VR Hygiene

VR Hygiene

Virtual reality is really starting to take off around the globe, not only for personal use but also in schools, rec centers, and more. This makes it even more important that everyone knows best practices for VR hygiene, whether you are in charge of a group, classroom, or using your own technology.

Why Is Cleaning VR So Important?

The nature of a VR headset usually means sharing, especially when you are in a gaming setting, school, or even kids hanging out to play. There is no way around the simple fact that everyone is covered in body oils, dead skin cells, and sometimes sweat. Because of this, you need to do whatever possible to keep the VR headset as clean as possible.

You have to think of it as a piece of equipment you may see at a dentist or doctor. Rather than just putting it away after use, the item has to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Today's cleaning methods have become such nonchalant and common practices for hygiene purposes. At some point, the cleaning of a VR headset will become second nature. This is especially true when you have ultraviolet light devices.

Why UV Sterilization?

UV has grown tremendously in popularity for quick, safe, and efficient disinfection. Ultraviolet (UV) is a type of electromagnetic radiation produced naturally by the sun. It can also be reproduced with the help of special lamps. There are three main types of UV radiation, including UVA, UVB, and UVC. High-energy UVC is what you will see used for disinfection, which you may have already experienced with UV light phone sanitizers at one time or another.

The same technology can be used as you would have for a UVC clean phone sterilizer or UV disinfection robot when it comes to VR hygiene. This is the ultimate way to get your favorite devices or smart equipment clean without worrying that you are causing damage with chemicals or rubbing alcohol. Instead, you put your VR headset inside, and you will have it cleaned and disinfected within a minute.

VR Disinfection With CleanBox

CleanBox has revolutionized the way that you clean your favorite smart devices. Whether you have an Occulus Quest or another VR device, you can get the safe, effective clean you need in just 60 seconds. Whenever you have a shared electronic device, this is a way to easily eliminate 99.999% of contaminates in one cycle that lasts a minute. This is safety made simple.

The types of devices that you can get sanitized and disinfected with one of our CleanBox systems include:

  • VR and AR HMDs
  • Broadcaster and pilot headsets
  • Handheld devices and tablets
  • Haptics
  • Earphones and earbuds
  • Other frequently used devices

Do you want to experience VR hygiene without all of the hassles of wiping everything down and running the risk of damaging your headset? This is the way with CleanBox. This is no hassle, no chemicals, no waste, and no mistakes, all by choosing the unit that best fits your needs. Take a look at our state-of-the-art device cleaning boxes online or just call us at (615) 208-4042, and a member of our team will address your questions.

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