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Disinfection of the environment is the new frontier in the minds of everyone around the world. The CDC and other significant bodies were quick to educate people on the vitality of maintaining a clean space with both traditional and modern sanitization methods, such as UV-C technology; choosing a cleaning system that has proven to work better than most in several ways is essential to minimize the cross-contamination by dangerous microbiological contaminants. 

Understanding How Microbes Affects The Environment

What kind of elements are classified as microbes? Which one of them is more dangerous and needs an intense cleaning method? Microorganisms are present all around us, including on our skin, in the water, on the ground, and on every surface, we touch. Certain microorganisms that cause disease should be handled with rigorous cleaning methods to prevent the fast spread and risk of ailment.

Preventing the Spread Of Microorganisms

How do they spread? We know that they do not simply float around and can only get from one surface to another via a medium by touching both surfaces or blasting air through the affected area. How can you safely prevent the spread of both aerial and non-aerial organisms? Spraying the room with a liquid disinfectant will not cut it for most of these, such as is the case with Covid.

Safe Ways To Prevent Cross-Contamination

Chemical Disinfection

Wiping or spraying down a surface is the easiest way of chemically treating a contaminated area. Most chemicals work great for simple microorganisms, and you would not need to go over the process multiple times to ensure you remove all risks.


There are multiple ways to sterilize a room, such as using vaporized hydrogen peroxide to fill up a room for a particular duration until you are sure it is cleaner. The only problem with this is that you never really know the exact amount of time you should do this and how long you can stay away from the room until all the gases are transparent. In addition, you cannot use these methods to clean out small devices, like tech gadgets, facial masks, keys, and other things we handle daily.

Using UV Light To Clean Contamination

UV light is a natural electromagnetic spectrum from the sun’s rays that is invisible to the human eye. There are three types of UV spectrums, namely UVA, UVB and UVC. We use UVC because germicide actions take place at a frequency of about 265nm, and UVC has an average wavelength of between 100-280nm.

The protons of the UVC light hit the RNA of the microorganisms and cause significant changes that prevent the recreation, replication and spread. Remember that different microbes have different resistance levels against these lights. The only way to ensure success is by using a UV box that has proven its potency in fighting these challenges.

The effectiveness of UV light phone sanitizers also depends on the manufacturing quality of the brand, which means you must do your due diligence to find one that puts out the best possible units. CleanBox is dedicated to create and distribute boxes that deliver. Check out our information online to learn more about which ultraviolet light devices you need for the ultimate results.


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