Transportation and Cleanbox: Keeping drivers, pilots, and those that support them moving forward; safely and cost-effectively.

In the world of “Meta”, organizations are taking a closer look at implementing virtual or augmented reality technology for increased company output and higher corporate value. Many businesses use Virtual Reality programs for driver training, pilot skill development, remote expertise, or effective soft skills education for employees.  In addition, team members that repair transportation equipment use expensive shared electronic devices, respirators, helmets, masks, and many other tools that are shared. It makes great business sense to buy a few of these units and share them between employees. But how do you ensure that they are clean and decontaminated before every use?

Shared hardware requires a health and safety SOP that protects your employees and your business. You need a hygiene protocol for your training programs that is fast, effective, and free from human error. Cleanbox saves your staff time and your business money while significantly reducing the risk of contagion spread when employees use shared devices. How? Because our patented UVC engineering kills 99.999% of contagions in just one minute, even on sensitive materials and in hard-to-reach places, preventing easily shared contagions and supporting worker health.

For every hour that a driver is out sick, how much money and opportunity does your company lose?
If airplane maintenance crew are out sick, how much more does it cost to keep your aircraft in the air?

Cleanbox is a trusted part of immersive tech programs’ safety SOP in Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Why not just use wipes? If you’re currently using alcohol or other wipes to clean hardware, for that to be effective you need to leave surfaces wet for 2-4 minutes or more. In addition, how do you verify that the cleaning was completed and performed effectively? Cleanbox products don’t use liquids, chemicals, or heat and are engineered for hard-to-reach crevices where germs like to hide. Our CX series of products are custom designed for anything worn on your face or head, so you don’t need to worry about pink eye, COVID-19, or other sicknesses being transferred from one user to the next. And our products dry your headsets so you don’t need to worry about sweat transfer, either.

For shared electronics, the Cleanbox OmniClean is ideal for cleaning any shared product or electronic device that fits within it. From hand-held scanners and phones to noise canceling headsets, hardware and electronics, and so much more. Think of all the devices your employees use, touch, and share every day, and imagine the task of keeping those decontaminated between uses. With a Cleanbox OmniClean it’s as easy as loading the devices into the Cleanbox, pressing the button, and 60-seconds later, they are sanitized to hospital-grade (99.999%) standards.

Every Cleanbox is rated for 10,000 hours or 600,000 cleaning cycles. Compare to the cost of wipes alone, not to mention the time required by employees, Cleanbox is 30X cheaper than using wipes and it actually works far better, more consistently and effectively, every single time.


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