Cleanbox CX2 – UVC LED Cleans 100 XR Devices per Hour


The Cleanbox CX2 is a two-bay unit that can clean up to 100 virtual and augmented reality headsets and controllers per hour in 1-minute cleaning cycles reaching 99.999% decontamination. The unit will clean and dry virtual and augmented reality headsets as well as commercial headphones, helmets, and respirator masks. Like all Cleanbox UVC LED decontamination systems, the CX2 has a 4-year maintenance-free life with no bulb replacement and is rated for up to 600k 1-minute cleaning cycles.

The Cleanbox CX2 has an MSRP of $4,000 (only $84 per month based on a 4-year maintenance-free life).  Compared to using antibacterial wipes, this unit will save you tens of thousands of dollars over its life while providing a 100x improvement in infection control.



The Cleanbox CX2 is a two-bay UVC LED virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality headset cleaner that supports two XR (VR/AR) headsets, headphones, or other head-worn devices at a time. The 1-minute cleaning cycle reaches a world-class 99.999% decontamination of the areas that make contact with the head and face. The CX2 can clean either 2 headsets at a time or one VR headset and two VR controllers. The Cleanbox CX2 is ideal for higher throughput cleaning and decontamination such as in large VR training classrooms, or in VR entertainment centers with limited space. The CX2 can clean upwards of 100 XR headsets per hour while following the Cleanbox Hygiene Protocol. The CX2 decontaminates at the same 99.999% efficiency in 1 minute as with all Cleanbox UVC LED decontamination systems. In addition, the CX2 will dry headsets during the same 1-minute decontamination cycle. This unit is also easy to travel with and a fitted travel case is available.


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