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Your Oculus Quest devices comes into regular contact with things that harbor a lot of diseases and bacteria: your hands and face. This body parts also produce oils and sweat that aren’t that great for electronic hardware. So, with the coffee spills, food bits, dust and other things that could be found in and around your VR playing area, cleaning your device frequently is a must. Fortunately, UVC light boxes is one of the best ways to sterilize your quest devices. In this article, we’ll look at the importance of sanitizing quest, what a UV sanitizer is and how you can use it to clean your VR devices.

What is a UV Sanitizer?

This is also known as UV disinfection robot. It looks like a box that opens with space for your VR gadgets. The devices have built-in UV lights that turn on at the push of a button. While the box is shut, a UC lights shine on the VR devices and reflective surfaces in the box for a few minutes. UV light can damage the eyes and skin, which is why this device is designed in a box form. Many UV disinfection robot close before the lights turns on.

The Importance of Quest Sanitization

Sanitizing is a vital step that ensures your VR headsets are kept safe. Cleaning doesn’t do much to killing germs and bacteria, which is why sanitization is essential. Some bacteria have an outstanding ability to survive and persists on quests, especially if your device is being used by several people, germs can flourish. Sanitization is vital for the following reasons:

Reduces the growth of fungi, viruses, and different types of bacteria

Prolongs the functioning and lifespan of your quests

Make users less susceptible to illness

Both the exterior of the VR headset and interior facial interface foam is susceptible to harmful bacteria. Over time, bits of food, sweat, oils dust and drops of beverages can come in contact with your VR hardware. This dirt can not only make you sick, but also damage the system by affecting the sound quality, image clarity and functionality. Now, let’s jump into how you can sanitize your VR equipment.

How Does UV Light Disinfect VR Headset?

UV is a type of electromagnetic radiation which is all around us. It is what makes people to burn in the sun and UVC light is what is found in a light box. UVC is a small wavelength that breaks down microbes at the subcellular level. That’s why viruses and bacteria break down under UVC lights and are disabled.

Certain wavelengths of UVC light generate chemical connections to stop the enzymes that allow the pathogen’s genetic material to replicate. Once the microbes are disabled, the surface becomes disinfected. Fortunately, UVC radiation is a known disinfectant and has effectively been used for years to reduce the spread of virus and bacteria. However, not all UV light phone sanitizers are created equal and sanitize quest effectively. So, it is essential to do a little research to choose the best quality device to sanitize quest.

Choosing the Best Ultraviolet Light Devices

If you are looking for a UV sterilization device that effectively sanitize your VR devices without the use of chemical, shop for CLEANBOX today. Cleanbox proprietary of UVC light eliminates germs from quests to keep you and your customers safe. Contact us today for more information.

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