Cleanbox CX1 – UVC LED Cleans 50 Headsets Per Hour


All Cleanbox products use proprietary UVC LED engineering to reach 99.999% decontamination in 1 minute, for safe and effective targeted surface cleaning. Our products have a 4-year maintenance-free life with no bulb replacements or other disposables. CX1 does not generate heat, ozone, and is safe for general use. UL-certified and independently lab-validated. All products are modular, stackable, mountable, and come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and a number of accessories options.

The Cleanbox CX1 can clean up to 50 virtual and augmented reality headsets per hour, supporting one headset at a time. Our UVC LED engineering will decontaminate to healthcare grade level (99.999%) in just1-minute. This product is lightweight, durable, and easy to travel. Each of our CX series features an adjustable hook, a lockable door for safe storage, and a USB/C charger. A fitted travel case is available.

Priced at $2200 MSRP the cleaning power of a CX1 is $46 per month considering a 4-year life.  Most XR environments that implement the CX1 will see a return of investment of at least 10x beginning in month 1 of use.  Over 4 years, a CX1 will save thousands of dollars in cost and time and keep users safer than ever before.

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