Healthcare and Cleanbox are a perfect match! Keeping hospital staff and patients safe while using the metaverse and in hospital operations

What do the Veterans Administration, Hoag Healthcare, NYC Health and Hospitals and The European Sperm Bank have in common? They all rely on Cleanbox UVC hygiene products to safely used shared devices.

Cleanbox products use patented engineering of UVC light in LEDs to provide 99.999% decontamination of any devices from tablets and badges to stethoscopes and VR headsets–in just one minute. Same results, every time. Cleanbox products are completely safe for the environment and the user.

It’s difficult to produce consistent results with manual cleaning which also requires time from your staff. Cleanbox patented products do the work for you, better than manual cleaning, and save you money over time. How? Our patented engineering provides equal coverage on all targeted surfaces and our UVC LEDs are certified for thousands of hours of use. Our products are also safe for the environment and don’t require disposable cleaning products.

Veterans Affairs and Cleanbox – Used in over 150 Veterans Administration Healthcare Centers

Cleanbox and the US Department of Veterans Affairs

“Having Cleanbox in the medical centers allows us to decrease downtime required for infection control between patients (or staff) for our virtual reality devices, ultimately increasing opportunities for use in care.”

Anne Lord Bailey, PharmD, BCPS
Director, Clinical Tech Innovation
US Department of Veterans Affairs




Cleanbox and VA

Over 1060 frontline staff at more than 160 VA facilities are using XR

Over 750 different uses between just two hospitals…and more

Actively building out multiple types of use cases from pain mitigation to art programs

Structured SOP for hygiene and safety protocol

Hoag Hospitals

Hoag and Cleanbox
“As a Neurosurgeon sterility is among my top priorities when implementing medical technologies.  Cleanbox has removed one of the major barriers to widespread deployment of virtual reality and augmented reality in healthcare. This critical step forward helps pave the way for introducing these technologies to patients across a broad array of conditions and healthcare settings.”

“Our nurses in the ER love the Omniclean. It’s very easy and user-friendly and they use it for all kinds of things including nursing phones, personal phones, ID badges. It gives them peace of mind and they use it every day.”

Dr. Robert Louis, Head of NeurosurgeryHoag Hospital, Newport Beach, California


30,000+ inpatients 480,000 outpatients annually.
Two acute-care hospitals, 9 health centers and 13 urgent care centers
VR program in place since 2015
VR for patients—pain program
VR for doctors—improve brain surgery
Able to treat more than 1,000 patients in VR DURING COVID because of Cleanbox

Cleanbox is trusted by some of the largest Healthcare organizations world-wide

Simulation Center
Enhancing teamwork and clinical skills


VR Research
Directly impacting donation quantities


Patient experience
Providing travel experiences for children with cancer

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