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Cleanbox is a technology brand that offers better cleaning and disinfection solutions to tech items. The founders designed their system around the condition that it is better to use tech-biased systems to clean tech items and maintain excellent healthcare standards. Currently, this technology can achieve a lot of different things, including the ability to reduce the risk of Covid-19 spreading due to contamination of the surfaces.

Cleaning Your VT Headset

VR headsets seem like the easiest things to clean because they mainly have flat surfaces and a few additional parts that are not too complicated to wipe down. However, it can get tricky to make sure that the hidden sections or soft straps are entirely free of contaminants and do not become faulty because you used liquid products.

Cleaning the VR is easy when using UV technology, which is proven to have just as much potential in killing pathogens as some of the best disinfectant products in the healthcare industry. We have designed products that make it possible to use the headsets as soon as you are done with the cleaning and do not pose risks that could compromise the operational functions.

How UVC Light Cleaning Works

UVC light decontaminates surfaces to remove more than 90% of all pathogens. The technology is not new but has been in the healthcare system for approximately four decades. It is an improvement of many previous systems used for cleaning, such as mercury, which is highly toxic, and liquid disinfectants that can damage electrical components. More importantly, it does not leave a residue that can collect even more pathogens after the cleaning process, which means it is safer for headsets because you use these devices close to your face.

Cleanbox has a technology that covers a lot of different concerns of cleaning the VR, such as getting through the layers, reaching through multiple touchpoints, and working on shadowy zones that the hand or light cannot access.

How UV Light Cleans Hidden Areas

UV light can only reach areas along its line of sight, which means it can't cut through corners or go beneath or above a surface. However, the right technology can cast a radius that overlaps most of the shadows and offers the right cleaning intensity over the longest distance.

The technology works in a more complicated way than we can work out, but you can trust that our team has passed it through multiple lab tests and real-life backtests to verify the efficiency. Cleaning the VR is straightforward while using this technology because it has been shown to work well in disinfecting surfaces that touch your face or hands.

Why Us?

The team has several different technologies for cleaning the VR and many other technology products. Anyone should be able to operate all these utilities because they have a consumer-friendly interface, which you can easily read and interpret to know whether the process is happening as it should. Check out our site for more information or a list of all the products we have in store.

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