Lowering Contagion Risks in Modern Manufacturing Production Lines

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July 21, 2022

The Coronavirus pandemic showed that all industries are vulnerable to interruption from illness. The manufacturing sector struggled due to the ease at which the virus could spread among employees. In preparation for the future, companies are looking for ways to ensure production is not impacted severely by another pandemic. UV light cleaners offer an affordable, easy-to-implement solution to prevent virus transmission on the production line.

Employees working on modern production lines are prime candidates for catching and transmitting contagious illnesses. For example, employees may forget to clean shared equipment or reuse N-95 masks in the fast-paced manufacturing environment. When this oversight combines with close proximity to coworkers and compromised immune systems due to exhaustion from grueling shifts, it’s no surprise that illness can have a whole team out of commission in no time.

Lowering Contagion Risks in Modern Manufacturing Production Lines

The days of first-shift employees slipping off their headsets or ear protection and passing them directly to coworkers coming in for the second shift are long gone. While shared devices have always required cleaning, completing thorough hygiene practices is now a crucial part of the workday. In addition, employees are concerned about the possibility of being exposed to a contagious illness at work and need proven hygiene solutions to ease their worries.

Science for the Future

While UVC light has been used to sanitize non-porous items for years, the UVC light created by Cleanbox units accomplishes what other UVC bulbs cannot. Cleanbox units use globally patented cutting-edge UVC LED engineering. By producing targeted, high-intensity light delivered at the precise wavelength needed to destroy pathogens’ RNA and DNA, Cleanbox devices eliminate contagions with a success rate of 99.999%.

Cleanbox systems produce ultraviolet C rays, which disinfect equipment without damaging the housing or exposing the interior components to moisture. Extensive testing designed to replicate abnormally heavy use found that the intensity level of UVC rays produced by the Cleanbox systems has no adverse effects on the equipment’s structural integrity. Using UVC units for disinfection can prolong the life of equipment by preventing exposure to harsh chemicals.

Proceed With Caution

Since the market is full of companies looking to capitalize on employers desperate for solutions to maintain workplace hygiene, buyers should beware. Unless UVC light is delivered at a specific intensity and wavelength, it will not eradicate viruses. Disinfection units must also be designed so that every part of the item’s surface is exposed to ultraviolet rays when inside the unit.

Devices such as UV wands are also not a realistic solution, as the user will not know the appropriate distance to hold the wand. It is also impossible to adequately judge a UV wand’s ray intensity level when used in a personal or professional environment.

Abandon Expensive and Unreliable Cleaning Methods

While attempting to maintain a hygienic workplace, many companies had no choice but to provide employees with disposable wipes to clean shared devices. Unfortunately, wipes are expensive, wasteful, and offer an unverifiable level of disinfection. It’s entirely too easy for employees to miss cleaning areas of equipment when using wipes, especially on devices with numerous pieces, such as headsets.

In independent lab tests, Cleanbox units consistently produced hospital-grade disinfection levels. The unit is built so that the LED UVC lights hit every part of the item at the appropriate level of intensity to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores.

User Error

Instead of gambling on employees to sanitize equipment correctly with wipes, companies can switch their equipment disinfection protocol to a Cleanbox system. For example, instead of carefully cleaning headsets, microphones, and tablets, employees can simply place the device inside the UV light cleaner and press start. Sixty seconds later, the equipment will be disinfected. This employee-friendly system prevents mistakes and ensures a verifiable clean every time.

Environmental Concerns

The overuse of disposable wipes is creating an ecological problem that is predicted to increase in severity over the next decade. Most wipes contain plastic microfibers to keep them from breaking down during use. Unfortunately, these fibers that keep wipes strong during use prevent them from breaking down quickly after they have been thrown away.

This sturdiness results in disposable wipes in the oceans, lakes, and other waterways. Even biodegradable wipes often fail to live up to their name and take up space in landfills for years before they finally begin to dissolve.

UV Light Cleaners Benefit Manufacturing Companies

Maintaining Ethical Standards

There are numerous reasons why keeping employees healthy should be a top priority for companies. The first is the fact that an employer has a responsibility to provide a safe work environment and look out for the well-being of employees.

Implementation of Cleanbox UV light cleaners, which eliminate 99.999% of contagions on shared equipment, help prevent employees from catching communicable illnesses. The targeted LED UVC rays are designed to eliminate pathogens on sanitized equipment, providing an unmatchable clean.

Limiting Liability

In addition to the ethical reasons a company should provide a safe workplace, there are legal benefits associated with taking action to protect the health of employees. If an employer fails to provide a safe workplace for employees, they open themselves up to lawsuits.

As the long-lasting effects of diseases such as the Coronavirus become known, employees taking legal action against employers for working conditions that led to contracting the illness could become common. By taking proactive measures to prevent the spread of disease in the workplace, employers are limiting the chance that a lawsuit could be successfully brought against them over an employee contracting a contagious virus at work.

Minimizing Employee Turnover

When employees know that their employer is actively taking steps to improve their working conditions, it increases company loyalty. In addition, a decrease in employee turnover rate and the associated costs of recruiting and training new hires can make a significant difference for companies struggling financially post-pandemic.

Increasing Productivity

Cleanbox systems boost productivity levels in numerous ways. The two most notable are minimizing the time employees are out sick and providing a faster way to clean equipment.

Decrease in Sick-Time

When one employee is out sick, it’s an inconvenience, but when a whole department is out with a virus, it will drastically hurt product output. As many viruses are most contagious before the sick individual begins showing symptoms, every employer must prepare for the reality that there could be ill employees on the floor at any time.

When UVC devices are consistently used before a piece of equipment is transferred to another employee, it limits the potential for illness to spread. As Coronavirus variants pop up, having a plan to prevent the virus from spreading throughout the workplace is crucial to having enough healthy employees to maintain productivity.

Faster Disinfection Method

If a company’s current method of sanitizing equipment involves an employee painstakingly cleaning the device with a disposable wipe, time is wasted during every cleaning. To clean a device appropriately, employees must take care to clean each part of the object and allow the disinfectant in the wipe to remain on the surface for the recommended time. When this process is done correctly, it is time-consuming.

Repeating this practice multiple times per employee per shift adds up quickly. Lengthy cleaning processes don’t need to monopolize employees’ time with Cleanbox devices, which come in several sizes, allowing them to hold more than one headset. As cleaning equipment such as headsets, tablets, and production tools takes only 60-seconds with a Cleanbox unit, employees can use their time more efficiently.

Employees are the lifeblood of a company, and keeping them healthy should be a priority for every employer. Cleanbox offers innovative technology to protect employees and prevent the spread of contagious diseases. Contact Cleanbox today and find out what contemporary hygiene solutions are available.

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