Entertainment Venues (LBE) that use Virtual and Augmented Reality Partner with Cleanbox to Ensure the Hygiene and Safety of their Customers.  Having a great time in VR has never been easier!

Is the way you clean your VR headsets fast, effective and free from human errorWe can save your staff time and you money. How? Because our patented UVC engineering kills 99.999% of contagions even on fabrics and hard-to-reach places, in just one minute. Not only are we effective, but our results are also consistent, protecting visitors and staff from easily shared contagions without hurting your hardware.

Using alcohol or other wipes? Did you know that in order to actually clean with wipes or alcohol, you need to leave surfaces wet for 2-4 minutes or more? With Cleanbox products, you never need to have wet headsets and our products are designed to get into all the crevices where germs like to hide. Our CX series of products are custom designed for anything worn on your face or head, so you don’t need to worry about pink eye, COVID-19, or other sicknesses being transferred from one user to the next. And our products dry your headsets so you don’t need to worry about sweat transfer, either.

Hundreds of Entertainment Venues rely on Cleanbox to quickly, easily, and consistently clean and decontaminate VR headsets and other peripherals

Cleanbox fits perfectly within most LBE environments with its small footprint and 60-second clean cycle. Between uses, just put the headset and controllers in a Cleanbox and press the button.  it’s that’s simple and easy.


“I feel confident recommending Cleanbox to anyone who’s looking to provide a safe and thorough cleaning procedure”

Terrance Beavers
Senior Manager Content & Production Chick-fil-A
College Football Hall of Fame






“Cleanboxes are easy to build into existing spaces and also store and charge headsets.”

Hyperspace XR

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