7 Ways Fast Food Restaurants Can Save Cash and Protect Employees

By admin@digitalmarketinghound.com
June 26, 2022
Over the past few years, fast food restaurant owners have been forced to reevaluate how their companies maintain a sanitary workplace. The pandemic highlighted areas with room for hygiene improvements, such as the headsets and other shared electronic equipment used by employees. Ultraviolet light boxes by Cleanbox offer an innovative way to ensure the safety of employees and customers and help reduce cleaning supply costs.
Cleanbox sanitizing units are revolutionizing the standard operating procedure for fast food headset and electronic equipment disinfection. Our ultraviolet light boxes use patented UVC LED engineering, which allows them to emit rays at the energy and wavelength requirements necessary for sanitization. This engineering targets the UVC rays at the item being sanitized, making our units superior to standard UVC bulbs.

7 Ways Fast Food Restaurants Can Save Cash and Protect Employees Using Cleanbox

1. Ultraviolet Light Boxes Are a Practical Choice for Cleaning Headsets

Wipes are a poor long-term plan for disinfecting employees’ headsets. In addition to being wasteful, wipes don’t ensure a consistent level of cleanliness, as there is no way to verify that all bacteria has been removed from the headset. The CX line of sanitizing systems is designed to disinfect headsets perfectly every time and comes in various sizes to suit your needs. In addition, these units were designed to be as user-friendly as possible to minimize user error.
All your team needs to do is choose a headset, put it in our UVC box, and press the ‘on’ button. Then, 60 seconds later, they have a disinfected headset without wasting product or risking inconsistent results. Our devices have undergone extensive testing to ensure they deliver UVC rays that disinfect your equipment perfectly every single time. Since CX ultraviolet units are created to sanitize every headset part, including the difficult-to-clean grooves, they provide an unmatchable level of cleanliness.

2. UVC Sanitizing Systems Are Safe for All Shared Handheld Electronics

Shared equipment such as tablets, iPads, and credit card readers are constantly handled and can effortlessly transmit bacteria and viruses throughout your restaurant if they are not regularly sanitized. However, when dealing with heavily used items, there’s no room to risk an employee performing a lackluster cleaning or using methods that can’t adequately cleanse the buttons and crevices, such as wipes.
Our OmniClean units release 360-degrees of UVC rays that destroy the genetic material of bacteria and virus cells. This breakdown of the cellular process results in 99.999% elimination of bacteria, viruses, and fungi cells on the treated object. This device disinfects electronics without damaging them using a rotating quartz plate, innovative reflective panels, and over 30 UVC LEDs. But don’t limit it to electronics; this unit will disinfect any appropriately sized item in only 60 seconds.

3. Our CleanDefense System Ensures Sanitary Masks

If your employees wear masks during food preparation or when facing customers, a CleanDefense ultraviolet light system is worth purchasing. Providing employees with new masks continuously becomes expensive quickly, especially when employing a large team. Instead of using and discarding masks endlessly, opt to sanitize your employees’ masks.
The CleanDefense unit can sanitize up to four masks at a time, and each treatment takes 120 seconds. Once masks have been treated, they are wholly decontaminated and ready to be used again. Even N-95 masks featuring three levels of protection can be treated with this device, as its rays are concentrated enough to permeate all three layers.

4. UVC Light Units Cut Down on Sick Time

When you have a team sharing headsets and other equipment, it only takes a shift for an ill individual to spread sickness to your whole staff. Contagious illnesses such as the common cold, flu, and strep were an issue for restaurants utilizing headsets pre-pandemic. Since Covid-19 arrived on the scene, the stakes have only become higher when it comes to protecting the health of your employees.
Therefore, you want to make sure that you do everything to help ensure a safe workplace for your employees, for their sake, and yours. Having even one employee out sick can severely impact how well your team functions. That means you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure your employees stay healthy. While you can’t control what they do off the clock, you can ensure that their equipment is disinfected when they are on the clock.

5. Ultraviolet Sanitizing Systems Let You Go Green and Minimize Your Waste

When your employees use wipes to sanitize their headsets and shared equipment, used wipes and empty cleaning solution bottles quickly pile up. Even if you purchase biodegradable wipes, they still take time to break down in a landfill. Using ultraviolet light boxes prevents your company from creating unnecessary waste and provides you with the satisfaction of knowing your choice makes a positive difference, both inside and outside your restaurant.
You don’t have to be shy about your eco-friendly decision either. Assign an employee to track how much waste your business has prevented by switching to ultraviolet light sanitization units and use that data to create social media posts sharing your success. Let consumers feel good about their choice to purchase food from your business by sharing how you’re making changes that benefit the planet and others.

6. Ultraviolet Light Systems Eliminate Chemical Accidents

Equipment used near your employee’s faces needs to be sanitary and free from potential irritants. Numerous cleaning compounds do an excellent job destroying bacteria and viruses but leave a residue that can cause skin irritation or allergic reaction. Check the back of most cleaning solutions, and you’ll see warnings cautioning users about everything from red itchy skin to anaphylactic shock.
Employees with conditions such as asthma may not even need to touch potent cleaners to be negatively affected; often, the fumes can be enough to trigger an asthma attack. Additionally, it is wise to keep in mind that even if a product doesn’t appear to cause an adverse reaction immediately, that doesn’t mean it won’t cause long-term effects after repeated exposure. UVC systems kill bacteria and viruses without leaving any residue or dangerous substance behind.

7. Ultraviolet Light Disinfecting Systems Show You’re Safety Conscious

Today’s consumers want to know that they are spending their hard-earned dollars at companies with a heart. By choosing to use the most current sanitation technology to protect the safety of your employees, you show your customers that your employees’ wellness is a top priority. In addition, when consumers know you genuinely care about your team, they will feel positively toward your company and trust that you will be looking out for their health.
Getting your consumer to know, like, and trust you is every business’s goal. By being forthcoming about the safety precautions you implement for your team, you’ll likely experience an increase in customer support and patronage. Also, UVC systems aren’t just for employee equipment. We also offer systems suitable for sanitizing the tablets and accessories customers use to order and pay for their meals.
When it comes to cleaning headsets, microphones, tablets, and other equipment shared by your employees, choose the option that makes your conscience and budget feel good. With multiple ultraviolet sanitizing systems to choose from, we can help you select the device that will best suit your restaurant’s needs. Register for our live 15-minute webinar to see how Cleanbox can save you money and protect the health of your team.
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