize multiple headsets in the same 60-second cycle. OmniClean is the solution for sanitizing tablets, cellphones, handheld games, eyewear, and anything else that fits in the unit. With 360-degrees of UVC coverage, this system eliminates all possible pathogens in 60-seconds.

Cleanbox technology provides an economical way to keep the staff and students in your district safe. Contact Cleanbox and claim your spot in our live webinar to learn more about how our units work in the school system.

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