Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Cleanbox solutions are used throughout the Virtual and Augmented Reality industry by a wide range of companies and organizations.  VR & AR solutions are used in training, healtchare, education, and manufacturing as well as retail and entertainment.

Is your hygiene protocol for your VR training program fast, effective and free from human error? Cleanbox patented UVC products save your staff time and you money. How? Because our patented UVC engineering kills 99.999% of contagions even on sensitive surfaces and hard to reach places, in just one minute.

Currently using alcohol or other wipes? Did you know that in order to actually clean with wipes or alcohol, you need to leave surfaces wet for 2 minutes or more? With Cleanbox products, you never need to have wet headsets and our products are designed to get into all the crevices where germs like to hide. Our CX series of products are custom designed for anything worn on your face or head, so you don’t need to worry about pink eye, COVID-19, or other sicknesses being transferred from one user to the next. And our products dry your headsets so you don’t need to worry about sweat transfer, either.

Consistent results every single time.
Clean. Share. Repeat.
See Cleanbox Products in Action
We depend heavily on our Cleanboxes to help keep us, our participants and our students safe during VR demonstrations and immersive labs. Cleanbox gives them and us peace of mind knowing that it’s eliminated contaminants in just a simple one-minute cycle”

– Jessica Prado, Instructional Designer, Parker University

“We use award-winning Cleanbox products to ensure that our equipment is safe.

We use Cleanbox products to ensure safety for everyone.

Virtual Medical Coaching
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