Cleanbox OmniClean – UVC LED Cleans Hundreds of Devices per Hour


The Cleanbox OmniClean is the only product on the market offering full 360-degree UVC LED disinfection through the use of over 30 UVC LEDs, specialty reflective surfaces, and a rotating quartz plate. The OmniClean provides 99.999% decontamination on all surfaces of any object(s) that fits in the 12″x12″x7″ space. Including standalone virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, cellphones, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, microphones, earphones, earbuds, lav mics, battery packs, eyeglasses, wallets, watches, keycards, toys, etc.…the list is endless. Health and safety in 1-minute!

MSRP $3,800 or ~$80 per month based on a 4-year maintenance-free life.


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