Creating a Sanitized, Low-Risk Environment for Your Apparel Business

August 26, 2022

In the US, there are about 96,000 apparel stores. Operating a store that sells clothes can be an excellent business idea. But before they can open and run a retail establishment, owners have to think about how they will keep their store clean and sanitized. In many cases, shared electronic equipment and masks can be de-contaminated with UVC cleaning systems like Cleanbox.

A disinfection box is an excellent tool because it can deactivate 99.999% of all viruses and bacteria lingering on shared devices. What’s more, it’s simple to use, and it only takes 60 seconds per disinfection cycle. Because no disposable materials are required and because the boxes can be used for hundreds of thousands of cleaning cycles, they are considered one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning options for businesses.

How Can an Apparel Business Be Kept Clean?

Every apparel business comes with some risk because it encourages a lot of people to gather in one place. If appropriate sanitization methods aren’t used, the risk of contamination and infections is high. Fortunately, there are innovative ways of keeping shared pieces of equipment and masks clean. UV-C technology can deactivate pathogens and make it safe for employees to share mobile phones, tablets, card terminals, and even headsets.

Sanitizing All Shared Electronic Equipment 

To communicate with each other, staff in a big apparel store might need to use headsets. There could also be tablets or mobile phones to facilitate communication and interaction between staff members, and companies might have card terminals that are used by hundreds of customers each day. Because this store equipment is shared, it should be sanitized several times a day.

Most businesses simply wipe down shared devices, but this isn’t very effective, and employees might not comply 100%. Getting a UV disinfection box is a simple solution that allows staff to sanitize electronic equipment within 60 seconds. Employees don’t have to wipe or spray down their gear. Instead, they simply put it inside the disinfection box, then remove it a minute later and pass the fully disinfected device on to the next person.

Sanitizing Masks 

While the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t as acute as it was in 2020, it’s possible that the virus will spread rapidly again in certain areas, especially in winter. To protect themselves when interacting with customers all day, the employees of apparel stores might want to wear masks. But because they are keeping their masks on for up to eight hours at a time, the chance of infection is still high. CleanDefense is a type of disinfection box that is used to sanitize masks.

It’s a good option for anyone who needs to wear their mask for many hours at a time and would like to reduce the viral load clinging to it. The box is mobile and lightweight, so it can be transported to and from different areas of the store. Employees simply put their masks inside the box once or twice a day and run the cycle. When they take their PPE out, 99.999% of bacteria and viruses are dead.

Other Measures 

Aside from sanitizing shared equipment and masks, owners of apparel stores should also consider how they will keep the rest of the store clean. They should come up with a cleaning rota that includes sanitizing the floor, the racks, and all areas that are touched frequently. Instead of only cleaning once a day, employees should be encouraged to keep the store neat and tidy throughout the day.

The less clutter there is, the easier a place is to clean. For this reason, many apparel stores have recently adopted a minimalist design that includes fewer surfaces to touch. Automatic doors in the restroom and movement-activated taps and soap dispensers are some great ways of reducing the number of high-touch surfaces present in the store.

Why Use UVC Cleaning Systems? 

Cleanbox products are an innovative solution to the increasing need for decontamination and disinfection. While there is no way of determining whether traditional wipes are effective, the cleaning box has been shown to remove 99.999% of pathogens from electronic devices. This is virtually impossible to achieve in any other way, especially because many devices are hard to clean by hand due to their uneven surfaces.

Another reason to use UV-C cleaning is that it doesn’t produce any waste. When a business has to sanitize dozens of headsets each day, the disposable waste produced by wipes and plastic spray bottles is enormous over time. In contrast, UVC cleaning systems can be used for 600,000 disinfection cycles, and during this time, no waste is created. This helps businesses reduce their negative environmental impact.

How Does the Cleanbox Sanitizing Box Work?

The sanitizing boxes make use of UV-C light, which can penetrate the cell walls of harmful organisms and deactivate their DNA or RNA. As a result, the bacteria and viruses are no longer able to reproduce and therefore cause an infection. The system is very simple to set up and use, and because some of the larger boxes can accommodate multiple electronic devices at once, sanitizing equipment no longer has to take up a lot of time.

Which Box Is Best for an Apparel Business? 

There are several boxes to choose from, all of which can work well for an apparel business. The CX Series is specifically designed for head-mounted displays such as AR glasses used for training new staff, VR headsets, or headsets used by employees to communicate with each other. The OmniClean is a slightly different type of box that comes with over 30 LEDs, a rotating quartz plate, and reflective surfaces and can therefore sanitize uneven surfaces.

It can be used to disinfect a wide variety of electronic equipment, including headsets, battery packs, headphones, earpieces, and microphones. Companies that require the sanitization of masks should look into getting a CleanDefense box, which is portable and can quickly reduce the viral load. Each of these product lines comprises several options and sizes, so the box can be customized to fit the needs of the business.

The Advantages of Using an LED-Based System 

Each cleaning box is made using patented UVC LED light engineering. The UV-C rays are created by light-emitting diodes, which are extremely targeted and can produce exactly the right wavelength. The accuracy of the LED method is the reason why the boxes are so effective. An additional benefit is that LEDs are much more long-lasting than older systems, so the disinfection box can be used for up to 10,000 hours before it needs to be replaced.

What’s more, an LED system is environmentally friendly because, unlike mercury power lamps, the LEDs don’t require specialized waste disposal. They don’t contain any heavy metals that could contaminate the soil, so they can simply be disposed of like other electronic equipment.

UVC cleaning systems can help apparel businesses keep equipment shared between several employees clean and free from contaminants. The boxes are easy to use and only take one minute to fully sanitize electronic equipment, and they don’t produce any waste. Get in touch with Cleanbox today to find out more about the different products. Interested business owners can either get a free quote online or speak to a product specialist for free.

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