How the Automotive Industry Can Safely Use VR/AR in a Shared Environment

June 26, 2022

Virtual showrooms, virtual test drives, touchscreens, and different types of virtual and augmented reality experiences are the future of the automobile industry. But, COVID has forced companies to reevaluate the sanitization protocol, especially regarding virtual reality technology. Thanks to ultraviolet light boxes, VR/AR technology and sanitization can co-exist in this new world order that requires regular and proper device disinfection.

Ultraviolet Light Boxes: How the Automotive Industry Can Safely Use VR/AR in a Shared Environment

VR/AR requires that customers and employees share devices, and shared devices require constant sanitization. Constant sanitization in the post-COVID world has been inefficient, to say the least. Companies of all kinds, including those in the automotive industry, have been limited to disinfectant wipes, which don’t effectively sanitize devices.

As a result, despite a commitment to the regular use of disinfecting wipes, customers and employees have an increased risk of spreading or being contaminated by germs and associated viruses. Cleanbox has found a way to break this cycle with an effective product line of devices that ensure VR/AR devices are properly and effectively sanitized after use without creating excess waste or incurring an excess cost.

The Problem With the Traditional AR/VR Standard Cleaning Protocols

The typical AR/VR cleaning protocol is time-consuming, and even after following the required steps, it doesn’t guarantee that the devices are completely disinfected. After each use, to prevent the spread of bacteria, germs, and viruses, the equipment must be properly cleaned with one or more disinfectant wipes.

The equipment must then completely air dry to ensure proper sanitization. The standard procedure requires the device to air dry for at least ten minutes to ensure complete cleanliness. If employees make a mistake, don’t follow the proper protocol, or don’t let the device air-dry for the required time, there’s no way to ensure that it is sanitized for the next customer or employee.

Sanitizing Wipes: Creating Waste, Wasting Time, and Increasing Costs

Virtual and augmented reality devices and headsets are designed for shared use. They require shared use. But, they also require that users place the device on or very close to their faces. For this reason, to prevent the spread of disease, they must be sanitized after every single use. The traditional cleaning protocol with sanitizing wipes takes employee time. It requires that automotive companies always have a fully stocked supply of disinfectant wipes and that employees follow the protocol.

Disinfecting wipes are not cost-effective; they must be replaced, and for companies who rely on a high volume of AR/VR devices for employee training and customer experiences, wipes must always be on hand. They aren’t environmentally friendly and end up polluting oceans or adding volume to landfills. A shortage in wipes, an employee’s carelessness or forgetfulness, and margin of error, in general, will all increase the risk of spreading disease, which in the end, creates liability for the company.

Cleanbox: A Better Way to Sanitize

Cleanbox has developed a product line of ultraviolet light boxes that have changed everything. By implementing these devices in the automotive industry, companies can save time, money, and manpower and increase the confidence of the customer base and employees by ensuring that VR/AR devices can be effectively sanitized and reused without increasing the risk or spread of disease.

Imagine a world where automotive companies no longer needed to wait ten minutes to effectively sanitize devices to ensure customer safety. That world isn’t just virtual or augmented reality; it’s an actual reality, thanks to Cleanbox. The Cleanbox machines are the future of disinfection. They will allow for technological growth and advancement unhindered by the archaic standard disinfecting protocol that uses wipes to sanitize each device.

Sharing VR/AR Devices the Safe Way

There is a solution that will protect employees and customers, reduce waste, increase profits, and create a safer, healthier environment, and it starts with Cleanbox. These devices quickly and effectively sanitize reusable shared devices so employees and customers can feel confident in the company’s safety protocol and enjoy the VR/AR experience worry-free.

Reducing Waste

Reducing waste by eliminating the need for innumerable sanitizing wipes protects the environment. It reduces the number of wipes that end up in landfills, oceans, and sewers. However, going green also benefits the automotive industry, allowing the company to stand on a green platform, showing their customer base that they are taking steps to reduce waste.

Cleanbox devices create zero waste. Replacing wipes with Cleanbox devices constitutes “going green,” a concept that many customers value. When companies take a simple yet incredibly effective step to eliminate the use of wipes to sanitize devices and instead use environmentally friendly ultraviolet light boxes, they’ll build trust and respect, which will increase business, which by default leads to increased profits.

Protecting Employees and Customers

Wipes are made of synthetic materials which contain harmful chemicals but are also soaked in chemicals, which allow them to disinfect surfaces. These chemicals can cause adverse health reactions, especially when used to sanitize devices that must be placed directly on the face.

Devices that have been sanitized by wipes with harmful chemicals will then make direct contact with the user’s skin. Cleanbox devices are chemical-free. They utilize patented UVC LED light engineering to disinfect everything, VR/AR devices included. There’s no health risk: just complete user assurance and protection.

A Simple Sanitization Protocol

With Cleanbox, there’s no need for wipes. There’s no need to manually wipe down the VR/AR devices. There isn’t a 10-minute air-dry protocol. Instead, the sanitization process takes a mere 60 seconds. Employees can quickly and effectively sanitize headsets and VR/AR devices without any user error.

There’s no room for mistakes because the device takes care of the entire process from start to finish. The price is user-friendly, and all that’s required from employees is that they open the machine, load the device, activate the 60-second cleaning cycle, and retrieve the device.

The Different Products

Cleanbox has designed several different machines that can effectively sanitize different VR/AR devices. When automotive companies invest in these devices, they can ensure that VR/AR devices will be effectively sanitized to meet the 99.999% cleanliness standards after a quick 60-second cleaning cycle.

The CX Series

The CX series is the solution for effectively sanitizing head-mounted displays of all sizes and varieties. Any virtual and augmented reality headset on the head can be inserted into this device to rid it of germs, fungi, and bacteria. It can handle high-volume cleaning needs and will sanitize head-mounted displays in 60 seconds.

The OmniClean

Any other VR/AR device or accessory that requires sanitization can be inserted into the OmniClean device. This device is one-of-a-kind and delivers 360-degree UVC sanitization with its 30 plus UVC LED lights. The interior is crafted with reflective surfaces that sanitize the entirety of the device, regardless of whether it has cast any shadows inside the machine. It can sanitize any device that fits in the unit, and it only takes 60 seconds to do so.

Cleanbox proves that germs, viruses, and fungi are no match for technological advances. Investing in these sanitizing machines will save companies in the automotive industry time, manpower, and money while increasing employee and customer confidence and promoting optimal health and wellness. Contact Cleanbox today to learn more about the product line.

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