Keep the Line Moving: How Manufacturing Can Win with Modern UV Disinfection

November 26, 2022

During the Coronavirus pandemic, countless manufacturing businesses had to shut down, either due to safety concerns or because of an increased number of staff absences. Companies can prevent a recurrence of this problem by acting now and acquiring a UV disinfection box from CleanBox. This product, which is energy-efficient and easy to use, quickly eliminates 99.999% of pathogens.

Although there is an initial expense associated with buying a box, businesses can save money in the long run because no ongoing purchases are necessary and equipment is kept safe from harmful chemicals. What’s more, companies can reduce the risk of future shutdowns, even if there is another epidemic or pandemic, and employees become more efficient because UV disinfection is much quicker than wiping.

Keep the Line Moving: How Manufacturing Can Win with a UV Disinfection Box 

Employee training and communication can be facilitated with the use of electronic equipment, including headsets, VR headsets, smartphones, and tablets. However, these devices are expensive, and they often have to be shared. For example, they might be passed from one employee to the next when a shift changes or in the middle of a training session. Unfortunately, sharing devices, especially head-mounted displays, is risky because diseases can spread.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses resorted to spraying and wiping down equipment, but this process is not ideal. UV disinfection works better because it deactivates a higher number of pathogens, and hard-to-reach surfaces can be cleaned. What’s more, the process is very simple, so operations can be sped up. Devices disinfected with UV rays are likely to last longer because they won’t have disinfectant residues, which can break down materials.

Ensuring Employee Safety 

The primary reason why businesses implement cleaning routines is to keep staff safe and prevent unnecessary outbreaks of viral and bacterial diseases. Many wipes claim to be 99% effective at killing pathogens, but this is only true when they are used optimally. Electronic devices often have hard-to-reach surfaces or materials that can’t be cleaned with liquid disinfectant because they are porous.

What’s more, everyone cleans differently, and some people might not use the products correctly, for example, because they are in a rush. As a result, a cleaning routine that relies on spraying and wiping is unlikely to be effective. In contrast, the UV rays in a CleanBox can reach all areas and deactivate pathogens on any surface. When your device comes out of the cleaning box, you can be sure that 99.999% of bacteria and viruses are no longer active.

Speeding Up Operations

Wiping headsets and other pieces of electronic equipment can take up a lot of time. Employees have to find the wipes, spend some time thoroughly cleaning their device, and then dispose of the wipes. This can easily take five or even ten minutes. If a company shares devices frequently, many working hours might be wasted every week.

The UV disinfection process is much simpler, and it doesn’t require any special training. Employees simply select the correct cleaning cycle, place their device inside the box, and turn it on. 60 seconds later, the equipment has been thoroughly disinfected, and it is safe to be used by the next person. Even better, the box is a one-time purchase, so there is no need to keep track of and restock the inventory.

Eliminating Disinfectant Residues 

Studies have shown that around 50% of the hand sanitizers we use aren’t safe. Wipes designed to clean equipment can dry out employees’ hands, trigger allergies, and potentially cause longer-term health issues, especially if they are used frequently or on devices that are meant to be worn on the head. What’s more, the chemicals weaken and break down certain materials, so electronic equipment might not last as long if it is sanitized with wipes or sprays.

In contrast, a cleaning box is completely safe for both users and products. The UV disinfection box doesn’t produce any harmful chemicals, and the rays are contained in the box, so they don’t affect employees’ health. This is beneficial for all businesses, but it is especially important for manufacturers of food, drugs, and other substances that are meant for consumption and need to be kept completely clean.

Why CleanBox? 

Undoubtedly, UV cleaning can be beneficial for manufacturing businesses. But is the cost of a box worth the benefits it brings, and are there any other reasons why firms might want to get a cleaning box? The answer is that there are multiple benefits in addition to increased safety.

All the boxes are made with patented UVC LED light engineering technology, which is extremely efficient and environmentally friendly when compared with older products such as bulbs. As a result, each box lasts for many years, uses very little electricity to run, and can be disposed of safely.

Cost Savings 

Wipes and sprays might seem cheaper at first, but they are much more costly in the long run because they can’t be reused. What’s more, they need to be disposed of, and high volumes of waste can be expensive for a company. A large UV box costs several thousands of dollars, but it can be used for 10,000 hours or 600,000 cleaning cycles.

Because several items are disinfected each time, millions of individual pieces of equipment can be cleaned with each box. No additional materials need to be purchased, and companies don’t have to throw anything away. Additionally, employees stay healthy and don’t miss work or become less productive, equipment isn’t damaged by the process, and the company can stop wasting time on elaborate cleaning routines.

Environmental Considerations 

A growing number of manufacturers are making efforts to become more environmentally friendly. If a company can become carbon-neutral, it will be seen in a much more positive light by consumers, and it can market its products more easily. UV light disinfection makes it easy for companies to lower their environmental impact because the boxes don’t produce any waste, and they only use a small amount of energy during each cleaning cycle.

It’s also worth noting that the LEDs used are manufactured without any heavy metals. They are long-lasting, safe, and easy to dispose of because they don’t pose a threat to the environment.

How to Get Started 

Now that the Coronavirus pandemic is less acute, businesses are in a good position to plan for future outbreaks. To get started, manufacturing companies can reach out and speak to a product expert about the various options. The CX series is ideal for head-mounted displays such as headphones, headsets, and VR headsets because these devices can be placed on specially designed hooks inside the box.

The Omni Clean 2 range is appropriate for businesses that need to disinfect a wider range of equipment such as phones, tablets, watches, wallets, purses, keys, and shoes. Both of these boxes can be viewed in real-time with the free 15-minute demo.

Manufacturing businesses that want to avoid employee illness or future shutdowns must act now by purchasing a UV disinfection box and cleaning shared devices. This not only increases employee safety but also speeds up the company’s operations and eliminates damage to delicate electronic equipment. Get in touch with us at CleanBox to speak to find out more. Our product experts can show you how the boxes can be customized to your company’s needs.

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