Cleanbox vs. Wipes for Disinfection: A Financial Comparison

September 13, 2022

As VR and AR headsets become fixtures in the classroom and the workplace, it’s time to take a critical look at the most efficient and cost-effective method of cleaning shared electronics. Although wipes may have become popular during the coronavirus pandemic, they are expensive and impractical for continued use. When running the numbers to determine which disinfection method claims the prize in the matchup of Cleanbox vs. wipes, the winner is clear.

Cleanbox vs. Wipes for Disinfection: A Financial Comparison

From a financial standpoint, Cleanbox’s UVC disinfection unit is more cost-effective than disposable wipes. Cleanbox units have four to five years of life and will complete 600,000 cleaning cycles during that time. In addition, when purchasing a Cleanbox, there is only the initial purchase fee since the system does not use anything other than electricity and LED UVC light to disinfect headsets.

Disposable wipes waste money and time: not only the time it takes for a device to be cleaned with a wipe but the time spent purchasing and disposing of them. The individuals who will be utilizing the wipes to clean devices will also need to be trained to use them properly, and even then, the disinfection will not be up to hospital standards.

An Example:


Suppose a college chooses to use disposable wipes to clean headsets used for teaching purposes. If they have 20 headsets used every two hours during an eight-hour day, they will need to clean 80 units throughout the day. Using a modest three wipes per cleaning, it will require 240 wipes a day to clean their headsets, totaling 1200 for a Monday through Friday school week.

Assuming the college can secure wipes at the low rate of $15 for a package of 160 medical-grade wipes, their spending on wipes alone will be $122.50 per week. A two-semester school year with 34 weeks of classes will require over $3,800 dollars in wipes. Since the $3,800 only covers the wipes, not labor, training, supervision, or disposal, the cost of using wipes as a primary cleaning method for headsets is significantly higher.

The Greatest Expense

However, this example does not consider the actual cost of using disposable wipes. Institutions will find their most significant loss comes from placing the health of students and faculty at risk by using an unverifiable hygiene solution.

Poor cleaning protocols increase the transmission of infectious illnesses from user to user. The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted how quickly viruses could spread when reliable disinfection practices are not used and the devastating effects infection can have on the community.

Cleanbox UVC Systems

Cleanbox units cost only $2,200, last for four to five years, and can do 600,000 cleans. They require no refilling or replacing and create no waste. Employees do not need to be trained to use straightforward systems, and each cleaning cycle only takes 60 seconds. Chambers are also made to accommodate multiple headsets in each cycle, providing significant time savings.

Cleanbox systems provide a better clean, more accessible price point and do not contribute to the destruction of the environment. They also offer a verifiable clean that has been independently lab-tested with a pathogen elimination rate of 99.999%. Finally, Cleanbox systems are the best way to ensure the health of students and faculty members, as the LED UVC lights provide an unmatchable level of pathogen elimination.

The Cleanbox Method

Cleanbox sanitizing units work by using globally patented UVC LED lights to eliminate pathogens on headsets, eyewear, and other shared electronics. Where inferior cleaning methods fail to perform consistently, Cleanbox systems complete a hospital-grade disinfection every use. Cleanbox units only require the user to place the device inside and press the start button. At the end of the 60-second cleaning cycle, users will remove their headset, clean and ready to wear.

In addition to being user-intuitive, Cleanbox systems are chemical and waste-free. Unlike chemical cleaning agents, the intensity and duration of UV light used in the system have been thoroughly tested to ensure they do not cause premature deterioration of headset materials. There are also no wipes to dispose of, making Cleanbox an eco-friendly hygiene choice.

Schedule a time to learn more about how UVC disinfection units are the affordable future of hygiene technology. Contact Cleanbox and schedule a virtual demonstration today.

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