A Safer Environment: Cleaning the VR Devices Used in Transportation Safety Training

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November 26, 2022

Virtual reality is an excellent way for companies to reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of workplace and transportation safety training. This method has been incorporated by top businesses including DHL. But with shared head-mounted displays come safety concerns, and businesses looking to adopt VR technology must first find out how to clean an Oculus Quest or other device. By far the best solution currently available is the ultraviolet light box from CleanBox.

UV cleaning is quick, with each cycle taking just 60 seconds, and it is highly effective at getting rid of harmful viruses and bacteria. That way, VR headsets like Oculus Quest can be reused countless times without putting employees at risk of disease. In this article, the advantages of using a UV box and the best ways of getting started will be explained.

A Safer Environment: Cleaning the VR Devices Used in Transportation Safety Training

Transportation safety training can be expensive, especially because companies specializing in the transportation of goods and people often see a high volume of staff turnover. To cut costs and make their training programs more efficient, many businesses have started using VR devices like Oculus Quest, which can simulate real-life experiences. That way, employees can experience their future working conditions without having to go on lengthy trips.

But a good VR headset can cost between $400 and $500, so it’s unlikely that companies can afford to buy a new device for each employee. Instead, the headsets have to be shared or passed from one person to the next. This is somewhat risky since harmful bacteria and viruses can linger on head-mounted displays. To make sure companies aren’t putting their employees at risk, each headset must be thoroughly cleaned before it can be passed on.

Why Use a UV Box? 

In the past, many businesses used disinfectant wipes to get rid of pathogens lingering on devices. However, this process has some distinct disadvantages, and modern businesses are switching away from wiping and turning to UV disinfection instead. Ultraviolet light can alter the DNA and RNA of viruses and bacteria, so they are no longer able to replicate, which means that they can’t cause an infection.

Because the rays can penetrate virtually any material, this method is 99.999% effective, so the risk of disease is eliminated. Some additional advantages of a UV disinfection box are that it doesn’t cost as much as purchasing large quantities of wipes, training sessions don’t have to be interrupted when headsets are passed on, and UV cleaning is much more environmentally friendly than wiping.

Enhanced Safety 

The most important advantage of UV cleaning is that it is safer than using disinfectant wipes. While many wipes are very good at killing bacteria on flat, smooth surfaces, not all of them are designed to destroy viruses, and many materials don’t lend themselves to being cleaned with chemicals because they are porous. What’s more, VR headsets often have complex surfaces, so wiping properly takes a lot of time and isn’t always possible.

In contrast, ultraviolet light can effectively deactivate pathogens on all surfaces, and it can easily reach even those surfaces that aren’t flat. When employees or course leaders remove a VR headset from the CleanBox, they can be sure that 99.999% of pathogens have been removed. This makes it much easier to guarantee the safety of all staff.

Reduced Costs 

Ultraviolet lightboxes can cost a lot of money, but they also last for around 600,000 cleaning cycles. Even if the boxes are used many times per day, it’s likely that they will remain functional for many years or even several decades. During this time, no additional cleaning materials need to be purchased, and the boxes only use a small amount of electricity during each cycle.

Experts estimate that UV cleaning is up to 40x cheaper than buying wipes due to the longevity of the box. It’s also worth considering that VR devices are likely to last longer when they are cleaned with ultraviolet rays because they aren’t vigorously wiped with harsh chemicals. As a result, transportation companies can use Oculus Quest and similar headsets for much longer, which saves them even more money.

Uninterrupted Training Sessions 

When wiping and spraying, businesses first have to teach all their course leaders and participants how to clean Oculus Quest. Otherwise, the wipes might not be effective, or the employees might damage the delicate headsets. What’s more, each training session has to be interrupted when the headsets are passed on, and participants have to spend several minutes fetching the cleaning materials, wiping, and disposing of the dirty wipes.

With UV cleaning, a lot of time can be saved because the process is very easy. Participants simply have to select the cleaning cycle, place their VR headset in the box, and then turn it on. Within one minute, the next person can remove and put on the device, which is now no longer contaminated.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, striking a balance between disinfecting and avoiding excessive plastic pollution was very challenging. Firms that wanted to stay open had to produce many tons of extra waste because they had to wipe and spray down all their equipment every day. With a UV light box, pollution can be reduced because this method doesn’t produce any trash, and one small box can be used to clean millions of devices.

Another factor to consider is the technology used by cleaning boxes. UVC LED light engineering is very specific, and it is the only kind of light that can effectively deactivate pathogens. LEDs are much more efficient than traditional bulbs, which improves accuracy and reduces the amount of energy used. In addition, no heavy metals are needed to manufacture them, so they are easy to safely dispose of, and they don’t contaminate the environment.

How to Find Out More and Purchase Ultraviolet Light Boxes 

Business owners who would like to learn more about cleaning head-mounted displays with ultraviolet light can reach out to product experts via the phone or the online contact form. These professionals can explain the various options.

The CX Series could be suitable for transportation companies because this product is designed specifically for headsets. However, the Omni Clean 2 is a more versatile option, so it is ideal for businesses that want to clean a wide variety of equipment, including keys, wallets, shoes, phones, and tablets.

How to Clean Oculus Quest with CleanBox 

Cleaning a VR headset with a disinfection box is extremely simple, and employees won’t have to spend time learning how to use this method. To get started, the box is opened and loaded with the devices that need cleaning. The program can then be started, and within 60 seconds, the equipment can be removed. Some small boxes only clean one headset at a time, but many of the larger ones can disinfect several individual items at the same time.

Ultraviolet light boxes are highly effective at deactivating pathogens, and they can clean a wide range of electronic devices, including VR headsets. Companies that are looking to include virtual reality in their transportation safety training units can get started by booking a free demo or speaking to a product expert. Contact us at CleanBox to find out more about our UV light boxes or to learn how to clean Oculus Quest without any wipes or sprays.

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