How UVC Cleaning Devices Can Help Manufacturers Avoid Costly Shutdowns

November 6, 2022

For the past few years, most manufacturing businesses have had to shut down multiple times because of COVID-19 outbreaks. One reason for the closures was infection prevention, but another common issue has been staff absences due to illness. Businesses that want to prevent further shutdowns and keep their employees healthy should consider investing in UVC light cleaning systems like CleanBox.

An ultraviolet cleaning device is 99.999% effective at sanitizing headsets, phones, watches, earphones, and similar devices, which are shared between multiple employees. What’s more, the boxes cost less than some other disinfection methods, and they can save time because the cleaning process is very simple. Expensive electronic equipment is also likely to last longer when it is sanitized with UV light instead of wet wipes.

How UVC Light Cleaning Systems Can Help Manufacturers Avoid Costly Shutdowns

In many businesses, sharing electronic equipment like phones, tablets, and headsets is necessary because it would be too costly to purchase a device for every employee. However, this can be problematic because many infections can spread through contact with surfaces. To keep employees safe and reduce the risk of a company-wide viral or bacterial outbreak, firms should consider using UV disinfection methods.

With a UV box, shared equipment can be sanitized within a few seconds. The ultraviolet light damages the microorganisms’ DNA so they can no longer replicate. As a result, they are deactivated, and they won’t cause an infection. In addition to preventing shutdowns, regular UV disinfection also reduces a business’s risk of a lawsuit related to workplace illness, since there is a much smaller chance of staff being infected.

Why Are UV Systems Better than Wipes or Sprays?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some businesses attempted to clean electronic equipment by wiping it down or spraying it with liquid disinfectant. However, this isn’t very effective because not all surfaces and materials can be decontaminated that way. What’s more, wipes cause a lot of pollution and tax the environment.

Because CleanBox products are made with UV-C LED light engineering technology, which is much more efficient than old-fashioned bulbs, they last for countless cleaning cycles, thus eliminating the need for disposable products or ongoing purchases. What’s more, the boxes don’t damage the equipment, whereas repeated wiping with harsh chemicals is likely to reduce the lifespan of electronic gadgets.

They Offer a Higher Degree of Safety

When a headset, phone, watch, or similar device has been cleaned with UV light, there is virtually no risk of infection. The light deactivates the DNA of 99.999% of pathogens, both bacteria and viruses. While some disinfectant wipes also claim to be 99% or even 99.9% effective, many of them are only meant to protect people from bacteria, not viruses.

Business owners should also consider the potential for human error. Not every user will know how to effectively wipe down electronic equipment, and there is no way of verifying whether the device has been cleaned correctly. What’s more, some headsets are very hard to clean because they have uneven surfaces and because wipes aren’t designed to clean porous surfaces like Velcro or fabric straps.

They Are Cost-Effective

Each UV cleaning device is functional for around 10,000 hours, which is the equivalent of more than 500,000 cleaning cycles. While there are boxes that sanitize one item at a time, many of them have space for two, four, or even more headsets or gadgets at once.

Therefore, one box can complete millions of individual cleaning cycles. Even though businesses initially spend to acquire a box, it is worth it when compared to the alternative, which is purchasing and disposing of wet wipes and sprays on a regular basis.

They Save Time and Simplify the Cleaning Procedure

Whenever gadgets are handed over from one person to the next, they have to be cleaned thoroughly. With wet wipes, this means finding the wipes, spending several minutes cleaning every surface, and then disposing of the wipes. All in all, this process takes five to ten minutes. When new people join, they have to be shown how to wipe down everything effectively. In a big organization, this method can waste tens or even hundreds of working hours every month.

In contrast, UVC light cleaning systems are extremely quick and easy to handle. Users simply select the right device from the menu, place their device inside the box, and start the cycle. Sixty seconds later, the headset or gadget can be removed, completely clean and safe to use. This cleaning method is very simple, so everyone can use it without much training.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

One of the biggest problems with wiping down surfaces is that a high volume of waste is created. Every time a device is wiped down, users dispose of at least one, if not more, wet wipes. Since these wipes are often made of synthetic materials, sharing equipment can quickly create large volumes of waste. UV cleaning is an effective solution to this problem because no disposable parts are required.

As mentioned, each box can last for many years and clean millions of devices. Therefore, a large amount of waste can be avoided, which benefits both the business and the environment.

They Don’t Damage Electronic Equipment

An often overlooked cost of wiping down equipment is that this process can cause damage. If a headset or electronic gadget is wiped down vigorously several times per day, it’s likely that it won’t last very long. The harsh chemicals used in many cleaning products can damage some of the materials.

This problem can be eliminated when using UV cleaning because there is no physical manipulation of the device. Instead, it is gently placed inside the box and removed once it is fully sanitized.

What Can Be Cleaned with CleanBox?

UV disinfection is very versatile, and it can be used on a variety of devices. One of the most popular boxes is the OmniClean, which is designed for both small and large gadgets. This system uses over 30 UVC LEDs and a rotating quartz plate to clean all angles of the equipment. Businesses generally use it to sanitize earphones, microphones, iPads, battery packs, watches, eyeglasses, and more.

Companies that need to sanitize headsets, VR headsets, headphones, or earphones often choose the CX series, which was designed specifically for head-mounted displays. If face masks need to be sanitized, CleanDefense is the perfect solution. This box can clean multiple masks at one time.

How Can Businesses Find Out More about the Boxes?

A wide variety of businesses need to disinfect their electronic gadgets. For this reason, not every UV box will work for every firm. The best way to find out more is to browse the options online to see which one could be suitable. Once business owners have a better idea of what they might need, they can contact a product specialist, who will help them to determine which model and size are best.

UVC light cleaning systems are highly effective at deactivating harmful viruses and bacteria on electronic devices. Because they are quick, easy to use, and cost-effective, they are the ideal solution for manufacturing companies that want to avoid costly shutdowns due to staff illnesses. Get in touch with us at CleanBox to find out more about our sanitation devices. Our product experts will help you find a custom solution for your business.

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