Manufacturing and Cleanbox protect workers to keep them healthy and productive

Cleanbox products use patented engineering of UVC light in LEDs to provide 99.999% decontamination of any of your shared or frequently used devices: from headsets and HMDs to tablets and badges–in just one minute. Same results, every time. And because we use LEDs we don’t have UV bulbs that need to be replaced every few months and create hazardous waste. We are completely safe for the environment and the user. Our high efficacy also means you won’t need backup hygiene products like alcohol wipes, which can’t reach crevices, don’t work on fabrics and can damage electronics.

It’s difficult to produce consistent results with manual cleaning which also requires time from your staff. Cleanbox patented products do the work for you, better than manual cleaning, and save you money over time. How? Our patented engineering provides equal coverage on all targeted surfaces and our UVC LEDs are certified for thousands of hours of use. Our products are also safe for the environment and don’t require disposable cleaning products.


“Do you have Sonetics? How do you clean them?
Cleanbox is how WestRock Company cleans theirs!”

Scott Burkey, Principal XR Product Manager

Consistent results every single time. No waste. Money saved.




Cleanbox decontaminates thousands of different shared devices and electronics in just 60 seconds. Below are just a few examples:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Earphones
  • Headsets
  • Sonetics
  • Tablets
  • Hand-held electronics
  • Smart Glasses

And more…

The CX Series supports any device worn on the head. Each CX product features an adjustable hook, a lockable door for safe storage, and a USB/C charger. All of our products support 10,000 hours of run time for consistent and human error-free decontamination—cleaning you can’t get from wipes—and surface drying and are independently lab validated

The OmniClean provides 360-degree cleaning on anything that fits in its 12” interior. With lights on top, bottom, and sides, a rotating quartz plate to avoid shadows, and a PTFE lining that reflects light at over 94% (compared to around 75% reflectivity from mirrors or aluminum), the OmniClean is designed for safe cleaning of any device including cell phones, tablets, stethoscopes, eyewear, microphones, and more.

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