Protect Patients and Staff While Using VR Caregiving Devices

September 13, 2022

VR technology is transforming telehealth offerings by allowing patients to receive personalized care without traveling. Devices like the Pico headset enable physicians to offer improved care in a hospital setting and the patient’s home. While the possibilities for this technology are endless, it’s crucial to ensure headsets do not become vectors for disease. Cleanbox units allow patients and care providers to maintain their devices to hospital cleanliness standards.

Protect Patients and Staff While Using VR Caregiving Devices

VR caregiving devices allow doctors to examine and interact with patients from afar, ensuring distance and mobility issues do not prevent patients from receiving care. When both clinician and patient wear their headsets, the caregiver can view the patient’s vital signs as the headset’s sensors collect them. VR headsets allow doctors to evaluate a patient’s condition from a distance themselves and eliminate the risk of patients misreporting symptoms.

This technology is also utilized in clinical and hospital settings to allow for increased collaboration between caregivers. For example, VR-based telehealth tools enable a doctor to transmit images of their patients to another medical professional for a second opinion or to confirm a diagnosis. As in-hospital and offsite use increases, patients and caregivers will need decontamination options for their devices to prevent the spread of contagions.

Sanitizing Pico Headsets and Other VR Equipment

Maintaining a hospital-standard clean on headsets prevents caregivers and patients from being exposed to pathogens that can cling to equipment. There is an increased risk for disease transmission inside the hospital as multiple doctors share the same equipment. In addition, in a busy environment, there is a high likelihood that disinfection could be rushed or overlooked unless a streamlined, user-friendly disinfection system is implemented alongside the new technology.

Using a device outside the hospital does not negate the importance of having a verifiable disinfection method for VR headsets and eyewear. Even single-user devices can quickly become contaminated and put the user at risk. Using a contaminated device can cause issues such as diminished skin integrity, fungal infections, and illness transmission.

Prevent Contamination With Cleanbox Technology

UVC disinfection units provide a hospital-grade clean effortlessly. Unlike wipes which are wasteful and challenging to use correctly, globally patented LED UVC light boxes disinfect equipment with a virus eradication rate of 99.999%. Wipes may give users the false belief that they have disinfected their device, but in reality, there is no way to confirm that they have effectively removed contagions.

Also, where wipes are an ongoing expense, UVC light units last for years without needing replacement. And in situations where user error poses a threat to maintaining appropriate cleanliness standards, easy-to-navigate UVC units ensure a thorough clean every use. To sanitize the device, users only have to perform the following steps:

  • Place the headset inside the chamber
  • Press the on button
  • Wait 60 seconds for the cycle to complete
  • Remove the disinfected device

UVC Rays for Pathogen Elimination

UVC light boxes work by producing ultraviolet C rays, which do not occur naturally inside the Earth’s atmosphere. The lack of natural UVC rays means that viruses and bacteria cannot establish a resistance to them.

When exposed to UVC light in the nanometer range of 250nm to 280nm, the genetic material inside pathogens is altered, rendering the pathogens harmless. UVC light emitted at the appropriate intensity, exposure distance, and duration offers an eco-conscious, safe, and effective method of disinfecting headsets and shared equipment.

The CX Series

The CX series allows healthcare workers and individuals to disinfect headsets easily. Available in various sizes and configurations, the UVC cleaning chamber is designed to ensure the entire surface area of the headset is exposed to UVC light for total disinfection. Additionally, models are available that can sanitize multiple headsets at once, as well as single units that suit private users.

UVC disinfection provides a way to protect patients and caregivers using VR devices such as the Pico headset. If revolutionary technology is being used to diagnose and treat patients, disinfection methods must keep pace. Contact Cleanbox today to schedule a virtual product demonstration and discover the benefits of UVC light for VR device decontamination.

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