Decontaminate smart glasses

Are you still using wipes & sprays to decontaminate smart glasses? Cleanbox can show you a better way to protect your customers from germs when using shared VR devices. Our product is convenient to use, affordable, and far more effective in killing contaminants compared with messy sprays and paper towels. With CleanBox, you’ll protect the environment, as well, by keeping chemicals and paper products out of the local landfill. Reducing your carbon footprint is just one of the many perks of using our UVC clean phone sterilizer.

5 Key Benefits Of Using Our Boxes To Decontaminate Smart Glasses

1. Using a UV disinfection robot such as Cleanbox will give you instant results; in just 60 seconds, your VR smart glasses are ready for the next user without having to compromise internal electronics using a liquid cleanser. Since CleanBox uses dry technology to sterilize, disinfect, and decontaminate your shared devices, your investment will last longer.

2. UV sterilization is the fastest and easiest way to decontaminate smart glasses, but it’s also the ideal technology for killing 99.999% of microbes on all of the following:

  • Earphones
  • Headsets
  • VR and AR HMDs
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Haptics
  • Shared devices

Our UV light phone sanitizers are versatile enough to use on any device that fits inside of the box.

3. Unlike harsh chemical sprays that can cause allergies or even harm your devices, UVC technology from CleanBox is hypoallergenic and safe for all users and all devices. If you’re concerned about breathing in chemicals throughout the day when you decontaminate smart glasses or virtual reality headsets, you’ll certainly appreciate how CleanBox sanitizes without toxins. Since CleanBox is environmentally friendly, you can use our products day in and day out without concerns.

4. Our patented technology is effective in killing 99.999% of pathogens every single time you use it. Unlike wipes and chemical products that can miss hidden areas and are only slightly more effective on flat surfaces, CleanBox ultraviolet light devices kill germs and microbes in one minute that are passed over with manual cleaning methods.

5. Placing more than one device in a CleanBox product will never result in cross-contamination since UVC technology seeks out and kills pathogens on every device leaving no chance of sweat germs or skin oils passing from one device to another. Best of all, our products clean without any manual labor; once you’ve purchased our products and determined where they’ll be used in your building, they’re effortless to use and require no recurring purchases.

CleanBox truly is the smartest way to decontaminate smart glasses, headsets, shared devices, and handhelds. Reach out to our staff if you’d like additional information about how our products work or for assistance placing an order for a CleanBox product. When you buy one of our state-of-the-art device cleaning boxes, you and your customers, staff, and employees will have peace of mind knowing that all VR and personal devices are disinfected, sanitized, and decontaminated in 60 seconds. Use CleanBox as often as you wish without any safety concerns.

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Decontaminate smart glasses
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Decontaminate smart glasses Decontaminate smart glasses