Businesses Should Upgrade to UV Light Boxes Before the Next Pandemic

During the Coronavirus pandemic, countless businesses had to close their doors due to safety concerns. This cost a lot of money, reduced profits, and even forced some companies to go out of business. To avoid similar problems in the future, innovative solutions have to be found. For example, firms around the country could purchase ultraviolet light boxes like the ones sold by CleanBox, so electronic equipment can be sanitized.

A UV light cleaning box can deactivate 99.999% of pathogens within 60 seconds, so it is highly effective and won’t disrupt a business’s operations. While acquiring a box will cost more in the short run, businesses can save a lot of money by being prepared for the next pandemic. They won’t have to purchase expensive, wasteful wipes that damage the environment and the equipment.

Businesses Should Upgrade to Ultraviolet Light Boxes Before the Next Pandemic

In most areas of the world, Coronavirus-related measures have been lifted. However, this doesn’t mean that the need to sanitize shared electronic equipment has disappeared. In fact, preparing for future viral or bacterial outbreaks is more important than ever now that we have seen the consequences of pandemic-related measures on businesses.

Sanitization equipment is always more expensive when it is acutely needed. By purchasing a UV light box now, companies can save money and help their employees build up healthy habits that will serve them well during future outbreaks.

Is the Next Pandemic Coming?

It’s highly unlikely that the Coronavirus pandemic was the last event of its kind. Humans and animals have suffered from infections for thousands of years. Diseases can originate anywhere in the world where people are in close contact with other life forms. While viral and bacterial outbreaks used to be local to a certain region, they are now able to spread all around the world very quickly due to globalization.

For this reason, it is possible and even probable that another pandemic will occur in the next few decades. Businesses that start preparing for this possibility now are much more likely to survive future outbreaks and the associated measures, such as lockdowns.

Why Use UV Cleaning Instead of Wiping?

Undoubtedly, sanitization is important, but why not simply keep using wipes, as people did at the start of the pandemic? The answer is that wiping down electronic equipment is slow and damaging to the environment, and there is no guarantee that it stops infection. What’s more, purchasing large quantities of wipes in the middle of a pandemic can be expensive, and it might even be impossible due to supply shortages.

In contrast, a UV box like CleanBox is able to perform hundreds of thousands of cleaning cycles, and no additional purchases or disposable parts are necessary. What’s more, this method of sanitizing equipment is much more effective, and there is no chance of mistakes.


Modern cleaning devices use patented UVC LED light engineering, which allows highly targeted rays to reach the devices that are being cleaned. With the help of this technology, 99.999% of pathogens, both viruses and bacteria, are deactivated. The ultraviolet light interferes with their DNA, which means that they are no longer able to replicate and spread.

Wiping down equipment is much less effective because it’s hard to reach all surfaces, and some porous materials can’t be cleaned with chemicals. When using wet wipes, there is no way of verifying whether an electronic device has been cleaned sufficiently or whether there are still active pathogens. With a UV disinfection box, there is no potential for error because every device will be clean after the 60-second cycle.


In most businesses, speed is of the essence. Implementing elaborate cleaning schemes simply isn’t possible when passing shared devices from one employee to the next because they might take five to ten minutes each time. Over the course of a month, this can easily add up to dozens of lost work hours, especially in large companies.

Unlike wiping, using ultraviolet light boxes is fast and efficient. Employees simply place their device inside the box, select the right cycle, and remove it one minute later. They don’t have to spend time finding the cleaning equipment, wiping their gadget, and disposing of the wipes. This makes a regular cleaning routine more feasible, even in a large and busy company.


At first, the cost of purchasing a UV box might seem high, but in the long run, it is likely to save money for several reasons. Firstly, the electronic equipment will last much longer when it isn’t rubbed down with dangerous chemicals several times a day. The UV cleaning process is hands-off, so there is no risk of damaging expensive gadgets. Secondly, each box lasts for around 10,000 hours, or up to 600,000 cleaning cycles.

Since most boxes are large enough to fit several devices, this means that millions of individual items can be cleaned. Even if businesses use their boxes frequently, they won’t have to replace them for many years. In contrast, wipes have to be bought and disposed of regularly, and the cost adds up. Finally, the cleaning process is more thorough with a UV box, so employees are less likely to become sick and take time off work.

Safe for the Environment

Environmental concerns are becoming more and more urgent, and many people are interested in reducing their impact on the planet. By ditching wipes and purchasing a no-wipe UV cleaning technique, businesses can prevent thousands of pieces of cloth and plastic from going to landfill and polluting the environment.

What’s more, the production process of UV cleaning devices is also environmentally friendly. Unlike old-fashioned bulbs, the LEDs used in modern boxes can be produced without heavy metals, so they aren’t toxic for the environment.

Do All Businesses Need CleanBox?

UV cleaning boxes are recommended for all businesses that offer their employees or customers shared electronic devices. Sanitizing items that are meant to be placed on the head is especially important because the risk of contamination is higher. However, other devices like tablets and mobile phones could also benefit from regular cleaning because they often harbor large quantities of pathogens.

How to Get Started

Almost every business can find a suitable cleaning box. Companies that use shared electronic headsets could look into getting a Cleanbox CX disinfection system, which is designed specifically for devices that are worn on the head. Alternatively, the OmniClean 2 product line is designed to decontaminate a broader range of items, including phones, watches, microphones, and wallets.

In addition to these distinct types of boxes, there are also various sizes available. The best way for companies to get involved is to speak to a product expert, who can explain the differences between the various designs and make a personalized recommendation. Customers can also schedule a 15-minute live webinar, during which they can see the various products in action.

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