Cleanbox CX1 – UVC LED Cleaner for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Headsets and Other Head/Face Devices

1 Minute Cleaning Cycle to Achieve 99.999% Decontamination.

No Damage to Plastics, Fabrics or Electronics.

4-Year Maintenance Free Life.

Monthly Operating Cost: $50 per Month

The CX1 is a powerful, lightweight, UVC LED decontamination system ideally designed for Virtual and Augmented Reality Headsets, Controllers, Helmets, Headphones, Respirator Masks, and much more. Anything worn on the head or face can be disinfected to health-grade standards (99.999%) in just 1 Minute. The CX1 can therefore process approximately 50 headsets per hour, enough flow to clean 12 headsets in 15 minutes.

Cleanbox patented UVC LED technology and engineering uses no heat, ozone or chemicals and the UVC LED lights do not require replacement. Most importantly, our UVC LED does not damage plastics, fabrics, lenses or electronics.

In addition to rapid decontamination in 1 minute, the CX1 has a powerful fan that will work to dry the headsets in the same 1-minute cleaning cycle.

Compare a 1-minute error-free cleaning cycle to achieve 99.999% to attempting to clean with wipes which requires at least 4-5 wipes per clean, and requires the headset to be left wet for 4-10 minutes to have any cleaning function at all. With a 4 year maintenance-free life, the CX1 effectively costs ~ $50/month and can clean hundreds of headsets per day and thousands per month. The ROI (Return on Investment) of a CX1 makes it an ideal addition to every XR program worldwide.

See how the CX1 works:

Cleanbox CX1
Clean VR and AR Headsets in 60 seconds

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