UVC Light and Cleanbox Engineering

Cleanbox patented UVC LED engineering kills 99.999% of viruses, bacteria, fungus, and germs on any device surface by exposing them to proprietary UVC LED light. Cleanbox is the only product in the world that can consistently achieve hospital-grade decontamination on frequently shared devices in just 60-seconds.  Cleanbox proprietary process considers the math of distance, intensity and length of time to achieve consistent results.

Cleanbox eliminates contagions at a log 5 kill of 99.999% by exposing them to proprietary UVC LED engineering that considers the math of distance, intensity and length of time.

UVC light intensity x time = total dosage of light
(distance to surface) squared

UVC Light Intensity is the intensity of the light when it leaves the bulb. It is usually measured as mW/cm2. Distance to the surface is critical because all light obeys the inverse square law. This means that the intensity of the light falls off very rapidly the further the material being disinfected is from the light source and the curve is dramatic. A little bit of distance has a very large impact on the effect.

Decontamination time is measured in seconds.

Total dosage is what matters. If you have a very weak light for a long period of time you can equal the dosage of a strong light for a short period of time. Of course, there are a lot of other variables to consider, like strong lights can degrade the materials they are disinfecting, and if the light is too weak pathogens might be able to replicate faster than you’re disabling them, but we’ve done that work and our devices do what they’re supposed to do. They kill pathogens in very short cleaning cycles with no damage to the items they are disinfecting.

Want to know more?

For a detailed explanation of the technical underpinnings of UVC light technology used by Cleanbox, please refer to our whitepaper, published in collaboration with Hoag Memorial Hospital.

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