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Maintaining the hygiene of your headsets is a duty towards yourself just as much as it is towards others. VR devices that are clean and free of active contaminants will work faster and last longer than neglected ones. The manufacturers of different VR headsets will always advise users to use conservative cleaning methods to increase durability and avoid damaging the most sensitive parts.

Our catalog of cleaners includes using a range of boxes and technologies that are highly complementary to good operation. The devices are characterized by features that prevent the spread of germs, dust, and grease, as is common when using manual disinfection methods. We offer a selection of systems to meet all your usage needs and think you will find great value in learning more about UVC clean phone sterilizer technology details.

FAQ About Our UV Sterilization

What Products Can I Use To Clean My System?

CleanBox has more than one technology to clean our hardware and other types of contaminated items. We have used the same principles to fine-tune each one of our UV disinfection robots to offer the same excellent results. Some boxes will work well to clean out your mask, while others are more intensive so that they can offer excellent results for complicated products like headsets and personal electronics.

How Do They Work?

Cleanbox uses the principle of UV rays to clean viruses, bacteria, and fungi from surfaces. UV technology works by cleaning out every surface within sight of the rays, which means it will be challenging to get through the crooks and corners that are not visible to the naked eye. However, you guarantee that all areas exposed to the rays will get a good cleaning, which means your skin will not be exposed to any pathogens.

What About The Dust And Sweat?

Our UV light phone sanitizers work differently from the regular soap and water, but they have a much better mechanism in the long run. Usually, most people will regularly use a damp cloth to remove dirt and sweat from their headsets. We recommend doing the same before you put them in the box because our system provides a nanocoating spray that adds an invisible barrier against bacteria, dirt, and other contagions. The coating prevents all these things from sticking onto the surface and will keep your device cleaner for longer, lasting a couple of months after the treatment.

What About The Remaining Contaminants?

Our information is clear that the boxes can only clean up to 99.99% of all contagions. What about the remaining 0.01% of germs?

The truth is that the boxes are fully capable of killing 100% of the germs and bacteria on the surface, but the law does not allow anyone to claim that statement. The 99.99% is an acceptable rate in the legal and health communities, which means you are as safe as possible when using our machines.

Are you interested in learning more? Check out our online store for complete information on all our ultraviolet light devices.

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