K-12 Education and Cleanbox make innovative learning fun, clean and safe, in 60 seconds!

K-12 Education is rapidly embracing new ways of learning including Virtual Reality learning, Augmented Reality learning, and using tablets, phones, and other devices to engage students and increase results.  Cleanbox is committed to helping keep students, teachers, and staff healthy and safe when using these expensive shared devices.

Let’s take a classic example of a science class where a great teacher has received a grant to purchase 30 new Oculus Quest headsets and immersive STEM education content. Students wear their heads and put on their headphones, they handle the controllers and haptics and complete a wonderful experience learning new and exciting things about science.  What happens when the next class arrives 2 hours later? how does a teacher or administrator possibly sterilize and clean the headsets, the headphones, and the controllers in time for the next class? Wipes? not a chance.

Wipes are inconsistently applied and prone to human error leaving surfaces contaminated. In addition, they require devices to remain wet for 2-4 minutes, and of course, they are costly and polluting. Cleanbox is 30X cheaper than wipes over the long term.

Cleanbox products are used in schools worldwide to quickly, safely, and consistently clean and decontaminate these shared electronic devices to hospital-grade standards (99.999% decontamination) in just 60 seconds.  Put the headset, headphones, and controllers in a Cleanbox, press the button and 60 seconds later, the devices are safe and effective for the next students to use.  Teachers may even allow students to clean their own equipment between uses. It’s easy, error-free, and fun to use. And Cleanbox is rugged, with patented UVC LED engineering tested for up to 10,000 hours of continual use (that’s 600,000 cleans) per Cleanbox.

Concerned about lice outbreaks from shared VR and AR devices or headphones? Cleanbox uses UVC LED light that kills live lice. In addition, applying Cleanbox nano-coating on shared devices helps prevent eggs from sticking to the surfaces and the Cleanbox high-powered fans help remove eggs during the cleaning cycle.

Applications of VR & AR in K12 education where Cleanbox products are used:

  1. Help students with disabilities with life skills
  2. School tours and virtual field trips
  3. Exploring 3D models of people, places and things
  4. Exploring Mars
  5. Gamified learning

and so much more!

Cleanbox UVC LED products are

At Virtual Science Center, we’re thrilled with the ease and operation of the Cleanbox units. The presence of Cleanbox contributes to the overall comfort, health and safety of guests and staff in our VR science exhibit. Everyone is very curious and impressed with the UVC technology!”

Meghan Lee
Executive Director
Virtual Science Center

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