Decontaminate VR

Decontaminate VR

Using CleanBox technology, you can decontaminate VR and AR devices without the use of chemicals, wipes, sprays, or conventional sanitizing products. CleanBox eliminates the mess and takes error out of the equation, so your customers are always left with a thoroughly sanitized, disinfected, and decontaminated shared device. If you've never tried a UVC clean phone sterilizer and are looking into the benefits of switching to a UV disinfection robot, give us a call at CleanBox to learn about the many advantages of using our system.

5 Reasons To Use Our Light Boxes For Cleaning VR Headsets

1. UV sterilization does a better job of cleaning virtual reality glasses, headsets, and shared electronic devices. Research has shown that wipes and chemicals do a poor job of cleaning germs and contaminants in crevices and hidden areas; the fact is, they're not much better on flat surfaces.

Your wipes, sprays, or paper cleaning products are leaving behind pathogens from sweat and skin oil that can make your customers sick. CleanBox UV light phone sanitizers kill 99.999% of contaminants, proof that our method is a better way to decontaminate VR devices.

2. Spraying, wiping, and drying takes a lot of time- CleanBox works in 60 seconds, with no manual labor. Simply place your VR device inside one of our Ultraviolet light boxes and let the patented technology do the work for you. Instead of customers waiting impatiently for you to decontaminate VR glasses and headsets, your devices will be waiting for them to use whenever they're ready.

3. Chemical sprays and wipes cost a lot of money; CleanBox will pay for itself over time and eliminate last minute trips to the store when supplies run low. You'll be protecting the environment, as well, by keeping toxins and garbage out of the local landfill. CleanBox effectively replaces all of your device cleaning products and does a superior job of sanitizing and disinfecting- all without the use of harsh chemicals that can harm the planet.

4. UVC technology is safe to use. Do you worry about constantly breathing in cleaning products at work? If so, you'll love how safe CleanBox is and how it makes your workplace safer for staff, employees, customers, and guests. Read more about UVC technology on our website and watch the brief video explaining the perks of using our product.

5. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire; once your community has discovered that you care about their health and safety, customers will tell their friends and you'll begin growing a more successful business. Don't forget to explain to your customers the benefits of using UVC technology to keep devices clean between uses; after all, our technique is somewhat new.

Browse all of our state of the art device cleaning boxes online at CleanBox and give us a call with any questions or concerns. Follow us on social media to stay connected or call 615-208-4042 to get in touch with our staff directly. See CleanBox in action every Monday at 10:30 CT during a live 15-minute Webinar.

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