Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

You may hear mixed information on knowledge management or KM, and what it could mean for your business. If you are interested in knowledge sharing and what it could mean for the health and wellness of your company, the more that you know - the better.

Basically speaking, KM is a realm that involves the way that people are processing, capturing sharing, locating, and managing information today. No matter what industry a company is on or the types of products or services they offer, knowledge is what truly makes the business and the employees successful. Any organization has to learn how they can treat knowledge as a type of asset but it will go far beyond hiring employees with skills. In order to be successful, a company will have to build upon their processes for how they are growing, sharing and storing knowledge to make the workforce stronger overall. This is where the concept of knowledge management comes from.

Diving Further

Knowledge can basically be broken down into several categories. These categories include:

Conceptual Knowledge - which is what relates to systems and perspectives

Factual Knowledge - which is in regards to data that is observable, measurable, and verifiable

Methodological Knowledge - which deals with both problem solving and decision making

Expectational Knowledge - which is the knowledge that is rooted in judgments, hypotheses, or expectations

When you have solid KM, you will help your organization learn. This is a concept where many companies are putting their money in the expert production of a service or a product but the knowledge cats as the basis for the actual processes to create them. Companies are looking into ways that they can grow organizational learning and want to maintain and build this knowledge on an organizational level. This is more than just helping people grow their individual skills but more of a way to ensure that this is knowledge readily available and spread throughout the entire workforce.

Who Uses It?

KM is something that can be put forth across a wide expanse of industries. However, the way that you are working to implement KM might also start to change depending on the size of your company or the industry that you are in. KM can often be used differently for a large business versus a smaller business. A company that is small will need to carve out their niche early on, which is where KM can come in very handy. With a large company, someone who is generally unwavering will also need to have KM to stay on top of the digital trends in order to remain relevant.

VSIR offers a wide range of knowledge products that you can use to further enhance your business productivity and growth. We have the right infrastructure in place to help build your organizational learning in a way like never before. When you contact us for an analysis and consultation, we can go over the various ways that we can help you and your company take knowledge management to a whole new level. Whether you are looking to develop a global mindset or you are hoping to maintain relevance in your industry, VSIR can help.

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