Improving Government Office Safety and Workplace Hygiene While Using Shared Devices

The same technological devices that allow employees to achieve higher productivity levels can also expose them to pathogens if precautions are not taken. The government sector has the opportunity to set a precedent for workplace hygiene standards. UV disinfection boxes allow employers to maintain strict standards for cleanliness without the waste or error risk of other sanitization techniques.

Revolutionary hygiene technology allows employers to be proactive about their employees’ health. By taking science-proven steps toward mitigating the spread of illness in the workplace, employers can also limit liability if an employee contracts a disease despite precautions.

Improving Government Office Safety and Workplace Hygiene While Using Shared Devices

An office setting is an ideal place for a virus to spread. Bringing individuals together in a group workspace using shared equipment allows communicable illnesses to pass quickly throughout a workforce. Preventing illness transmission through innovative hygiene protocol shows team members that not only are their contributions valued but their health is, also. Cleanbox UVC systems are a modern solution to the problem of disease transmission in the workplace.

The technology works by aiming targeted ultraviolet C rays at contagions. Since ultraviolet C light rays are not found naturally inside the Earth’s atmosphere, pathogens have no resistance to it. Furthermore, at the intensity level required to kill pathogens, this light is not damaging to humans or equipment, making it an ideal option for disinfecting communal items in the workplace.

Wipes: Impractical and Inefficient

Disposable wipes are the most frequently used disinfection method for shared electronic equipment such as headsets, keyboards, and tablets. While wipes are convenient for household use, numerous problems can arise from using them in a professional capacity. Understandably, many employers turned to wipes during the pandemic due to a lack of options. However, as companies move forward, new operating procedures must be established.

The first issue with wipes is that there is no way to verify their effectiveness. The level of cleanliness resulting from the use of wipes is directly dependent on the skill and care of the person using them. This variation in application technique creates the undesired outcome of employees unknowingly using items that may not be adequately sanitized. Offering employees unverifiable cleaning solutions is dangerous from both a health and legal standpoint.

During independent testing in a Biohazard Level 3 lab, the UV disinfection boxes manufactured by Cleanbox eliminated contagions such as the SARS-COV-2, commonly referred to as Covid-19, at a 99.999% success rate. Not only is the cleanliness level simple to measure, but it is also consistent regardless of who uses the machine. This reliability allows employers to feel relief knowing they have taken every possible step to prevent the spread of illness in their workplace.

Select User-Friendly Solutions

In order for a workplace hygiene solution to be effective, it must be simple to use. The more challenging the cleaning method is, the more likely it is to be misused. Cleanbox is built to be user-friendly and requires minimal effort from the user. Sanitizing a piece of equipment is as effortless as opening the chamber door, placing the item inside, pressing start, and removing the object when the cycle is complete.

The system design is intuitive, and users instinctively complete the process correctly because there’s no way to misuse the unit. When it comes to maintaining health and safety standards in the workplace, a fail-proof solution is needed to ensure user error doesn’t put employees at risk.

Decrease Workplace Waste

Another dilemma with wipes as a sanitizing solution is the enormous waste that results from their use. Wipes cause both financial and physical waste, making them a poor long-term disinfection plan. Even when purchased in bulk, the cost of buying the number of wipes required to maintain the equipment in even a moderate-sized office requires an excessive amount of money. Most offices could allocate the funds used to purchase wipes to better areas.

Additionally, the use of disinfecting wipes creates environmental issues on a macro scale. Since each wipe can only be used once, cleaning shared equipment often enough to prevent illness transmission will require an immense number of wipes. Although disposable wipes can be thrown away, they aren’t gone for good. Most wipes contain synthetic microplastic fibers that don’t decompose, causing wipes to pile up in landfills.

A Zero-Waste Alternative

UVC sanitizing systems are the cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to disposable wipes. Instead of throwing away money with every cleaning, employers can purchase a Cleanbox UV disinfection box once, and it will perform 10,000 hours of disinfection.

Each time the unit is used, there is no waste material to be disposed of and no monetary loss to the company. In addition, cleanbox systems allow offices to reduce the amount of trash they produce, offering an effortless way to be more environmentally responsible.

Generic Bulbs Compromise Air Quality

Some employers worry that using ultraviolet light systems for disinfecting will cause air quality issues. This concern is understandable, as many traditional UVC bulbs release ozone when used at wavelengths of 185nM. As there are numerous bulbs marketed for disinfection that release ozone, employers must ensure they do not purchase bulbs that can harm their employees. Using UVC products emitting ozone creates safety hazards and liability issues for employers.

Although ozone is found naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere, in high volumes, it causes respiratory distress and adverse effects in most individuals. Coughing fits, a sore throat, chest pain, and aggravation of pre-existing conditions are symptoms experienced by individuals exposed to ozone. Ozone exposure can also weaken the body’s ability to fight off respiratory viruses such as COVID-19 and influenza A and B. Cleanbox technology does away with this concern.

Cleanbox Provides Peace of Mind

The globally patented LED UVC lights used in Cleanbox units do not emit ozone into the air. Instead, these systems release only ultraviolet light rays aimed at the item being disinfected. That makes them a far safer option in an office setting than traditional UVC bulbs.

Using LED UVC light in the workplace prevents the risk of adverse effects associated with standard bulbs. Cleanboxe’s LED lights are targeted, which sets them apart from generic bulbs that provide a less concentrated and, thereby, less effective ray of light. As UVC rays must be precisely targeted to thoroughly kill pathogens, selecting a UVC unit that offers an intense, directed beam of UVC light is the only way to guarantee a complete clean.

Benefits of Cleanbox UV Disinfection Boxes in Office Spaces

Greater Efficiency

Instead of taking the time to clean each piece of equipment with sanitizing spray or disposable wipes, employees will only have to run a 60-second cleaning cycle on their desired device. Cleanbox offers sanitizing units in various sizes and configurations to fit the needs of any workplace. The ability to clean more than one piece of equipment in a minute adds up to significant time savings in the long run.


Cleanbox units save more than time; they also save money. Minimizing the amount of money spent on cleaning supplies benefits both employer and employees, creating room in the budget for marketing, office improvements, or even employee performance incentives.

Smooth Implementation

Adding Cleanbox units into an office setting requires no learning curve for employees. The user-friendly design prevents busy departments from having to find time to complete employee training. Any employee who is able to push the start button can operate the Cleanbox unit and properly disinfect their equipment, allowing managers to use training hours to help their teams improve in other areas.

Employers looking to prevent the spread of infectious illnesses in their offices and improve workplace hygiene will appreciate the hospital-grade disinfection provided by UVC sanitizing units. To learn more about how Cleanbox technology creates safer workspaces, contact Cleanbox today.

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