THe Omniclean

99.999+% Disinfection of Frequently Touched or Shared Objects in 1 Minute

The OmniClean can decontaminate any frequently touched or shared objects including Virtual and Mixed Reality Headsets, cell phones, tablets, wallets, eyewear, electronics and many other high touch devices and objects within it’s 12”x12”x7” space to healthcare-grade standard (99.999%) in 1 minute.

Cleanbox patented UVC LED engineering produces no heat or ozone and is very for fabrics, metals, plastics, lenses, and electronics.  The OmniClean, combined with clean hands practices creates a powerful line of defense to stop the spread of communal illness and increase employee health and safety in a wide range of work environments.

Corporate Breakrooms, Schools, Hospitals and Medical Centers, Event Venues, Cruise Ships, Restaurants, Hotels, Manufacturing, Residential and many more can cost-effectively implement OmniClean and provide a next-generation of Hygiene and Health & Safety to hundreds or thousands of people a day.  

A single OmniClean can protect 160-200 employees with 1-2 decontamination cycles per employee per day. Rated for 600,000, 1-minute decontamination cycles, the OmniClean is a workhorse that requires no maintenance or support with a minimum life of  4-5+ years.  

Safe and Simple to Use:

Open the OmniClean door
Place object(s) on the quartz plate
Close the door and push the button!
In 1 minute, the object(s) are decontaminated (99.999% decontamination on all surfaces)
Keep your hands clean
Now your hands and your objects are clean and safe.

The OmniClean Value – An Investment You Can’t Afford Not to Make:

The OmniClean retails for $3,800 (<$1,000 Per Year Based on 4 Year Life). Based on 160-200 employees using the OmniClean, it costs $.50 per month per employee or 20% of what employers pay for coffee service! Most importantly, if it keeps just one employee over 4 years from getting the common cold and staying home for 3 days, it’s effectively paid for its entire investement!

OmniClean – The Ultimate Decontamination Station for Frequently Touched Objects

The OmniClean is the only product of its kind on the market, providing full 360-degree UVC  decontamination of 99.999% in 1 minute with no shadows through the use of over 30 UVC LEDs, specialty reflective surfaces, and a rotating quartz plate. The OmniClean patented engineering provides complete cleaning on all surfaces of any object that fits in the ample 12″x12″x7″ space.

The OmniClean decontaminates anything that fits including phones, tablets, microphones, earphones, earbuds, lav mics, battery packs, eyeglasses, watches, wallets, keys, shoes, purses…the list is endless.

Protect your employees, customers, and students by making the OmniClean available wherever people congregate; perfect for breakrooms, workrooms, schools, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, homes, and more.

Rated for 600,000 (1-minute) cleaning cycles, the OmniClean has a minimum life of 4 years with no maintenance. the OmniClean is 30-50x less expensive than commercial wipes with no environmental impact or waste.

When combined with SC Johnson Antibacterial Hand Liquid, the OmniClean provides the strongest line of defense against illnesses from the cold and flu to MRSA, C. diff, herpes, lice, pink eye, and more. 

Cleanbox patented UVC LED technology has been independently lab tested and certified to ensure each Cleanbox product effectively eliminates 99.999% of all contagions in 1 minute. Engineered to decontaminate every visible device surface, we exploit the virus, bacteria, and fungi-killing power packed inside UVC light fields. UVC LED disrupts the DNA and RNA strands of contagions, making them powerless.

Trusted by over 2,000 commercial, government, and educational clients across 15 industries in over 50 countries. 

Contact us for information on our full range of Cleanbox products.

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