How to Mitigate Contagion Risk While Training Your Sales Teams Remotely

August 26, 2022

An increasing number of companies are using virtual reality simulations to train new salespeople remotely. This can significantly reduce the cost of training and allow employees from different areas of the world to interact. However, VR devices like smart glasses and headsets are expensive, and they have to be shared between people. To ensure the safety of all employees, a UV-C disinfection tool like Cleanbox is recommended.

The box can quickly and efficiently sanitize headsets, glasses, watches, earphones, iPads, and more, so they can be used by several people without concern. Unlike outdated solutions like disinfectant wipes, the cleaning box is 99.999% effective, and it doesn’t produce any waste. Because it can be used for 600,000 cleaning cycles, the box is also an economical solution for businesses that require the sharing of electronic equipment between staff.

What Are the Benefits of Using VR for Remote Sales Training?

Virtual reality technology has made it much easier for employers to train new sales teams quickly and without having to fly them to a central location. Trainings can be set up in local centers or the VR equipment can even be sent to employees’ homes. With the help of the glasses and headsets, people can get to know each other and “meet” their fellow team members virtually.

What’s more, they can take tours of the factories where the product they will be selling is produced. It is essential that salespeople experience the conditions inside the factories because they will be talking to potential customers about production methods, the quality of the product, and the environmental impact. The more insight they can get before starting their work, the better they will be able to market the product.

Reducing the Cost of Training

Showing new sales staff how the product is manufactured is essential, but it’s often not practical to fly everyone to and from the factory, especially if the salespeople are located in many areas all over the country. A VR headset can be an excellent alternative because it allows future employees to experience the conditions inside the factory without having to travel. This makes high-quality training cheaper, and it allows employees to avoid lengthy work trips.

How to Mitigate Contagion Risk when Training a New Sales Team

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, the risks associated with large groups of people meeting and sharing equipment have been highlighted. Training salespeople remotely is not only a great way to reduce the money and time spent, but it is also a way to lower the risk because fewer people are gathering at once. However, there is still some chance of infection, especially if VR glasses or headsets are shared between individuals.

Harmful bacteria and viruses can linger on electronic equipment, and even if it has been cleaned with a wet wipe, chances are that some surfaces have been missed. A foolproof way of removing pathogens is using a UV-C cleaning box. This tool can remove 99.999% of harmful organisms from electronic equipment within one minute, which makes the sharing of devices much safer.

The Advantages of Sanitizing all Smart Glasses and VR Headsets with a Cleanbox

Using a UV cleaning box has many advantages. The most important one is that it is the most effective way of decontaminating equipment, so employees don’t have to worry about being infected. What’s more, the box provides better value than other solutions because it can be used for many years or even decades, it allows the training sessions to be streamlined, and it is more environmentally friendly than disposable sanitization methods.

No Risk to New Employees

When wiping down equipment, there is no guarantee that all viruses and bacteria have been removed. Some surfaces are hard to clean, and not everybody will spend a long time making sure every angle of their device has been sanitized before they pass it on to the next person. For this reason, traditional cleaning methods are unlikely to be effective, and the risk of contamination remains.

In contrast, using a Cleanbox is a failsafe method because employees simply have to place their smart glasses or headset inside the box and start the cycle. A minute later, they can take out their device and pass it on safely. The DNA and RNA of the viruses and bacteria have been destroyed, so they can no longer reproduce and cause an infection.

A Cost-Effective Solution

The disinfection boxes make use of patented UVC LED light engineering, which is more effective and targeted than traditional UV bulbs. It is also a cheaper option for businesses because LEDs are very long-lasting. Each box can be used for 10,000 hours, which is the equivalent of 600,000 cleaning cycles. Because large cleaning boxes can accommodate several pieces of equipment each time, millions of individual devices can be sanitized by each box.

For small, medium-sized, and large businesses, this is a cost-effective way of keeping all employees safe. Because the cleaning boxes don’t have any disposable components, company owners will no longer have to order new cleaning supplies every few weeks. In the long term, this reduces the company’s operating costs. What’s more, electronic devices are no longer put at risk by harsh chemicals like the ones found on many wet wipes.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

More and more businesses are starting to take environmental considerations into account. Being seen as environmentally friendly can enhance a company’s reputation as an ethical, community-oriented business. Unfortunately, balancing the safety of staff and customers with the need for environmental sustainability has been hard in the last few years, as large amounts of cleaning supplies were used due to Covid-19.

With a UV cleaning box, businesses can reduce the amount of waste they produce without sacrificing their high hygiene standards. What’s more, the LED technology doesn’t contain any heavy metals, so it doesn’t pose a risk to the environment when it is disposed of. For these reasons, a cleaning box is one of the most environmentally friendly sanitization methods currently on the market.

Speeding Up the Training Session

A great way of conducting virtual sales training sessions is to gather small groups of people around the country and use virtual reality to allow them to learn more about the company and their job. Such training sessions can work well because they allow employees to meet some other company members without having to travel to a central location, and VR headsets and glasses can easily be shared.

In the past, training was interrupted every time employees had to pass on their electronic devices because they had to spend several minutes sanitizing the equipment. With the help of a UV cleaning box, this process can be sped up. Because each cleaning cycle only takes 60 seconds, employees won’t have to wait around or spend valuable company time scrubbing their devices with wet wipes. This improves the flow of training.

Smart glasses and VR headsets are being used by many businesses to train new salespeople remotely. This can reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of operations. Before the VR tools can be handed to a new employee, they have to be sanitized. Call Cleanbox today to find out more about the various product lines on offer. Both the CX Series and OmniClean are available in several sizes, so they are suitable for small, medium-sized, and large companies.

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