How Manufacturing Companies Can Implement Sanitization of Shared Devices in Production Lines

Employees can no longer safely reuse shared devices without potential health risks, especially those working in a manufacturing company environment. However, the show must go on and production lines cannot be stopped, so it’s important that shared devices are properly sanitized to ensure employee health and ultimately meet production deadlines. UVC cleaning systems promote a healthy work environment, protect employees, and contribute to effectively and efficiently completing job duties.

UVC Cleaning Systems: How Manufacturing Companies Can Implement Sanitization of Shared Devices in Production Lines

Hygiene has always been important: it just took the unprecedented COVID virus to reiterate that sanitization is critical to the health and safety of employees everywhere. This is especially true of those working in close contact using high-touch shared devices in production line settings.

The good news is that manufacturing companies no longer need to stock up on disinfectant wipes and employ valuable manpower and employee time to disinfect shared devices, thanks to Cleanbox technology.

Cleanbox UVC Cleaning Systems Vs. Sanitizing Wipes

Cleanbox provides manufacturing companies with a far more effective way to disinfect and sanitize shared devices than disinfectant wipes. Wipes create unnecessary waste, cost money, and still do not thoroughly sanitize shared devices. Sanitizing with wipes requires employee time and thoroughness and is at the mercy of human error.

Reducing Company Liability

Employees may make mistakes and not thoroughly sanitize the device when using a wipe, increasing company liability and posing a health risk. There is no way to verify sanitization after using disinfectant wipes, nor is there a way to determine the cleanliness of the shared device after use. Wipes also leave a harmful residue that can negatively impact employee health with repeated exposure over time. Cleanbox devices, on the other hand, will completely sanitize and disinfect every item placed in the device by using UVC light which has a 200 to 280 wavelength nanometers range, which is the disinfection range.

What They Clean

Shared devices look different from one manufacturing company to the next. However, regardless of the company, employees working in production lines use shared devices, also known as high-touch items, and different employees use these devices during different shifts.

Cleanbox devices can clean these tools and devices between shifts to protect the health of all employees. These devices can safely and effectively clean virtually anything, including inexpensive and expensive tools and devices, without harming glass or plastic, including some of the following:

  • Tablets
  • Watches
  • Glasses
  • Phones
  • N-95 Masks
  • Microphones
  • Earphones
  • Headsets
  • Battery packs
  • Layered face masks
  • Production tools

The Cleanbox Difference

Cleanbox is different from other disinfecting devices because it utilizes a patented UVC LED light engineering system to disinfect objects. UVC LED light is different from traditional UVC bulbs. Not every type of UVC light is the same because some forms don’t adequately deliver the same light intensity to all device surfaces that require disinfection.

Some devices may also create shadowing inside the device, which prevents total disinfection. Cleanbox creates products with safe, effective, and powerful UVC LED light technology that delivers total sanitization and meets 99.999% cleanliness standards.

Promoting a Healthy Workplace

The different Cleanbox devices promote a healthier workplace, which means fewer employee sick days and decreased risk of spreading disease. Widespread illness among employees will increase costs by impacting deadlines and slowing production. Implementing Cleanbox devices in manufacturing companies to sanitize shared devices on production lines is a simple and effective way to promote a healthier, cleaner, and safer workplace.

Protecting the Environment

Sanitizing wipes can adversely affect the health of employees due to the potent chemicals required to sanitize surfaces. However, they also negatively impact the environment. They create unnecessary waste, are toxic to wildlife, and take a significant amount of time to break down. They end up in oceans, harm sea creatures, and create sewer blockages.

They cannot be composted or recycled, so the only solution is to add them to landfills after use. Cleanbox systems prevent this by eliminating the need for disinfectant wipes in certain workplace areas, specifically manufacturing companies. They create a win-win situation by keeping employees safe, reducing costs, and protecting the environment from additional waste.

Reducing Costs With UVC Cleaning Systems

In manufacturing settings where masks are required, the Cleanbox CleanDefense device can effectively sanitize N-95 and other layered masks in 120 seconds. This sanitization device not only ensures that employees are wearing clean masks and can avoid spreading or being affected by viruses but will also reduce the number of masks that companies must purchase on a regular basis.

Quick and effective sanitization sessions in the CleanDefense device will clean employees’ masks, ensure a healthier environment, increase the ability to reuse masks, and in the end, reduce costs.

The Cleanbox Sanitization Protocol

Cleanbox devices are versatile and provide employees with a simple and effective way to implement a sanitization protocol. These devices are simple to operate. Employees will place the shared object inside the machine, press the button, and wait for the machine to complete the 60-second sanitization cleaning cycle. Once the device has been sanitized, it will meet the 99.999% cleaning cleanliness standards. Employees simply need to open, load, clean, and retrieve.

A Quick, Simple, and Effective Process

Employees can clean shared devices before each shift and have confidence knowing that the device is ready for use and won’t negatively impact health or cause the spread of a virus. Different Cleanbox devices can meet the unique needs of manufacturing companies. Each product has been independently lab tested and can effectively destroy 99.999% of all contagions.

The devices will sanitize every surface of the device placed in the machine and won’t be limited by any shadows thanks to a specialized engineered interior with reflective surfaces. The devices kill viruses, fungi, and bacteria with the patented UVC light fields. Post-cycle, any object removed from one of the machines will be safely sanitized and ready for employee use.

The CX Series

Manufacturing companies that require employees to regularly use head-mounted displays, including headsets, earphones, and headphones, can utilize the CX Series devices to effectively sanitize these tools. The CX Series models come in various sizes, so companies can disinfect multiple devices during a 60-second cycle.


The CleanDefense device is an effective option for manufacturing companies requiring employees to wear masks during shifts. It will effectively sanitize all three layers of an N-95 mask as well as other face masks in a 120-second cleaning cycle. This device ensures the safety of employees by disinfecting masks and reducing costs by allowing employees to safely reuse face masks as needed.


The OmniClean is an all-purpose disinfectant device that delivers 360-degree UVC sanitization with over 30 UVC LEDs. Inside the device, there’s a series of reflective surfaces and a rotating quartz plate, and it can effectively disinfect any manufacturing tool or shared device that fits inside. The cycle takes 60 seconds to complete, after which employees can utilize the device knowing it is sanitized and virus-free.

The success of a business relies on the health of its employees. Cleanbox devices will help contribute to a healthy and safe workplace, promoting a successful business. Contact Cleanbox today to learn more about the product line and speak with a product specialist.

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