Protect Employees and Customers By Properly Cleaning VR Headsets Used in Sales

August 11, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how interacting with many people and sharing electronic devices like VR headsets can cause contamination and illness. For this reason, customers and employees working in sales should use a UVC sanitizer box to get rid of 99.999% of the viruses and bacteria lingering on the equipment. Because the box is quick and easy to use, it won’t take employees long to learn how to clean VR lenses.

Within 60 seconds, electronic devices can be completely decontaminated, so the risk of infection is eliminated. What’s more, employees don’t have to spend a lot of time spraying and wiping down each headset. Cleanbox products can help companies reduce their environmental impact because the boxes can be used for many years, and unlike other sanitization methods, they don’t produce any waste.

How to Protect Employees and Customers when Selling a Product

Companies that do everything they can to protect their employees and customers from contamination are seen as more ethical and therefore more trustworthy. Additionally, staff absences can be reduced, which saves businesses money and eliminates the hassle of finding substitute salespeople on a regular basis. One of the most important ways of reducing the spread of pathogens is sanitizing shared electronic equipment.

This can be achieved by using a UV-C cleaning box, which gets rid of virtually all harmful organisms without damaging the equipment or taxing the environment. Employers should also think about how they can ventilate their space, reduce the number of high-touch surfaces within the business, and make sure the number of customers isn’t too high at any given time.

Cleaning Electronic Equipment Using a UVC Sanitizer Box

VR headsets and lenses are extremely useful tools that can help businesses to train new staff more efficiently, improve customer service, and facilitate communication between employees. However, the equipment can be expensive, and many businesses aren’t able to purchase brand-new devices for each team member. For this reason, the headsets and lenses are often shared and passed from one employee to the next.

Because this equipment is worn on the head, decontamination is extremely important. A UV-C cleaning box is the perfect tool because it’s highly effective, environmentally friendly, fast, and cheaper to use than other methods in the long run. Employees can simply take off their headsets, place them inside the Cleanbox, and start the cleaning cycle. Within 60 seconds, they can remove the fully decontaminated gear and pass it on to the next person.

Additional Measures

All electronic equipment that is handled by multiple people needs to be sanitized, but a company’s efforts to keep everyone safe shouldn’t stop there. To minimize the risk of contamination, all spaces should be well ventilated, either by keeping windows and doors open or by installing a ventilator that filters out bacteria and viruses. If possible, the number of people gathering at once should be kept small, and each person should be allowed plenty of room.

Managers and CEOs need to pay special attention to high-touch surfaces such as door handles, knobs, and buttons, which can harbor pathogens. Some solutions include motion-activated doors and automatic taps, which can reduce the number of objects customers and employees have to touch. Another important safety measure is to offer disinfectant gel to anyone who would like to sanitize their hands on the shop floor and at the entrance of the restrooms.

How to Clean VR Lenses

Using a UV-C box isn’t complicated. It works by targeting pathogens with ultraviolet rays and thereby deactivating their genetic material, so they can’t multiply. Even if an employee comes into contact with the virus or bacterium, they won’t fall ill, since the reproductive capacity of the harmful organism has been destroyed. Because Cleanbox uses patented UVC LED light engineering technology, the rays are very targeted, and they work within one minute.

Employees who have worn a VR lens or headset simply take the device off and place it inside the box, then select the correct cleaning cycle. 60 seconds later, they can remove their gear, and 99.999% of pathogens have been deactivated. While some of the smaller boxes only clean one piece of equipment at once, the larger ones can accommodate multiple headsets and VR lenses, so cleaning is quick and efficient.

Why Use a Cleanbox and Not Wipes?

Many companies are looking into how to clean VR lenses and headsets. Most of them are coming to the conclusion that a UVC sanitizer box is the best option because it is highly efficient. Even if employees are distracted or short on time, the effectiveness of the cleaning process won’t be impacted, since the box does all the work.

A Cleanbox is also the ideal solution for businesses that are looking to become more environmentally conscious. No waste is created during the cleaning cycle, and each box can be used for 10,000 hours.

Increased Safety

Because it’s hard to reach every surface of a VR headset or lens with a wet wipe, this cleaning method isn’t as effective as UV disinfection. What’s more, not every person will take the time to thoroughly wipe down their device. Sometimes, staff might be in a hurry, and they might only do a surface-level clean. As a result, other team members are put at risk.

A UV-C box is very different because there’s no room for human error. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the viruses or bacteria lingering on the device are no longer contagious. As long as employees remember to use the Cleanbox, the risk of contamination is close to zero.

The Environmental Impact

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of tons of extra plastic waste have been produced because people have been sanitizing their equipment using wet wipes, sprays in plastic bottles, and sanitizing gel in plastic containers. While this has reduced the spread of the virus, it has put a lot of stress on the environment and made the climate crisis worse.

In 2022, a more innovative solution has to be implemented. A UV-C box doesn’t require any disposable parts, so it is much more eco-friendly. Because it can be used for 600,000 cleaning cycles, each box replaces millions of harmful wipes or hundreds of spray bottles. Instead of harsh chemicals, which could potentially contaminate nearby water bodies, only a small amount of electricity is used per cleaning cycle.

Better Efficiency

UV-C LED technology is highly efficient and, unlike UV bulbs, it can produce the optimal UV wave frequency and therefore decontaminate electronic devices within one minute. This reduces the amount of time spent wiping equipment and increases the company’s efficiency. Financially, buying a UV-C box is a good idea because it eliminates the need for purchasing wipes, sprays, and disinfectants.

What’s more, companies might not have to replace their VR headsets and lenses so often. Unlike the chemicals used in traditional products, the UV rays don’t damage the delicate electronic components.

VR lenses and headsets are great tools for people working in sales, but when they are shared between several employees, they have to be sanitized regularly. The easiest and most effective tool is a UVC sanitizer box, which can deactivate 99.999% of germs during a 60-second cleaning cycle. Send Cleanbox a message now to find out how to clean VR lenses and to learn more about the various products on offer.

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