Fortune 500 Companies Can Lower Costs and Risk During VR-Based Employee Training

August 26, 2022

More and more companies are incorporating VR devices into their training sessions. Virtual reality simulations can be extremely effective because they can show employees what they will encounter when on the job and they allow them to experience certain situations first-hand. However, the devices are still expensive, and they often have to be shared between several people. For maximum safety, companies should clean VR lenses using a UV cleaning box.

This tool allows employees to remove 99.999% of pathogens from their devices within 60 seconds. Unlike more traditional solutions such as wipes or sprays, a UV disinfection box is cheap, effective, and easy to use. Additionally, it is more environmentally friendly than these outdated disinfection methods, and the risk of damaging sensitive electronic equipment with harsh chemicals is eliminated.

How Can Fortune 500 Companies Lower Their Costs and Risk During VR-Based Employee Training?

VR devices are highly effective training tools because they allow employees to experience conditions on the job first-hand. However, in a big company, dozens or even hundreds of employees might use the same VR device. This can be highly problematic due to the risk of infection. With the help of a UV disinfection box, VR lenses and headsets can be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

At Cleanbox, there are several tools available. While some of them just accommodate one VR headset at a time; others are big enough to disinfect multiple devices at once. That way, each company can purchase a disinfection box that suits their individual needs and the size of their operations.

The Benefits of a UV Cleaning Box

Undoubtedly, VR training devices that are shared between individuals must be cleaned. But why should Fortune 500 companies choose a UV disinfection box? There are many reasons why this is the best tool for getting rid of germs and making sure the headsets are safe to use. Most importantly, UV disinfection is highly effective and removes both bacteria and viruses, so there is very little risk of contamination.

However, the box also has several other advantages, including the fact that it is much more environmentally friendly than disposable solutions. What’s more, it’s very durable, so companies don’t have to spend a lot of money on disinfection, and it increases the speed and efficiency of the training sessions because participants won’t spend time and effort cleaning their own devices.

Efficiently Clean VR Lenses

To use a Cleanbox, participants simply have to add the headset to the box and then start the cycle. Within one minute, 99.999% of bacteria and viruses lingering on their device have been disabled. This means that the risk of contracting a disease from the headset is almost nonexistent, and participants no longer have to worry about sharing devices.

Achieving the same hygiene standards is almost impossible with traditional methods because wipes aren’t able to reach all the surfaces of the VR device in the same way. What’s more, there is a huge potential for human error, since not every person will spend enough time and energy cleaning their device. There is no way of measuring how effective disinfectant wipes are, so there is no guarantee that they offer adequate protection.

Stop Taxing the Environment

Health and safety have become a priority due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While this is an important step forwards toward a safer world, it has caused massive problems related to plastic waste. Millions of tons of wipes, packages, and plastic bottles have been produced in an effort to keep public places and shared devices germ-free. A UV cleaning box is a more environmentally friendly way to clean VR lenses because it doesn’t produce any waste.

The box can be used for 10,000 hours, which is equal to 600,000 cleaning cycles. Because many of the UV boxes can hold multiple VR headsets, this is the equivalent of millions of wipes. Fortune 500 companies that are looking to make a positive difference in the environment should look into getting a UV disinfection box and therefore drastically reducing the amount of waste they create.

A Cost-Effective Solution

At first, the cleaning box costs more than purchasing a few wipes, but in the long run, it is a much more cost-effective solution. The use of VR devices and the need for thorough disinfection is unlikely to disappear in the next few years, so companies will be able to use their box for decades. Over time, this will be much cheaper than regularly purchasing wipes.

What’s more, the chance of damaging the VR headsets is reduced because no harsh chemicals have to be used and because the devices don’t have to be handled during the cleaning process. Instead, they are simply placed into the disinfection box and removed once they are clean. This means that companies might not have to replace their VR devices as frequently.

Increased Efficiency

In the past, training sessions had to be interrupted while people selected their wipes, wiped down the equipment, and passed it on to someone else. To ensure everyone’s safety, this process took five minutes or more. A Cleanbox cycle only takes one minute, and participants don’t have to spend time and energy wiping or spraying down their equipment. This streamlines the training session and reduces disruptions.

How Does UV Cleaning Work?

Ultraviolet light can’t be seen by the naked eye, but it penetrates cells and can break down genetic material. The rays used by Cleanbox are UV-C, which have the shortest wavelength and are therefore able to destroy the DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses. As a result, the pathogens can no longer reproduce, so they are unable to make people ill.

Cleanbox uses patented UV-C LED light engineering. An LED is a small device that produces UV light at exactly the correct frequency. It is much more effective than the older UV bulbs, which produced less targeted wavelengths and therefore didn’t clean devices as thoroughly. What’s more, LEDs are environmentally friendly because they don’t contain heavy metals, and the production process doesn’t have a large carbon footprint.

How to Get Started

Businesses that are interested in purchasing a UV disinfection box should get in touch with CleanBox and either get a free quote online or speak to the product specialists about the kind of disinfection they need. There are several options. The popular CX Series has been designed specifically for head-mounted displays, and there are several sizes, so companies can choose how many VR headsets they want to be able to clean at once.

Another great option is the OmniClean, which can disinfect all kinds of devices, from watches to microphones. This versatile product makes use of reflective surfaces and a rotating quartz plate, so hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned. It is therefore ideal for businesses that need to disinfect multiple kinds of electronic devices at once, not just UV headsets.

Many Fortune 500 companies are now using VR devices to simulate working conditions and train new employees. These headsets are often shared, so they need to be disinfected. To clean VR lenses effectively, a UV cleaning box is recommended. This tool removes 99.999% of bacteria and viruses within 60 seconds and doesn’t require the use of disposable wipes. Call CleanBox now to find out more about UV technology and select the most suitable product.

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